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    Can You Stop Hair Loss Naturally?

    This question comes up almost every day, it is actually common sense that people want to stop their hair loss naturally. However, does it actually work? I encourage you guys to read this article and share with others who want or think they can stop their hair loss naturally. Can You Stop Hair Loss Naturally?
  2. Melvin-Moderator

    HIMS for Hair Loss

    Unless you've been living under a rock you have heard of HIMS. it's basically everywhere on social media, I even hear about it on some of my favorite podcasts. Have any of you guys tried HIMS? do you guys feel the finasteride is legit? HIMS for Hair Loss
  3. Melvin-Moderator

    HIMS for Hair Loss

    That's exactly what I thought, their marketing is really impressive. I think the idea is an excellent one. I mean I am really open now about hair loss and hair transplants, but 10 years ago I was too embarrassed to even talk about my hair loss. They're definitely making it okay to deal with hair loss, many podcasters I follow even admitted to using them for Finasteride.
  4. You are de-railing this thread and being disruptive. I'm not going to repeat myself. If you want to continue this conversation you can PM me.
  5. Here is a clear example. I'm not de-railing this thread any further. We're not stupid here. It's clear you were being sarcastic in your response. Why else would you be telling him good luck. If you want to discuss this further send me a private message. Also, my name is not mr. moderator, if you want respect show respect.
  6. It's disheartening to see posters on here behaving childish and sarcastic, if you notice they never have any pictures or threads either. I suggest ignoring trolls. My donor looked just like your after my surgery and I have gone on to have three procedures. The picture below was a week after my procedure. Then the second a pic is 6 months after at a #1 guard. A note to the community, this forum is to show support. Anyone who's on here knows how difficult it is to go through a procedure and so many questions and doubts running in your mind. Behaving childish and sarcastic to a new poster right after their surgery is not acceptable. If after a year there is a problem with the donor or results, then by all means call it how you see it, but a few days after the procedure we should be encouraging each other. No one wants to share their story if the responses they receive are sarcastic.
  7. I have noticed your overall negative tone in many threads, those who post their journey here deserve some respect. If I see any reports from you I will forced to suspend your posting privileges.
  8. You don’t need a hair transplant dude. Your hair looks awesome, I don’t really see how a procedure is going to improve your looks. You’re still young, save your money and donor for when you really need it. Your hair is just like Canelo the boxers hair and no one on their right mind wouldsay he’s balding
  9. Hey Guys, So it's fairly common knowledge that for the first few weeks you are to wash with baby shampoo and not directly under the shower head, but what about after? What are your guys thoughts when did most of you return to showering normal? For me it was around the 3rd week. Can Shampooing My Hair After A Hair Transplant Effect The Growth?
  10. Melvin-Moderator

    HIMS for Hair Loss

    Wow I didn’t know that, they certainly make it seem like you get a substantial discount off the medications, but maybe they can undercut the prices by increasing the over-the-counter treatments. Great discussion guys keep it coming.
  11. I have a similar weakness in my lateral humps, except mine are around the crown area. A slicked back hairstyle helps conceal these areas almost fully, but I suspect that the problem areas are highlighted by the fact that your hair was wet and damp. It’s pretty incredible considering you were completely bald. I hope this second procedure gives you an even density.
  12. Melvin-Moderator


    It just depends on where the hair loss is concentrated, for most they slick their hair back to cover up a bald spot or thin area. But this depends on the length of the hair etc. In some cases, a slicked back hairstyle may highlight the hair loss even more, it just depends.
  13. Melvin-Moderator


    Usually, slicking your hair back makes your hair look thicker, but it depends on where the hair loss is located. If you have most of the hair loss primarily in the hairline, then slicking the hair back will expose the hairline and thus, expose the hair loss more.
  14. You look great, Dr. Bloxham, did a great job 👏
  15. I remember I took Creatine for a few months back in 2012, while I didn't really notice a big difference in terms of size and strength. I did notice increased hair shedding. After researching a bit further I found that Creatine was linked with hair loss. What are your guys experience with Creatine? I'd love to hear the communities input. Does The Popular Exercise Supplement Creatine Cause Hair Loss
  16. Wow you’re the only guy to stay awake for the whole procedure. I’m floored 😮 I slept through the whole procedure and on the drive back to LA lol. Smoking marijuana should be okay. I don’t think smoking in general has a huge impact just like alcohol. Obviously, it’s better to wait until you’re fully healed. A lot of people criticize being “knocked out” but man it’s so much better to be asleep than awake. I’ve seen a lot of home runs from blonde guys just like you. Swdan, e39, there was even another guy who started posting his journey but never returned, he did come iut in one of Dieps videos the work was fantastic. Actually, one of my best friends is set for surgery in July he’s also a blonde guy.
  17. Everything looks great, I really like the hairline design.
  18. We take in to consideration patient reviews and clinic results. While, yes patient reviews count more, clinic posted results still matter. As a patient, I want to see patient reviews and clinic results.
  19. Melvin-Moderator

    The Hair Transplant Network Visits Dr. Mohebi

    Thank you, I really think this video can be helpful to those interested in having a procedure and live in the Los Angeles area.
  20. I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Mohebi in Los Angeles, Ca. I observed Dr. Mohebi and his experienced technicians perform an FUE procedure. Check out our visit
  21. The question that every patient wants to know, whether a hair transplant can restore a full head of hair. Unfortunately, in most cases I would say no. What do you guys think? Can A Hair Transplant Restore A Full Head of Hair
  22. Melvin-Moderator

    1500 grafts - my pics

    Front looks good congrats 🙌🏼
  23. Melvin-Moderator

    1700 Grafts with Dr. Diep

    I used it for all of my procedures, but I used it regularly before. If you don't use minoxidil I wouldn't start, you can have a bad shed.
  24. Which option did you choose? Did you opt for the cheaper option where he’s not involved? Also, do you mind posting pictures of your results. Showing us the results will definitely give us a better idea of what kind of work the clinic is producing.