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  1. It's becoming a common practice to see surgeons combine both FUT and FUE. I think it's the most efficient way to get the maximum number of grafts.
  2. The probability of you becoming a Norwood 7 is the same probability of you winning the lottery. Can it happen? Sure, but not likely at ALL.
  3. There seems to be a lot of misinformation going around the forum. So I thought I'd give you guys a pop quiz. Let's see some answers. The best answer will get featured in this week's newsletter. Hair Transplant Density Vs. Coverage What's The Difference?
  4. I honestly have no idea why you've been signed up on the forum for two years now lol. You don't have any visible hair loss. Your hairline looks slightly matured. Nothing concerning at your age. I don't see any diffuse loss.
  5. Wow looks like your hair has improved since the beginning of the month. What month are you now?
  6. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I'm shocked they cannot give you the exact number of grafts. They should be able to provide you with the graft count and the number 1's, 2's, 3's, and 4's you had, so you can find out the actual number of hairs. Who carried out the procedure? Was this done via the Artas robot?
  7. Where do you live? In the US there's strut, Hims, Getroman, Keeps to name a few.
  8. There’s definitely a DHT correlation. I have body hair in abundance and very strong beard. One of my best friends is quarter Japanese no facial or body hair at all, and prepubescent hairline. Lucky SOB.
  9. Stop being so antagonistic. I’m speaking from someone who’s had surgery, and you based on your own admission, haven’t even had surgery. I’ve provided my own pictures and my own story. The whole antagonizing tone is not gonna be tolerated.
  10. This is a substantial difference, especially in the crown. For one surgery and your level of hair loss, it’s quite jarring if I’m being honest. Will it be perfect? No, will you need more hair after 12 months? Yes, but will it be better? Yes. It has continued to improve month to month as seen below. I don’t doubt that this will look a lot better in 4 months. That said, you will need another HT there’s no doubt about that. Significant improvement from the previous month.
  11. From looking at this picture it was clear you would need a minimum of 6,000 grafts and that is for coverage, even more for density What’s the difference between coverage and density? Well, density is the number of grafts per cm2, and coverage is the area that is transplanted. The number will vary depending on the surface area and shape. That is why no two people are the same, and why one person may look a certain way with 4,000 grafts and another completely different. Me and you have nearly the same hair loss, I’ve had 5,300 grafts and my crown is all but bald. I have a small head, so I peg myself at requiring another 1,500-2000 grafts. For you, your head looks bigger. So I’d imagine you’d need another 1,000 more than me. Stop listening to people who have no clue about surgery. What you see is what people want you to see. Hair Transplants are not perfect and as a high Norwood this is something you have to accept. Lastly, there are two schools of thought on how to approach large Norwoods. One is to work densely in a small area, namely the hairline, the other is to cover more area with less density and then add more hair in subsequent sessions. Neither method is wrong. It depends on the patient. If you had all the grafts on your hairline, you’d be complaining that the crown is still bald. Take a look at the thread below, coming from someone who’s been in your shoes three times and has your level of hair loss.
  12. Yes he did, which is customary. Anyone pretending like you should get amazing density and coverage in one go either doesn’t know or has no personal experience with HTs, as I said I’ve had three and I need another HT. Sometimes you’ll need another HT for coverage or to boost density. There’s nothing wrong with that. You can always add in more hair if needed.
  13. I wouldn’t shampoo twice a day, just shampoo after working out. No need to wash your hair first thing in the morning, unless you sweat heavily at night.
  14. I have certainly seen cases grow well past the 9th mark, and even past the 12th mark. 7 months vs. 2 1/2 years Arshad patient, one of the best HTs I’ve ever seen to be quite honest. I don’t believe there was ever a doubt that you’d need another HT with your level of hair loss. I’ve had three and still want/need more hair. Anyone who acts like you could’ve achieved everything in one go is being disingenuous. The crown alone takes thousands of grafts.
  15. There’s no doubt that Dr. Erdogan himself is one of the best. However, I cannot vouch for technicians. I wish he would go back and perform the surgery himself, he would definitely be top 5 in the world. Unfortunately, the model in Turkey is revolved around cost-savings and technicians.
  16. Just because you’re losing hair doesn’t mean you’re a non-responder. Finasteride can stop, slow, and rarely regrows hair. Slowing hair loss is better than nothing.
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