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  1. @John Doe I know it seems like a long time but you're not at the final result. Some patients see results faster than others. We will have a better idea in a few more months so let's give it more time. We're here if you have any questions and of course we'll be in touch.
  2. Hi @Runandy Hairs may have shed post-op or possibly temporary shock loss (which always grows back). Having had three hair transplants myself, it's normal to see gaps. It's also normal for patients 3 to 6 months to have questions around this time, say the right side grows faster than the left-or vice versa. All normal. Hairs don't shed at the same time. Same with growth. Around this time, everything is patchy. There's peaks and valleys. Bottom line, it's just too early to tell. It's always helpful to reference the guideline posted. Every patient falls within this range. In this case,
  3. Surgery type: FUE Recipient Area size: 46 cm Zones Treated: 1 to 3 Grafts transplanted: 2006 grafts Recipient Graft Density: 44 grafts/cm Recipient Hair Density: 92 hairs/cm Graft Breakdown: Single Hairs: 422 grafts Two Hairs: 1008 grafts Three Hairs: 510 grafts Four hairs: 66 grafts Total Grafts: 2006 Total Hairs: 4232 Hairs per Graft: 2.11 Rahal FUE NW 3 23 year old patient came in to restore hairline, temple angles and temple points to balance vertical and horizontal proportions. D
  4. @Abi28 Since everyone is different, some patients see results faster or slower. Depends. Below is a range that takes into account both. - 3-6 months. First signs of growth, It will be patchy, light density, some areas will grow faster than others. Maybe the right or the left, depends. You will also notice pimples. All normal. This is the toughest time for patients! The area might still be red, maybe there is some shedding. It's called the "ugly duckling stage." Here are some posts from other forum members about it - 6-9 months. Thin areas, patchy areas start to fill in, fine hairs s
  5. @John Doe you're only at four months so get that thought out of your head 🙂 I'm a very good feeling everything will be just fine. And remember, we have your back! Our awesome patient care team would have been in contact a bunch of times by now. But feel free to PM me also, ok? I had a hair transplant and definitely know how you're feeling. Here any time.
  6. @John Doe thanks for sharing your experience! Not to worry. At four months, things are just starting to take off. It's normal to see gaps as you experience shedding. How do I know? I also had a hair transplant 🙂 Believe me, I've been there. You're at the "ugly duckling stage." Remember, it's normal for one side to grow faster than the other. It's normal to see gaps. All part of the process. At around six months, things will start to blend. And even then you still have a long way to go. Everything looks great but for your peace of mind (not that you have anything to worry about 🙂 to
  7. Hi @bruce90! Thanks for sharing- and I definitely get your frustration. Hopefully I can clear up the consultation process below. Any other questions, or if I missed anything, just let me know. The form you completed is for Dr. Rahal and includes photos, your hair loss history. Dr. Rahal reviews your information and creates your personalized treatment plan, which includes cost, number of graphs, answers your questions, etc. You would then schedule a call with the patient advisor to discuss the treatment plan, your options and answer any additional questions...Sounds like this step wa
  8. @bruce90 Sorry to hear about that! There is an online option if you can't make it in. Dr. Rahal will create a personalized treatment plan, includes cost, any discounts, after he reviews your photos, understands your goals, answer questions, etc. Can you email Tara? tara@rahalhairline.com. I'll let he know to expect an email so she can expedite.
  9. @LonelyGraft No problem! No. Dr. Rahal did not work under Dr. Armani. I'm sure they shared information, learned from each other, shared tips, etc. For example, Dr. Ron Shapiro visited Dr. Rahal not too long ago. He shared some tips and vice versa. Combined both have 60+ years experience... so there is a lot to share and learn from each other. It was cool to see both talking "hairlines." For a hair geek like me anyway. lol BTW, Dr. Ron Shapiro designs some awesome hairlines. He's Not talked about much. But does amazing work. Dr. Rahal's also in contact with Dr. José Lorenzo and
  10. @Aftermath I hesitate to say it's a smear campaign, though there is a lot of misinformation. Let's call it mistaken Dr. Rahal is highly involved in every case. A typical day starts at 5am. Dr. Rahal discusses your goals/expectations, designs your hairline, maps your donor region. This takes about an hour. Then it's off to the OR where Dr. Rahal calculates your donor region, what he can and can't safely harvest (it's called donor management). He then has a huddle with the team to discuss the game plan. We offer every type of FUE... before each case, Dr. Rahal harvests a small n
  11. I agree, if it were true, which of course it's not @lovinitl9 There are no unhappy patients like you claim. We work hard to make sure our patients are happy and proud of our patient care team, plus the results we're able to achieve for our patients. We know each and everyone of our patients. If any had concerns, we would know about it. We thank you for your feedback, but again ask that you allow us to share your photos and communications. Your procedure was strip and not recent. We feel it's important you share all of the facts. If not, we understand and will respect your decision.
  12. Hi lovinitl9, We always appreciate feedback. But need to correct you on a few things. 1) We don't use needles. We only use custom blades. 2) Dr. Rahal does not perform multiple procedures at the same time. If two patients are scheduled, it's a larger session in the morning (2500+ grafts) - and smaller session (under 1000 grafts) in the afternoon. Even then, we have a dedicated FUE team for each procedure. Most technicians have been with us 20+ years. Dr. Rahal has over 25+ years experience. I assure you it's not a problem. 3) We have an entire department and 3 full-time
  13. Rahal FUT NW 3 33 year old patient came in to restore hairline and mid front of hairline. Dr Rahal, designed a hairline to fill in the recession and to add density to mid front. The treatment area was 42m. The transplanted density done at 59grafts/cm or at 123 hairs/cm. He now has more styling options with the new transplanted hair. Surgery Type: FUT Recipient Area Treated - 42cm Zones Treated - 1 to 4 Grafts Transplanted 2487 grafts Recipient Graft Density - 59 grafts/cm Recipient Hair Density - 123 hairs/cm Graft Breakdown:
  14. 36 year old patient came in to restore hairline and front. Dr Rahal, designed an age appropriate hairline and filled in the receding area. The density at 39 grafts/cm that can be increased if needed in future surgeries. Surgery Type: FUE Recipient Area Treated - 72cm Zones Treated - 1 to 3 Grafts Transplanted 2862 grafts Recipient Graft Density - 39 grafts/cm Recipient Hair Density - 84 hairs/cm Graft Breakdown: Single Hairs - 411 grafts Two Hairs - 1753 grafts Three Hairs - 661 grafts Four Hairs - 37 grafts
  15. Rahal FUE NW4 40 year old patient came in to restore hairline and mid front Dr Rahal, designed a hairline to fill in the recession and to add density to mid front. Surgery Type: FUE Recipient Area Treated - 80cm Zones Treated - 1 to 5 Total Grafts - 5020 Graft Breakdown: Single Hairs - 994 grafts Two Hairs - 2086 grafts Three Hairs - 1745 grafts Four Hairs - 195 grafts
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