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  1. To be quite honest, a perfect teenage hairline is the last thing I want. I like my high hairline. I would ideally thicken it and simply clean it up so it's less messy. High hairline works well with beards, and I always like it when people can tell I'm Irish at a first glance... So it all filters in quite well.. I'm simply trying to avoid looking like my biological grandfather, but I inherited most of his genes. A mature hairline with density far outweighs having a thin low hairline in my opinion. @Spanky, you're right though. I'm certainly going to keep it shaved until I can get a better idea
  2. I will never, ever go the strip route. I've walked out of hair clinics simply because they suggested it. Strip method is barbaric, outdated and dangerous in many cases.. I would either go FUE or shaved. I can personally deal with a receded or high transplant hairline, as long as I no longer look like my biological grandfather. I have personal reasons for trying not to look like him, and his hairline is what really makes him look like him.
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking for help on this. I've consulted hair transplant clinics and the majority are bottom dollar quacks. I'm 18. I've been balding since 14. My grandfather stabilized at late stage Norwood 6, which is where I am. Wigs are tedious and hats are itchy. I used rogaine for almost a year and had no results. When should I consider HT? And who is the best I can go to? And what is the best that can be done for a Norwood 6.
  4. I am of the belief that transplant patients who still have some recession should opt to grow it out a bit and acquire a nice beard. It really balances things out, and can take years off of your appearance.
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