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  1. Hi all! Newbie here wanting to share my consultation experience and get some feedback. I had a consultation in April 2014 with Dr. Arocha in his Dallas office. I was very excited for the appointment because I was finally making the big (and costly) step to look into restoration surgery. Sadly, I didn't leave with that same optimism. First, let me say that no one was rude or anything like that at my appointment. My consultation consisted of complete pictures being taken and measurements of my new hairline taken and drawn on for me to see. I was told I would need an initial procedure of between 3,000 & 3,500 follicles to re-establish my hairline. Once that was done we would evaluate whether or not a second or even a third procedure needed to be done. After that is where it pretty much ended. I was asked if I had any questions with the implied meaning being that if I didn't I could go on my way to think it over. I did ask the questions I could think of and they were answered. I think what bothered me at this stage is that it seemed like the burden was on me to keep the conversation going and not much information was volunteered. When I couldn't think of any additional questions on the spot to ask, I was asked if I wanted to see any pictures and I was shown only 1 case of before and after photos. We said our farewells and that I would think about moving forward. Two days after the appointment I sent an email asking a question I didn't remember to ask. I received no response. I sent a follow-up email with my question again, and still no response. I called the Houston number once and got a strange message about all operators being busy and to try again later. I am starting to get what I can only described as a "red alert" about moving forward with the clinic. Given that I've never had a consultation before, my experience could very well be the norm. But not responding to emails or being able to make contact is disturbing me. Any advice would be so much appreciated!