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  1. The thing is that I have no indication of a skin condition on my head or on my body I think it is an excuse for a poor fue ht also after the ht I told the doctor I was very disappointed on how many grafts he gave me to which I was told it was going to cover my crown Area and told me that I must be patience but I had a gut feeling after my ht was done
  2. I think it was an excuse for a poor HT As they did not want me to right a bad review about them if I had a mild lichen why did it only affect 40% and not the whole 100% to which the doctor agreed on that my ht is only 60% that took
  3. Has anyone heard of this mild lichen planopilaris and is it common or do you think it is an excuse as the doctor said that I had about 60%growth
  4. I was thinking of that any idea on how much a biopsy would cost here in England the doctor from turkey said to come back to turkey and he would do it there and then he would let me have the results just think it very strange cose my first ht was very good plenty of growth not happy I think they are not telling it as it is and that is what they use when things do not go good
  5. Hi guys it has been a while since I posted on the site I had my second ht in July 2017 in turkey to which I did my research and I thought I got a good doctor to which I thought would be good. I even met the doctor in London and thought he would be the one for me but after a good 20 months the results are poor and after going back to the doctor who was in London to which I brought my concerns to about the growth of my fue ht he indicated that I could of had mild lichen Planopilaris to which I had a poor hair growth , he has indicated to me that he wants to do a small scalp biopsy and after the results he would like to do another fue ht to give me the results that I should have achieved, I am not convinced on what he has said and if I have one last ht left in me I really do not fancy risking it and going back to that doctor any advice would be grateful thanks johno
  6. cheers for that info i will do that, no need to fly over i not that stupid icould tell the hospital group was not all that
  7. ive been to three hairtransplant specialist in london the hostpial group the hair clinc and nu hart they all say that they can get a good result but i dont fill that with them and fill that the only way to go is to travel
  8. want kind of research do you recommend as iam new to this
  9. hi to everyone this is my first time on the forum i live in london and looking to have a hairtransplant i went to nu hart in london and was told that dr mark boles could do me a 3000 graft hairtransplant i search the web on dr mark boles and nothing bad came up about him but on the forum it says nu hart are bad news can any one shine some light my way thanks