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  1. I remember Dr. Sethi explained me that when the hair root is extracted is has to be extracted with some tissues surrounding it, that contributes to early growth and high survival rates.
  2. Thank you guys for encouraging me, much appreciated.
  3. I take Finasteride. Too bad I stopped taking it 15 years ago when I still had some hair. I am a NW7 now, I take finasteride because my donor area is also thinning out due to DHT
  4. I had my procedure with Eugenix 6 weeks ago so obviously I cannot discuss in terms of results. Most of the transplanted hair have fallen in the last weeks. Dr. Arika Bansal was involved in my procedure and made the slits. She is a very experienced doctor and so do the technicians. I suffer from a severe hair loss and my scalp donor was already depleted from other three failed sessions from other clinics, so the last session was mainly BHT taken from my beard, groin and thighs. I saw some impressive results from Eugenix of patients with severe baldness, I also met in the clinic some forme
  5. Thank you my friend. Hope mine will be as good as yours
  6. Thank you bro. I went again to that clinic because they offered me free repair and they were so confident that the hair will grow. That clinic was also in India. In 2006 FUE was relatively new, few doctors around the world performed it and it was very costly and that clinic offered it for $4 per grafts, I could not afford other clinic as they charged more than double that amount. Dr. Arika which performed on me and Dr. Pradeep from Eugenix have lots of experience with FUE, and explained me that because my hair root is very curly the transaction rate were probably very high if not han
  7. Thanks all of you guys for the support. Really appreciate it.
  8. I've been a forum member since 2014, started to bald 20 years ago and had 3 FUE sessions before which did not succeed and left me with a damn depleted scalp donor. My experience with hair restoration surgeries so far are not good to say the least. I had my first FUE performed in 2006 with a very reputed clinic, I had a 4200 graft session with very poor results, no more than 10% of grafts grew and I losted a huge amount of priceless scalp grafts, the second corrective procedure was done again by that clinic in 2008, another session of 3K scalp grafts and 1K beard grafts, final results were
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