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  1. I have been very busy, this is my progress so far. Almost one month. Looks like I am loosing a lot of the recipient hair, is that normal? I feel worried!
  2. This morning I took my first shower I waited 8 days as I wanted to be extra careful with my grafts. The grafts are now secured which is a big relief as I have been babying them the last week. I still see some crust and have seen some white bumps on my recipient site...can anyone explain if that is normal, if so what is that? Anyway, here are some pictures after my shower with my hair dried up.
  3. I woke up this morning and sprayed some water on my head, I don't like my recipient area to be dry. So far everything seems good, my scalp is not as red as it was. I finished the ATP spray and it seems like my healing is just fine.
  4. I woke up today feeling the back a little sore nothing crazy to take pain medication, just a little discomfort. I just finished spraying a little ATP spray on my grafts...figured why not take some pics
  5. I said advanced to the person that previously commented, they asked if my latest procedure was to thicken my hairline or advance it, my response was advance.. My hair appeared to be "fine" or "perfect" in your perspective but it was not to me it has receded significantly. I will post a picture tomorrow to show how bad it was, well to me of course we are all different. My dissatisfaction with Dr. Feller was that I yielded low number of grafts and had a oversized scar on my right donor area which was noticeable. I decided to get a second opinion, after careful research I went to Dr. Dorin and this was a great decision, his professionalism really won me over, he was honest and attentive to detail. My hairline bothered me and I got it fixed, Dr. Dorin in my opinion did a amazing job. Almost done with my spray have been spraying hourly, will post pics tomorrow.
  6. Unfortunately I do not, I had the pictures in my iphone which I lost in Colombia. Checked my gmail but the attachments are not there.
  7. Thank you David for the good vibes. I'm excited to see this grow out.
  8. I just took some pictures of my hair after applying some more ATP spray. I am not feeling that much pain anymore, I finished all the antibiotics which is good. I am about to take another bath, but first here are some pics. Will upload another entry tomorrow as I have to go to work in a hour.
  9. Yesterday I returned back to work, I just type so that is a good thing as I wont be doing any force, I took a bath and gently washed my hair from the back of the scalp forward with a pitcher of water mixed with shampoo. I did not touch my recipient site at all, I excercised extreme caution. These pics are with my Atp spray just applied. I have been applying every hour even at work.
  10. Wed. April 30 So it is my first day after my HT, it was so tough sleeping at night, it was my fault as I did not take my pain killers with the sleeping pill. No major problems just stayed home from work and watched tv and played Playstation all day. Did not do any major force just went to the city to get my recipient site and donor site cleaned up.
  11. I had my hair transplant on 4/29/14. First off, let me start by saying that my experience with Dr. Dorin was the best. I previously had a transplant with Dr. Feller but did not yield enough grafts so I decided after much research to go with Dr. Dorin, it is a experience that I do not regret. The day started with me having breakfast at home and taking my anti biotic that they told me to take. After this I took a cab to the office as I was running just a little late but nonetheless wanted to be punctual. When I arrived I filled out some paperwork that took about 10 minutes. I was then called in by Peter who took preop pics and was the person that i originally consulted with. He was helpful in scheduling me in with only two weeks notice which was great. After my pictures were taken I was directed to a room where Dr. Dorin greeted me and drew my hairline, I respect his professionalism as he took his time and examined the proposed hairline in different angles. After we agreed on my hairline he explained to me that he will help close up my scar from my first transplant which was not healed good and was rather large and not easily hidden. After this I had my scalp numbed up by a funny yet professional nurse named Rita, she made me feel more comfortable and less nervous as I hate injections. Thanks Rita After I was numbed up Dr. Dorin began to cut up my scalp which was about a 15 minute process, I did not feel a pinch which was good. He then sewed up my scalp which I must say is so thin, amazing work. The next step was the "poking" or creating the recipient site not sure exactly what the proper terminology is but you understand, this took about 20-30 minutes, again I did not feel a thing. After this was done Dr.Dorin gave me lunch which I ate rather quickly, the excitement was too great. I watched ESPN and fell asleep for a few moments as the technicians inserted my grafts. In about two hours I was all done which was perfect as I wanted to be home by 3:30 (there was a UEFA Champions League Game going on). I was shown a post op DVD on how I should care for my grafts. I bought the Atp Spray from Dr. Dorin as it is proven to heal the grafts faster, for $100.00 dollars you can't go wrong. This is the best experience I have had, I was scheduled to come in the next day and get my grafts and donor site cleaned which I thought was great as I didn't get this treatment when I got my first hair transplant. The staff genuinely showed care for me which is what convinced me that this office is the best in NY. I have no regrets only that I didn't schedule sooner as it is almost summer and would of loved to have my hair haha. Attached are the pics from Tuesdays pre and post op included. Please leave some feedback I would love to get advice and constructive comments.