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  1. FUE2579, did you have any growth from your surgery by the 6-th month? Were you not happy with your 6-th month result? Are the stubbles new or they've been there since the HT? Also have you started medication after your HT. At 10 months you may be seeing results from fin or min.
  2. 1. My punch was 0.7mm. I still don't have any results, so I don't know how good this punch size is. I'd stick with 0.8 or so. 2. 4800 grafts 3. 1-2 mm starts to get good. If you go below 1-1 something that's where it's noticeable. 4. 1-2 mm is optimal for me. 3-6 mm is still ok for me because I have some hair anyways.
  3. Hi, I had an HT 4 months ago and until it grows fully I am wearing it short. I did a buzzcut(not shave) around 1,5 months in. In normal light I don't see FUE scars, but the missing hairs are noticable and I think it gives you sort of poor-health appearance, but I can live with it. The optimal hair length is between 1 and 2 millimeters. Shorter that this you can see that some hairs are just missing from their spots. It also depends on the punch size, bigger punch sizes will likely produce more noticeable scars.
  4. I should mention that I also started minox 5% twice a day and nizoral 2% daily after the surgery, it's been 3 months on those or so. Don't know how much of a factor is it, but it can be a factor.
  5. Just to follow up on my promise to upload a few pics of mine for competition (I am not the OP and not a Demirsoy patient) http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/174853-presenting-my-case.html#post2400495
  6. Hi, guys, coming up on my 4th month anxiety soon. In this photo set I am posting a refresher before pic, follows the 10th day and then the rest are from the 113th day. All are flash photography but I think it's very representative of the real situation. A few spots are growing at slower rate it seems. I know it's very early now, just wanted to share some new photos. Let me know if you have any thoughts. Thanks.
  7. I am reading. I'd say it's quite interesting to follow someone who had surgery at around the same time, so that I can compare my results and mood "in real time". Like a competition lol.
  8. I had to wait 40-50 days. Other consultations I did had 5 months queue, up to 10 months. Many times doctors are able to give you an uncertain earlier date due to cancellations too, so these 10 months are worst-case. I think it varies by season as well. I probably should have done it in the winter to avoid the whole sunburn drama now.
  9. There is a safe zone and then there is the super-safe zone. The super-safe zone is rock-solid but smaller. And the safe zone is like 80-90% safe. Or so I've been told.
  10. While I 100% agree waiting a year on fin and minox is wise, I think the balding pattern is pretty clear. This means that you can treat your scalp as if you had no hair to begin with. A hair transplant will add density no matter what and it will stay there even when everything else sheds. I could be wrong, but doing a hair transplant now is just as good as doing it later and you do get the extra density for a few years. The safe donor zones are well known and not subject to change. Similarly the "safe recipient zones that are more likely to shed first are also well known with some probabilities involved. And even if it's wrong you can have a follow-up surgery 3-5 years later on. A doctor should be able to work on your scalp as if it's completely bald and add either diffuse density or concentrated density if he/you is a believer in the "don't commit to the crown" theory. If you demand a high-density hair you should be able to do it with hair transplant. You just have to trust your doctor to be smart and place the grafts according to the expected loss while preserving at least 50% for future corrections.
  11. Well I did it. Grade 1 now and looking badass. I will keep it this way until it grows. I didn't go to demisroy, I went with my nearest doctor with adequate results. Happy growing!
  12. I am 45 days behind you, still shedding. I hope I have as much progress as you at 3 months LOL. I do look a lot like you currently because I started with more hair. I am considering to trim my hair #1 or so may be try to blend it with the top. Only concern is if this would expose the donor extraction pattern too much, although it looks kinda cool. I think I will do it tomorrow, I've been conditioning myself to do it for a week now...
  13. How did they make the extractions? Manual, Artas?