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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Dr. John Diep
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    Dr. Behnam
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    Rogaine Foam
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  1. Good questions guys, Don’t hold back, how about the whole DHI, DHT phenomenon. Some believe that DHI is somehow the best transplanting technique, personally I think it’s nothing more than a marketing gimmick. That’s something worth asking.
  2. 4 months is way too early to lose faith, the hair is growing, and the scar looks good. Please keep us updated on your progress, it’s looking better.
  3. Contact the clinic and ask to see results from both and compare them. Lastly, if you cannot afford a good surgeon save up more money or don’t get surgery. Don’t ever let cost be the deciding factor.
  4. Shapiro is still elite, and Cooleys cases are excellent @HTREGRETS comes to mind. I disagree with everything, except the last part.
  5. Sure, because it’s totally normal to sign up and defend a clinic on your first post 😒
  6. Btw for you guys who don’t follow us on Instagram our handle is @thehairtransplantnetwork
  7. I have never heard of the other surgeon, but Eugenix is top notch, their results on this forum by real patients like @Zoomster and @paddyirishman are enough for me to consider them.
  8. I know they do FUE, but to not do any FUT sounds wrong, especially since so many of their quality results were from FUT.
  9. @Tentpole91 Too early to start saying things like that, at close inspection, it’s clear the grafts that have grown are multi-hair grafts, the single haired grafts have grown less. That’s why it looks bulky, but once those single haired grafts come in, you won’t see a difference. At this point, we have to be patient and wait for growth, I’m confident it will be good at 12 months.
  10. I need to confirm this myself, a quote is not enough. I will reaching out to the clinic.
  11. They create the incisions? That’s a HUGE red flag, the incisions dictate the density, angle and overall appearance of the procedure.