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  1. Future_HT_Doc that's good, that's what I'm going to do. Well see within a year if I still feel like there is any reason to operate even further. Right now the hairline is kind of where it should be naturally if I had no receding whatsoever since childhood / teenagers. Maybe 1-3 millimeters higher, but I'm not sure. Maybe not. But then again I was born with a high hairline. Definitely I have no complaints of how well these operations were done, we'll see if this one heals nicely and grows to it's full potential, that's the most important thing isn't it. voxman those shorts are not my girlfriends, they are my grandmas. She got them from her grandmother. And one day I will pass them on to my grandson. And I understand your point about the hairline. I do have quite a bit of hair supply left in the back of my head though. If I'm being absolutely straight with myself, my dream hairline really is about 6 - 8 millimetres lower than what this is now, but that is not what I was born with. Is it smart and practical to create it in the future, is it worth the money and trouble and loss of hair supply (and density) in the back of my head, that's another question. And will I desire it anymore after this one starts to grow, we'll see. Also, that would be lower than I ever had, so it's not just about fighting hairloss anymore, it's beyond that already. Sorry for the long jargon and personal stuff, hope you guys don't mind. Bottom line, if all goes well and grace is on my side, my hairline is now successfully restored and much of the lost density throughout my head also restored. And being what I am, I would love to have an even lower hairline.
  2. Here's another picture I took today. Btw I've had a high hairline and temples since birth. But this bothers me, should I some day lower my hairline even more? It's 6cm above my eyebrows. There is some very minor swelling on my forehead though, maybe that has an impact on how this looks too.
  3. Hi, I've posted here a few times. Yesterday I did my second transplant, it went great and the results from the first one were great too. I bumped my head soon after the first transplant and some follicles died and some turned to grow into a slightly wrong direction. I'll write another topic to tell this story What do you think of my results? I attached two pictures of how my hair used to look like before operations, other one is with a lot of toppik to make it look fuller. One pic is 11 months after the first operation (no toppik or anything, just hair gel and stuff like that to lift it up), absolutely dramatic improvement. And one I took today, one day after the operation. The first operation was about 1700 hair follicles only restoring the hairline and temples. The second was about 2500 hair follicles, strengthening the hairline and temples even more for a double effect, and also filling up the whole head here and there to add thickness. Also we pulled the temples a few millimetres even more forward now. I'm really happy how successful this has been so far, and the operation yesterday went great. My only regret or worry is, that from the very first operation I might have wanted to move my hairline even further down and temples even further forward. With this second transplant I didn't want to do it anymore, more than just a few millimetres in the temple area, because I don't want to look "layered". Otherwise it would have demanded even a third operation to fill it up again. So... What do you think of the place of my hairline? What do you think of my results so far? I can see how one could get addicted to this cycle of hair transplants. I already desire a lower hairline. And if I had the foresight I guess I could have had it already. But at the time of the first transplant all I wanted was the temples to move forward, that's all I thought. It was the idea of the hair transplant surgeon to fill up the whole hairline, she even lowered my frontal hairline a just a little bit, and thank god she did. Then again I am very happy that these operations have been so successful. I also quit drinking and eating trash, started yoga and started using some hair-friendly supplements daily and hair-growth shampoos. And also finasteride for two years now. So all these things together have made a dramatic difference. Now, let's see how this one will turn out... Hopefully the hairline will be something I can be truly satisfied with. I really wanted this to be my last hair transplant, at least for 20 years or more. I'm 25 now.
  4. Hi, thank you for the reply! I don't have before-pictures on me now, but I took pictures of both my temples now and it shows that my right temple is way more bald. I'm planning on taking second transplant after this first one is handled (I thought I'd do it even before I had taken this first transplant), so whatever is not good with my hair after the first one I can still correct. But still, I'm not happy with the difference between my temples. I hope it's just temporary, for whatever reason.
  5. Hi! It's been 5 months since my HT, I had about 1000 grafts on my hairline and temples. Been happy and optimistic about this most of the time, but I hit my head after few weeks of my HT and the area has been extremely slow to heal. Even now there is some redness and whatever. I've been happy with my transplant so far, but on my right temple where I hit my head I suspect that there might be shockloss going on or something else, because it looks much balder than my left temple. I actually feel that in the recent weeks I might have lost some hair there compared to time before that, but I'm not sure though. Is there a reason to suspect that I might have lost hair (native or transplanted) because of the hit on my head, or could the hair just be in a resting phase due to the shock and the slow healing process? Has anyone else hit their head after HT and what was your experience and results after that? I feel bad and stupid about hitting my head after transplant, because otherwise this has been going just great and I'm afraid I screw up with this. Also, are the grafts so settled after few weeks that a hit on the head can't move them around or cause pitting or anything like that..?
  6. Augustya I'm just worried. Thank you for the answers. I got a doctor's appointment for tomorrow to check it out. Just a moment ago I was touching the lump and felt a tiny spot, like a super small pimple that felt like it was ready to come off so I rubbed it off. I looked at it and it had hair on it. It kinda looked like the scabs with hair that were shed on the early phase. Now I wonder if this white part is just dead skin or did I lose a graft.. I never shed most of my transplanted hair. It just sticked there and seems to be even growing. But I'm worried that this lump might mean that my body is rejecting the grafts for whatever reason... Now I even lost a graft of hair on the lump, hard to think this would be a coincidence. Anyway, doctor tomorrow!
  7. Hi! I'm new to the forum:) I have this issue.. About month after hair transplant I hit my head relatively hard, but no bleeding. Now it's been almost two months since I hit my head and the lump has not gone away. It has changed it's shape a bit but it is still there and it is as big as it was to begin with. I contacted my hair transplant surgeon and she said that damages on the scalp can heal very slowly. Also she said that it is very unlikely that any transplanted hair would be damaged, but we will see in 6 months when we meet to see the transplant results. Almost two months since I hit my head and the swelling is still there? Makes me think that something could be wrong, and what if it never recovers? I might go to a doctor with this. Hair or not, I don't want to live with a lump on my temple hairline.. What do you think? Ever heard of anything like this? Also the red dots from transplant surgery took forever to heal, only now they start to look rather normal after 2,5 months. I don't know if this is rare too, or if this is connected. Thanks for any answers in advance.
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