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  1. You may also want to look at LendingClub. I financed half of my operation's cost through them and it was a pretty easy process overall. I paid the loan off early because I'm making more money now but it enabled me to get the transplant last year when I really wanted it (tried to avoid getting a transplant in the spring / summer months).
  2. Looking great Luke! Excited to see how this progresses, already seeing a lot of growth at 4 months.
  3. Thanks! Ya I'm thrilled with the results so far, just about a week shy of 6 months now, will update the thread then. Do you have your own thread with progress updates? I had my donor and crown area trimmed after 2 weeks, not the recipient. I don't remember when I first got my recipient area cut, but I know it was quite a while after the transplant because most of the hair had shed by that point and it took a while to grow to any length worth cutting.
  4. A lot of these spam posters are using software to automatically create accounts and post here. They almost never see your replies. I think this site's forum software needs to be updated with better spam protection in place because it's currently too easy to bypass.
  5. I've been going to the same barber for many years now. Told him I was getting a transplant and started getting regular cuts just 2 weeks after my FUE procedure. Because I told him about the transplant, he understood (with my instruction) not to touch the recipient area for a while, and as time went on, he frequently adjusted my haircut to make the best of what I looked like during the ugly duckling stage. Now he's excited every time I come in for a haircut because he enjoys seeing all the new growth coming in haha.
  6. I may be wrong about this, but I think H&W only charges Canadians in Canadian dollars, while US patients are charged in USD.
  7. Hey HairDew, I think your results look excellent so far, major improvement from where you were pre-op. I remember reading about your issue with necrosis when it happened and it was worrisome, but I'm very happy everything turned out so well for you.
  8. Wow, I think this is the only bad result I've seen from H&W. Very sorry you didn't get the results you were hoping for, I'm sure that must be incredibly disappointing. I'm curious to know if you spoke to Dr. Hasson to get his input on what happened here.
  9. I can't speak for anyone else, but when I was talking about getting in good shape, I didn't mean you had to bulk up to look like Vin Diesel. All I was saying is that if you're bald and out of shape, then being bald and in shape will make you much more attractive to the majority of women. It's about doing the best with what you have.
  10. Gotta chime in here. I never had extreme hair loss because I stopped it relatively early with finasteride, so my opinion may not mean much, but here it goes... I'm a gay man. I find a LOT of bald guys and guys with severe thinning hair very attractive, but they have to be in good physical shape. It may sound shallow, but that's a requirement of mine, and that goes for pretty much all guys with hair or not. Will most guys look better with hair than without? Absolutely. But even if you're completely bald, you can do a LOT to make yourself look better by working out, taking care of yourself, dressing well, and projecting authentic self-confidence (which often is a natural result of the previously listed self-improvement steps).
  11. Looking good! Definitely starting to see some growth there and the scar looks great. Exciting times ahead
  12. Looks great! Big change from month 4. At this point I think you can rest assured that you will have an excellent result. I've decided to just stop looking at my scalp up close in the mirror because it seems virtually impossible to judge progress that way.
  13. Thanks! My hair loss actually looked at lot worse back when I was in my early 20s, but luckily fin helped regrow a lot of it back. If I didn't wait 4 years to start, I probably wouldn't have needed a transplant at all. Haha ya, it's a rollercoaster. Today is my official 5 month mark and I feel much more relaxed about the whole thing overall. Seeing how different my pics look from 4 to 5 months has given me confidence that things are happening and I just need to have patience and wait it out.
  14. LOL exactly the same thought I had when I read that line. For what it's worth, I've been on fin for 10 years myself and I don't have any sides. Sex drive is very much correlated to mental state and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of guys having sexual side effects on fin are getting them because they're worried about getting them after reading all the horror stories. Not everyone of course, but some.
  15. If I were you I would try to visit with a top doc not too far from you so you can get a consultation in person. That way you will know 100% if you are a good candidate for a transplant. I can't see a problem with your donor area in the pic but it's hard to tell from pics alone. Several posters here and a few docs were concerned about my donor because of the way I had photographed it, as I was wearing it very short on the sides and under bright lighting. It made it look very thin. When I saw a couple doctors in person, they verified that my donor area was actually quite good and I was a good candidate overall.