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  1. Lol nice try. Clear promotion. We have a really good graft calculator already on this site.
  2. Guys, I’m starting to think regenix may be a place that sells systems as well. Could it be that Matthew was coming clean without saying it lol.
  3. I agree. Unfortunately, as I’ve said many times hair transplants are never guaranteed. Literally every surgeon in the world has had sub-optimal growth for some reason or other, but what separates run of the mill surgeons from elite, is how they stand by their work and the patient.
  4. @nick1111 Hey man, How’s everything going? Would love to see some updates, last I saw everything was looking fantastic.
  5. Yea, I’m fairly certain he’s from Texas. Haha no worries, it’s not a big deal. Yea man Austin seems like a pretty cool place definitely wanna go.
  6. Recommended surgeon Mohebi opens new San Francisco medical clinic
  7. What report? I thought they offered to send you to a dermatologist when you had your touch-up. Just trying to get some clarification.
  8. For those of you who've had BHT, did it work? Did you notice a difference in texture? I would love to gather the communities thoughts and input. Do Body Hair Transplants Work?
  9. @dredd77 Why would you decline going for further testing? I think it should be noted that every surgeon has cases of poor growth. Some patients do not yield optimal results for certain dermatological reasons. I think it is important to understand that no surgery can ever be guaranteed. Before you even think about a third surgery. You should make sure that there is no underlying medical condition that could be causing poor growth.
  10. Wow this is an excellent reply. Dang man I knew he was from Texas, but for some reason I thought he'd be living out here in LA. We'll have to get a drink if i'm ever in Austin haha.
  11. What does the community think? Id love yo hear some in depth theories. Some have claimed a procedure with one of our surgeons in Chicago. Others claim it’s a hair piece. I can see both, but I’m leaning towards the hair piece.
  12. Lasercap makes some great points. I don’t think rogaine can prevent shock loss. However, it may speed up the recovery. Shock loss is caused due trauma to the surrounding follicles.
  13. This result is incredible 😱 he’s got fantastic hair characteristics. Knocked this one out of the park 🏟 ⚾️
  14. In my experience he was excellent. Everyday I look in the mirror I’m reminded of the work he’s done. Check out my thread, it was my 4 year anniversary last month
  15. 5 months is very early, but it looks like there’s some growth already.
  16. Great write-up please consider creating a patient website https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/
  17. It depends there are several great surgeons, but one name that is synonymous with crowns is Dr. Wong.
  18. Can you post a picture of your hair? Have you tried hair fibers like toppik caboki?
  19. Wow fantastic transformation. Hard to believe it’s already been a year. Have you tried concealer for the crown? May be worth a try.
  20. No absolutely not. Personally, I have used several brands. Layrite pomade is great. I also like American Crew Fiber for a matte finish. Currently, I use Redken Maneuvering Pomade.
  21. Have you created a thread? I haven't heard of this doctor, but I'm always eager to see new physicians doing great work. If you haven't created a thread I highly suggest doing so. Best wishes, Melvin