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  1. I’ve had two FUE surgeries (over 7,000 grafts) but never experienced any unusual sensation in the donor area. I was blessed with a great donor area and it does feel a bit less dense but it should feel that way. It’s probably a temporary issue and it looks like your doctor offered a reasonable solution. Best of luck to you and happy growing.
  2. JohnCasper

    HT#2 with Dr. Nader

    Good luck today with the surgery. You look very young to be having the surgery (especially a 2nd surgery)? Can you post some pictures prior to your first surgery for us to see?
  3. I agree with the others in this thread. Wait until your 30’s if you can. My recession subsided in my early 30’s so the plan going forward was much more defined and the results more predictable. Best of luck to you but I hope you wait a while.
  4. Send us some pictures now that you’re 6-7 months from surgery. Hope you’re pleased at this point. Give us an update with pictures if possible.
  5. So sorry to hear this. Can you tell us how many grafts were transplanted? Hope you can find resources over time and can have another transplant if your donor area is strong enough.
  6. JohnCasper

    1036 graft FUE with Dr HASSON

    Great results Spidey. Super success story. I happened to notice the comment early on it the thread regarding FUT vs. FUE. Not sure I would agree that FUT is the best choice for NW level 4 or higher. I was a NW-6 and have done quite well with FUE and over 7,000 grafts. I never wanted that lengthy linear scar. I understand that folks have differing perspectives regarding this. Once again, congrats on your great results Spidey. Happy New Year to you and others on this thread.
  7. Looks like you’re doing well and developing a nicely defined hairline. Keep sending us photos monthly. Happy New Year and Happy Growing.
  8. Have you had episodes of this before, prior to your transplant? You may want to consult your surgeon or general practitioner. I’m just wondering if the local anesthesia has anything to do with it. Let’s see if others post with similar experiences.
  9. JohnCasper

    Shedding!! Is this normal?!

    Looking forward to seeing some pictures of new growth around February. Happy growing and happy new year.
  10. We hope to hear from you soon. Keeping our fingers crossed for more growth in the past couple months. Let us know.
  11. Hope the grafts were helpful. I just hate to see folks spending good money on repairing the results of FUT scars. Hope it was successful.
  12. Super results! Congrats! I know your patient is thrilled.
  13. JohnCasper

    Follow up/weight training.

    Glad you returned to the gym. Keep us posted with future updates on your surgery. You should start seeing some good growth in a month or two.
  14. I would suggest keeping your dads photos in this thread so we can see some growth comparisons. A relatively rare father/son transplant pictures would be interesting to see....and compare, regarding growth rates. Sorry to hear about your dads FUT scar and "dent". I'm also curious to know why you chose FUE and he chose the strip surgery?
  15. Sounds like you’re progressing nicely. Check out my website below to see what to expect in the coming weeks. Looking forward to seeing that new growth around the 3-4 month mark or possibly sooner. Be patient and stay in touch.