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  1. Sounds like you had a worthwhile trip swayzedo. Excellent choice of surgeon if you decide to go ahead Pete
  2. SamJam77, You mentioned that you were having trouble using the online consult form with Dr Lorenzo on the Farjo site. It's worth you trying again as we've checked and there are no technical issues going on. If you're sending pics make sure the file size is not too big as this can cause problems. Regards Pete
  3. Interesting read Steve. Congratulations on your procedure and I look forward to seeing how it progresses Pete
  4. Really impressive as usual sl. Great coverage for that number of grafts. He must be ecstatic to have a hairline again.
  5. That's the best way to get through the next few months MH62. Try and put it out of your mind (easier said than done), keep busy and the time will fly by. Pete
  6. I like this. It was a big area to address and he looks to have had a good outcome. Donor looks good if he wants further work. Pete
  7. There aren't really any 'silly' questions when looking into an HT - if they're on your mind then they're relevant to you. As you say, it's a big step to take. Anyway, Mick loves silly questions - I've asked him one or two over the years myself:D
  8. All the best for your upcoming transplant Navi. You're in good hands! Pete
  9. Paulygon, From the clip, I'd guess that's it simply that in the film he has a very severe slicked-back style which exaggerates the hairloss, and in the interview he has it slightly messed up and brushed forward. Of course, he could be using concealer in the interview as you say It's amazing the effect different styles can have in creating an illusion of more/less hair. I've a friend who for years slicked his hair back severely over his thinning crown. He finally got sick of wearing it like this and cut it very short. You'd swear he had gained hair!
  10. Looks to be continual improvement which each monthly update, I'd say you're right on track. Remember you're still some way from the full result. Looking forward to further updates. Pete