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  1. Hah I am going on 5-th of January When are you? I will upload some pictures soon but please consider that in order to have optimal growth there are many factors involved not only the doctor. I think you have made a great decision in choosing Dr. Demirsoy.
  2. Hi guys, sorry for not posting in so much time. I am back now Anyways an update: Well I had my amazing time with my new hair That's right BUT after a year the rest of my hair started to fall out so I am back to square one. Also my transplanted hair did not exactly yield an optimal result. I don't know the cause of that but I did write up to Dr. Demirsoy and he also agreed with me on this one. So I am going back in January to fill in that area again (I want to gain more density). I am going with Dr. Demirsoy again.
  3. Hi Yonex Here are some additional pictures: Even if I did take pictures from the top my hair is a little long so I am afraid nothing will be visible. Anyways my flaky skin is from Minox. and I can't seem to get rid of it. It dries my hair and after that big portions of skin falls off. I am still using Minx and Biotin.
  4. Hi Wibbles and Jessop, thank you guys. So no scar - no pain on the donor. Healed amazingly. You can't notice it, even if I cut my hair very short. For you guys I will take some more photos today and upload them. Thank you
  5. Hello guys, I am very sorry for the late reply. Please next time just message me or remind me about updates and I will put them immediately. I am 7 months in and I am hoping for a better grow. Especially in the front area. There the situation is still very sparse but I still have a couple of months to go
  6. OK guys Good news. I can see hair growing Even though it is a little early I can see a lot small dots growing (not one, not two but a lot ) So happy I can't wait month 3
  7. Hi imnothere I think its going pretty good. It only can get better from here. I saw one patient that was very late with his growing phase (a late bloomer) and I think you are also like that. But it will grow that's for sure. I am Dr. Demirsoys patient also and I am in my 2-nd month, so keep us posted. I think its good so far.
  8. Update: So as you can see I am shedding I can see some small black dots that give me hope Anyways I have minox on my head so the hair is shiny. Also I found out that my skin pealing is form the minoxidil maybe a side effect. That happened because i was using too much of it. I think I went through one bottle in just 2 weeks, so I think that was the reason. Now I've got it under control (I think) we'll see
  9. of course Jessop ... Now I am in the phase where all transplanted hair falls off. The root stays but the hair falls and after that it starts growing... Can't wait for the growing part
  10. Fully grown cases... I think there are people in their 5 or 6-th month mark. Looks very good. Also when I was at the clinic, Muzaffer showed me a lot of results like the ones you are searching. Full grown from years back, but those photos are never published. You can see them only in the doctors office. I intend to keep and update this thread until people would like me to. I will take one photo every week and post it here. Anyway Jessop if you are considering Dr. Demirsoy why not write email to their office?
  11. Hi Matt, good to have you here. I can say that you are on the right track. Please feel free to google Dr. Demirsoy and you will see a lot of results. I can send you 10-15 links from this forum and additional more from one german forum that has a lot of threads about Dr. Erkan and his results. Please feel free to write on: info@armamed.com.tr The doctors clinic is called Armamed - web site is under construction, but please do write on the official email. You will see how nice and genuine are the people working there.
  12. Thank YOU cloudy, for all the support and messages through the past few months. I really really appreciate it. Muzaffer and Dr. Demirsoy said "HELLO" to you
  13. OK guys, as a part of full experience I am sharing with you hair that shed Working with the chopsticks to place them right I got an idea that I can be a surgeon (just kidding) So I think this should represent a normally shed hair after FUE procedure: What do you think? Updates on my hair will come tomorrow or monday...
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