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  1. Hi All, After a series of email back and forth between me and Dr Bhatti, he insisted that the falling out hair are from the mid scalp which is the native hair, not the transplanted hair. But isn't it the native hair that's falling out is much thinner and finer? the falling one that i am seeing look like normal hair with a very small root, it seems to me that the root is too small to hold the hair, that's why it falls out. Dr suggested me to do another 2000 graft I would like to have some suggestions for you all. thanks
  2. Hi California, yes, things had gone very well last year. So that's why i didn't contact you since i was quite happy with the growth. The picture below was the one i took year and half ago. My graft started falling only within this half year. It's falling so bad to the point that everday i wake up, i would see some grafts on my pillow. Not sure if this happens to anyone in this forum or only me? I have a friend, he is caucasian , did the same procedure on the same day as me by Dr Bhatti as well and he is having a very nice growth. and i take care of my hair same way as he does. Not sure if it
  3. Thanks everyone for your valuable inputs and suggestion. I do believe Dr Bhatti is a very competent surgeon and I believe he will give me some good suggestions to guide me to the right direction in fixing my hair. I will speak to him on email and will keep updating my post so you can get some good experience on my thanks
  4. Hi Dr Bhatti, thanks for providing me the new email, the email i sent to you was the one i used to contact you before and after the procedure, and i didn't realise you have changed your email. Anyways, i have sent you another one to discuss more about what is your suggestions to improve my desperate situation now. Thanks for your response
  5. Hi Everyone, This is my experience with Dr Bhatti, i had a HT procedures with Dr Bhatti in India back in 2014 , i posted my experience from that procedure , here is the link below http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/175328-edmonton-chandigarh-%96-dr-bhatti-4000-grafts.html after the procedure, i am still taking 1mg of proprecia everyday Now, after 2 years, i'm not really happy with the result. I see my transplanted hairs are falling off everyday ( which is not supposed to since transplanted hair were harvested from back of my head). You can see from the pictures that doesn't s
  6. Hi guys, it's been 1 and half year after HT with Dr Bhatti, thanks for all your inputs and i greatly appreciate them After 1 and half year, i think whatever supposed to grow are already been grown, not as dense as i expect it, and Dr Bhatti already i told me i need another HT for another 1k or 2k grafts. However, i consult with a HT in my city, he told me the amount that I put on doenst look like i had 4000+ graft, and If it was 4000+ , it wouldve been a better job if i went for FUT. There are 2 or 3 hair follicles coming off everyday, and it looks like those are the transplanted hair. not
  7. Hi Guys, this is 9 months update transplanted hair is still growing, but it's not as dense as i expected. it doenst look as natural as I thought since everyone can spot it was transplant right away. Please give me any comments
  8. Now, this is my half year update, getting some growth in my hairline, it definitely looks better before HT, however, my temple does not look natural , I wish i didn't do my temples and save those hair for my frontal. Let me know what do you think
  9. I requested standard package as Dr Bhatti's advice. Didn't really know much difference between the new and used punch, but in term of price, 20 cents difference for +4000 grafts makes a huge difference. Since i'm oriental asian so i don't have much chest and beard. that's why Dr didn't even bother. I wish i had more body hair so i can add more density on my crown
  10. Background Finally I have some time to write down this post to document my HT journey. This forum inspired me to make a life changing decision, now it’s time for me to contribute my own experience and hope I can inspire other bald fellers My root is oriental Asian, used to have full head of hair in early 20s, when I reached 25, my hair started shredding. Now I’m 31, I’ve visited couple local and online HT Dr, and they said that I’m NW 5 and will need roughly 4000+ grafts. After doing research online, I decided to go for FUE and Dr Bhatti seems like the best candidate in term of technical sk
  11. Is that ok that i'm using someone else's grafts for HT, providing that person and me share the same type of hair and color? If using someone else's grafts is feasible, means a person can donate their hair as similar fashion as donating blood? Can anyone provide me an answer. thanks
  12. Hi, Have you ever consider doing HT in somewhere else rather in Canada, i did so many research, and found out that India has very decent surgeon for HT with a very reasonable price. i'm from Canada too and i'll be flying to India this April for my HT
  13. Hi Holty81, which date are you booking with Dr Bhatti, I will also be there in April, hope i can find some company
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