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  1. I’ve seen some homerun cases from Dr. Hasson for FUE
  2. You’ll start shedding soon. Some guys shed at a month, while others shed at 2 weeks.
  3. Looks fantastic 👏🏼 Have you considered creating a patient website? It will get linked to your surgeons profile.
  4. That’s true, but I’d be weary about multiplying millions of cells, without modern medicine having the knowledge to stop cells from multiplying.
  5. Who was the surgeon/clinic? They should be able to disclose the graft breakdown.
  6. Yea you definitely don’t wanna cure one condition and get a life-threatening illness like cancer
  7. 😮 wow your results are amazing @Aftermath watch out bro you have competition lol. Please consider creating your own free patient website that gets linked to Dr.Hassons profile page. https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/
  8. That’s great dude, post your progress on here. Maybe I’m being a hater lol I’ve just never seen something remotely to as good as that with medication alone. Now surgery+medicine sure, but medicine alone i just haven’t seen it.
  9. I saw this post on tressless. Tbh I doubt it’s just medication and dermatolling.
  10. Great post lasercap, in fact in the video I include an old article showing “hair loss cure 2010” lol it seems to be extended every 10 years.
  11. Great post lasercap, in fact in the video I include an old article showing “hair loss cure 2010” lol it seems to be extended every 10 years.
  12. Great responses guys, The reason why I say 2020 is because many have speculated Replicel- RCH-01 will be releasing it in 2020. I’ve shot a video on it I’ll be releasing it soon.
  13. Great responses guys, this thread will help countless guys 😊
  14. I do not doubt your intentions, my only intention is to be fair and objective.
  15. Most of them were mid 20’s I did talk to some early 30’s also. I’m 34 so most of the girls I attracted were in their mid 20’s.
  16. I told my current gf on our 3rd date. I also told her to not be surprised when I wash my fibers out lol. My crown is a lot thinner, she said “that’s okay my face doesn’t look like this when I wash off my make up either” that’s when I knew she was a keeper haha.
  17. I was in a relationship when I had all of my procedures, so I didn’t have to hide it. However, the relationship ended about two years ago, so last year I did a lot of casual dating to keep it PC. I never disclosed it to girls that I didn’t consider dating long-term. That said, I’m now in a relationship and I was up front about it very quickly because I wanted to pursue a relationship. I was honest about using hair fibers and minoxidil. I even told her about my past with finasteride and the fact that it gave me ED. The way I see it I’d rather be upfront and honest about things she may eventually find out anyways. Best to start a relationship being open and honest.
  18. When I was a teenager I would spend almost an hour spiking my hair up perfectly. I’ve always cared about my hair, so you can imagine how hair loss impacted me severely. Today, I’m no different. I spend about 20 minutes doing my hair using fibers. I don’t see it as a hassle. I’m free, I’m not hiding my hair loss or the fact that I use fibers. Maybe that’s why I feel the way i do. Shaved head didn’t make me feel good, I was in really good shape too, so the “get buff, grow a beard” nonsense sounded ridiculous to me. The other day I was in the pool with my gf and some of her friends and one guy asked about my work and said he’d refer to me as the “guy with awesome hair” it’s the little things like that make it all worth it. Just knowing I can make my hair look good, is a confidence I would never have bald. My advice is if your having doubts don’t do it. I was at a point where I personally felt it couldn’t get any worse. I was extremely unhappy with how I looked and a hair transplant was my hail mary. My hair as a teenager below
  19. Look for me I shaved my head for over a year. I just couldn’t accept it. I finally thought if only I can have some hair and then use clever hairstyling id be happy. That’s when I decided on having a hair transplant. Now I use hair fibers, which are a godsend. Now a lot of guys like @gbhscot want a hair transplant to escape fibers or dealing with hair loss ever again, guys like that shouldn’t get a hair transplant because it’s not realistic and they’ll end up unhappy. As for me, I’m so glad I made the choice hair restoration has improved my life in so many ways including creating a passion. Below is a picture of how I looked shaved head vs transplant
  20. Guys, I want you all to know that we hear what your complaints are and we will be reaching out to Dr. Erdogan, for his response. To be fair, as a patient myself I know I could either make my transplant look very good or horrible. So, when I see pictures of the hairline spread apart, under harsh lights and with wet hair. I’m automatically assuming the results look better with normal styling and dry hair. That’s why I created that thread to show how I myself can look the same exact way, under harsh lights, with wet hair and if I spread my hairline apart. I’m not defending any doctors and if there is a serious issue with a surgeon believe me we’re one if not the only organization that actually does something about it. Countless other so-called patient organizations simply silence their patients by hiding threads from public view. None of that goes on here.