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Your Hair Loss Story

Like many men I began experiencing hair loss in my 30's. I had typical male pattern baldness and loss quite a bit of hair in my crown area as well. I began searching for a solution to my hair loss as I was nearing my career as a public school administrator. I was a Biology teacher for ten years and served in many capacities after that as a school administrator. I retired as a district Instructional Supervisor in the summer of 2011 at the age of 50.

After a lot of thought, research, and consultation with my wife (who is a hair dresser), I decided to seriously consider surgery to restore my hair loss. Going through any surgery was no big deal for me but I absolutely did not want FUT surgery and have a lengthy scar on the back of my head. If that were the only option I may have considered it, but over time I kept seeing more and more very good results with the follicular unit extraction process (FUE). I ultimately decided to go with Dr. Michael Vories for the surgery. I liked the information on his website and especially the before and after photos and videos that were available. Also, I felt very comfortable with him because we had a lot in common. He was from a small town near Louisville Kentucky and we went to Eastern Kentucky University at the same time back in the early 1980's.

I visited Carolina Hair Surgery in Charleston South Carolina in September of 2012. I wanted a lot of hair but didn't want to make multiple trips. Because I had sufficient donor hair, Dr. Vories decided to do a large FUE surgery over several days! I had 5,125 grafts completed in the four days. My results have been excellent!!! I created a blog and chronicled the whole event by posting a narrative and photos during the first 30 days post-surgery. I have kept my blog up to date for the last 17 months posting before and after photos nearly every week. My blog has been viewed over 24,000 times and men and women and hair surgeons from all over the world have contacted me regarding my results. I will be posting many of these pictures on this website for you to see.

Because I feel so strongly in the FUE process, I will be spending a lot of time on this website talking with others regarding my results and responding to others posts. I hope with my experience and educational background, I can offer insight into the process and can certainly answer questions about choosing the right doctor, the surgery, the recovery, and exactly what you can expect each day, month, and year! I'm looking forward to being a member of the Hair Transplant Network and I hope I can help others as they make this very important decision regarding hair surgery.

John Casper