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  1. @brickellmoto: it's always tough to make a choice for such an important decision, all our photos are done under the same lighting with an HD camera. Attached are some videos of patients previously posted, which is a better way to evaluate results than any photos. The ultimate and best way to make an evaluation is seeing patients in person. If you are close to our Toronto or Ottawa office we welcome any prospective patients to meet our previous patients in person.
  2. 24 year old patient, with a previous unsuccessful hair transplant, came in to restore hairline and mid front of hairline. Dr. Rahal designed a hairline to fill in the recession and to add density to mid front. The treatment area was 40 cm². The transplanted density done at 35 grafts/cm² or at 76 hairs/cm². He now has more styling options with the new transplanted hair. Please note the results photos were emailed to us by this patient (not taken in clinic). Surgery type: FUE Recipient Area treated 40 cm² Zones Treated 1 to 3 Grafts Transplanted 1415 grafts Recipient Graft Density 35 grafts/cm² Recipient Hair Density 76 hairs/cm² Graft breakdown Single Hair 248 grafts Two Hair 749 grafts Three Hair 393 grafts Four Hair 25 grafts TOTAL GRAFTS 1415 grafts TOTAL HAIRS 3025 hairs HAIRS PER GRAFT 2.14 hairs/graft
  3. 30 year old patient came in to restore his receded hairline and receded temples. Dr. Rahal designed a hairline without dropping the front, and adding density and adjusting the lateral temple angles part of the hairline. This allows more styling options. Only 1810 grafts were used at a density of 55 grafts per cm². Surgery type FUT Zones Treated 1 and 2 Grafts Transplanted 1810 grafts Recipient Graft Density 55 grafts/cm² Recipient Hair Density 109 hairs/cm² Graft breakdown Single Hair 400 grafts Two Hair 1010 grafts Three Hair 400 grafts Four Hair 0 grafts TOTAL GRAFTS 1810 grafts TOTAL HAIRS 3620 hairs HAIRS PER GRAFT 2.0 hairs/graft
  4. Surgery type: FUT (Strip) Recipient Area size: 28 cm² Zones Treated: 1 - 3 Grafts transplanted: 1693 grafts Recipient Graft Density: 60.46 grafts/cm² Recipient Hair Density: 111.78 hairs/cm² Graft Breakdown: Single Hairs: 489 Grafts Two Hairs: 971 Grafts Three Hairs: 233 Grafts Four hairs: 0 Grafts Total Grafts: 1693 grafts Total Hairs: 3130 hairs Hairs per Graft: 1.85 hairs/graft
  5. 37 year old patient came in to restore his receded hairline and receded temples. Dr. Rahal designed his hairline without dropping the front and adding density & adjusting the lateral temple angles part of the hairline. This allows more styling options. Only 1400 grafts were used at an average density of 50 grafts per cm², so the donor supply is still good for future need. Surgery type: FUE Recipient Area treated 28 cm² Zones Treated 1 and 2 Grafts Transplanted 1400 grafts Recipient Graft Density 49.36 grafts/cm² Recipient Hair Density 104 hairs/cm² Graft breakdown: Single Hair 293 grafts Two Hair 878 grafts Three Hair 223 grafts Four Hair 6 grafts TOTAL GRAFTS 1400 grafts TOTAL HAIRS 2742 hairs HAIRS PER GRAFT 1.96 hairs/graft
  6. This patient is not on any hairloss meds. We always recommend rogaine post surgery.
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    With all due respect melvin, Rahal is not just a strip clinic. in fact our practice is about 80 percent FUE and 20 percent strip. Attached is just few of previously posted results of fue work. Being good at strip, does not mean bad at fue. in fact having done strip for year, sets you up for better understanding of the nuances of hair restoration surgery in terms of grafts management, planting etc. As for cost, which is a factor for many in north american patients looking for cheaper options in europe. this not always the case. we charge 6 dollars canadian, (4.4 usd or 3.8 euro) per grafts up to 2500 grafts and discounted above 2500 grafts.
  8. Surgery Type: FUE Recipient Area Treated - 68cm Total Grafts - 2728 Total Hairs - 6080 Recipient Graft Density - 40.12 grafts/cm Recipient Hair Density - 89.4 hairs/cm Graft Breakdown: Single Hairs - 429 grafts Two Hairs - 1344 grafts Three Hairs - 857 grafts Four Hairs - 98 grafts Average Hairs Per Graft - 2.12 Original result post with photos here.
  9. 33 year old patient came to Dr. Rahal for his receding hairline and temple points. Dr. Rahal restored his hairline via Rahal FUE, and with his new hairline he has a youthful frame to his face, and a lot more styling options!! (Note: post-transplant photos were taken and emailed to us by the patient; not taken at our clinic) Surgery type: FUE Recipient Area treated 47 cm² Zones Treated 1 to 3 and temple points Grafts Transplanted 2025 grafts Recipient Graft Density 43.1 grafts/cm² Recipient Hair Density 86 hairs/cm² Graft breakdown Single Hair 501 grafts Two Hair 1054 grafts Three Hair 445 grafts Four Hair 25 grafts TOTAL GRAFTS 2025 grafts TOTAL HAIRS 4044 hairs HAIRS PER GRAFT 2.0 hairs/graft
  10. This 35 year-old patient came to Rahal with the aim to restore his receded hairline. Dr. Rahal designed a conservative hairline, without dropping the frontal position. The focus was adding density and adjusting the lateral parts of the hairline to allow for more styling options. 1967 grafts were transplanted via FUE at a density of 51 grafts per cm². These patient result photos are at 6 months post-transplant. Recipient Area treated: 38.5 cm² Zones Treated: 1-3 Grafts Transplanted: 1967 grafts Recipient Graft Density: 51 grafts/cm² Recipient Hair Density: 100 hairs/cm² Single Hair 509 grafts Two Hair 1007 grafts Three Hair 441 grafts Four Hair 10 grafts TOTAL GRAFTS 1967 grafts TOTAL HAIRS 3886 hairs HAIRS PER GRAFT 2.0 hairs/graft
  11. Thank you for sharing your experience HTGuy1313. Amazing result. @JohnCasper. there are small percentage (less than 5%) of patients who are not candidates for FUE. It could be due few reasons such as: -hair follicle fragility risking too much damage when extracting -too much tethering and long follicles. so you have to go deeper with the punch and possible create traction damage to a fragile follicles. -too much splaying of the follicles, so you will end up transecting one of the follicles (unless you use a larger punch (not ideal) -very mushy type of tissue the above are just few reasons off the top of my head, that can make a patient not a candidate for FUE, and then the choice is to either do strip or do nothing. Any ethical Physician would not want to continue with fue extraction if you are not getting viable grafts. we continue to do FUT for patients not wanting to do fue or are not candidates.
  12. Age 50 year old patient , wanted to restore front and top towards the crown. He is blessed with good hair texture as well as good hair/scalp contrast. The first surgery was done with strip ( 2013) and the second one (2014) was FUE. Surgery #1 type: FUT Recipient Area treated:100 cm Zones Treated :1 to 5 Grafts Transplanted :2946 grafts Recipient Graft Density:30 grafts/cm Recipient Hair Density: 56 hairs/cm Graft breakdown Single Hair:746 grafts Two Hair:1600 grafts Three Hair:510 grafts Four Hair:90 grafts TOTAL GRAFTS:2946 grafts TOTAL HAIRS :5566 hairs HAIRS PER GRAFT:1.9 hairs/graft Surgery # 2 type:FUE Recipient Area treated :52 cm Zones Treated :6-9 Grafts Transplanted :1890 grafts Recipient Graft Density:36 grafts/cm Recipient Hair Density:2.3 hairs/cm Graft breakdown Single Hair:284 grafts Two Hair:849 grafts Three Hair: 693 grafts Four Hair: 64 graft TOTAL GRAFTS:1890 grafts TOTAL HAIRS :4317 hairs HAIRS PER GRAFT:2.3hairs/graft
  13. Thanks for your question @goodwally We see many patients with "diffuse" pattern hair loss. It is a more challenging pattern of hair loss to treat with a hair transplant (in some cases) as the risk of permanent shock loss can be elevated. If it's too early for a hair transplant, we have alternative options such as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) or 3D SMP that have offered huge improvements in terms of adding visual density for our patients. These can be great alternatives until a hair transplant becomes a better option. The best place to start is with a free consultation to get Dr. Rahal's recommendation. Every patient is unique, and he will design a personalized hair loss treatment plan to give you the best long term solution(s) to your hair loss. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  14. 35 year old man, wanted to restore the nw 3 hairloss pattern with strip. Details:* Surgery type:FUT Recipient Area size:72 cm Zones Treated:1-4 Grafts transplanted:3088 Total Hairs transplanted:6216 Hairs Hairs per Graft:2.01 Hairs/graft Recipient Graft Density:42.8 Grafts/cm Recipient Hair Density:86.33 Hairs/cm Graft Breakdown: Single Hairs:635 Grafts Two Hairs:1797 Grafts Three Hairs:637 Grafts* Four hairs:19 Grafts Total Grafts:3088 grafts Total Hairs:6216 Hairs
  15. PHOTOS ABOVE ARE NOT DISPLAYING PROPERLY , THIS IS A REPOSTING. This 35-year-old patient came to Dr Rahal a Norwood 3, with the goal to restore his receded hairline and strengthen his temple points. Dr Rahal transplanted 2553 grafts using the FUE method. Surgery Type - FUE Recipient Area Treated - 50cm Grafts Transplanted - 2553 Recipient Graft Density - 51 grafts/cm Recipient Hair Density - 104 hairs/cm Graft Breakdown: Single Hair - 685 grafts Two Hair - 1135 grafts Three Hair - 687 grafts Four Hair - 46 grafts Total Grafts - 2553 Total Hairs - 5200 Hairs Per Graft - 2.04