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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    Norwood VI
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr. John Diep
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    Dr. Behnam
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    Rogaine Foam
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  1. Melvin-HTsoon

    5000 hair implants needed

    Finasteride and minoxidil are not requirements, but they certainly help. You still have quite a bit of hair left, especially in the hairline. Without anything, you may end up in the same position once the rest of your hair is lost. However, IMO you could use some product like toppik and have the appearance of a full head of hair so that’s an option as well.
  2. Melvin-HTsoon

    2,177 FUT from Dr. Konior

    Everything looks great, thanks for the update.
  3. The hairline depends on your facial structure, generally they go by the “thirds” rule. However, the temple corners can be recessed further depending on your goals. You really need to consult with surgeons and tell them your goals, any quality recommended surgeon should be able to create mature hairline if that is requested.
  4. Hey n00b, welcone back to the forum, have you tried to contact them via YouTube?
  5. You can speak about a product, but we do not allow any promotional links to be posted. Warmest regards-Melvin
  6. I am not sure why you stopped minoxidil if it was working for you? Minoxidil will keep your hair as long as you take it, it stops working and as you know hair loss will become aggressive once you get off of Minoxidil because all of the hairs the minoxidil was keeping will be lost. With that said, I dont think smp would be an option, I have never seen it on an individual with blonde hair and I fear that the ink may turn greenish overtime. A hair transplant is certainly an option. However, you need to stabilize your hair loss, because as Sean mentioned you could find yourself chasing your hair loss with surgeries and that is certainly not a place you want to be. I would get back on the minoxidil and give yourself at least 6 months before revisiting the idea of surgery. Warmest regards- Melvin
  7. If you smoke, I would say stop or limit smoking, try not to be too gentle and make sure the recipient sites are clean. Try to avoid strenuous activity for at least two weeks if you're having FUE or one month if you're having FUT. Most importantly, follow your clinics instructions. Warmest regards- Melvin
  8. I realize what Sean is saying and in some instances it’s true, some patients do not want to come forward because of fear of retribution. But the reality is that the anount of satisfied patients outweighs unhappy patients. Of course, this is dependent on whether the person goes to a qualified surgeon. Documenting results and presenting them is solely dependent on the patient, in order to show a patients results on YouTube or present them on forums such as this a signed consent is required, and since I’ve been a moderator on this site I’ve had a lot of members requesting threads be deleted because they fear being recognized. This is an unfortunate reality that hair restoration is something secretive that some guys don’t even tell their significant others. Lastly, so many men simply don’t return for their follow up visits, just like so many threads here start and patients document the first 3 months and never return, yes some of these patients may not be satisfied, but generally unhappy patients are at more likely to voice their dissatisfaction then happy patients. A lot of guys simply move on and forget about posting. I stuck around because I became passionate about hair restoration as did Bill.
  9. Thanks for posting your experience, do you mind posting a picture of what your hairline looks like with the hair pushed back?
  10. If you do not wish to disclose the clinics name publicly I understand, but our community prides itself on patient advocacy and accountability, you can message me privately with the name of the surgeon and I will reach out to them for a response. Under no circumstance should a surgeon not want to help you for voicing your dissatisfaction, in fact they should do the opposite. I believe all of our pre-screened surgeons are ethical and would be more than willing to help a dissatisfied patient.
  11. What did your clinic say about this? Is your surgeon recommended by our community?
  12. Melvin-HTsoon

    Surgeon missed a spot...

    You’ve already been given great information. However, I will add my two cents, I think you should create a thread of your experience so that you could help other potential patients in the future. Providing your unbiased review is priceless to researching patients.
  13. Great results Dr. Gabel, one question though, is the patients hair wet in the last before picture?
  14. Melvin-HTsoon

    Transplanted Temple POINTS

    Have you asked Dr. Rahal, for some presentations, I’m sure you could message Mattj on here and he would be willing to provide you with some cases.
  15. I agree with what others have said, we would need some pictures to accurately give you advice. With that said, I’m not familiar with the clinic you mentioned. However, this community recommends Dr. Reddy and Dr. Farjo in the UK both excellent surgeons.