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  1. Thanks guys, I was just tired of waxing and tweezing.
  2. Is it possible to permanetly remove my unibrow with FUE?
  3. Hey bibarz, check your private message.
  4. Everything sounds normal, grafts will shed on their own, you'll look much worse than you did before the procedure for the next few months, but it'll be worth it. As for the scar, time will take care of everything, I don't know of any creams to help out, but just wait and everything will heal properly.
  5. Diffuse thinning is tough, I was a diffuse thinner as well, when I had my first procedure, I lost a lot of my original hair where the transplants went, so I had to go back for more coverage. Back then I wasn't on propecia, I was on propecia 8 months prior to my second procedure and even though I still had some shock loss, I am hoping that they were stronger and will grow back this time.
  6. My first procedure was done without the tricho and the scar was pink for about 8 months, but no one noticed even with a #3 buzz, but it's only three weeks from my second procedure, this time with tricho, and I can barley see any red or pink, just a very fine indent.
  7. I think that if you have the money for it, go ahead and ask for more grafts, chances are you're gonna go back anyways. My first procedure, I had a transplant down in Florida, and the doctor set me up with a local doctor to remove the sutures. My second procedure was done with staples and I removed the staples myself, took a while, but I got them all, about 65 staples. The doctor gave me a stapler remover tool from 3M and I used the elastic bandage they put on my head to pull up the hair from the back so I could see the donor area, of course you'll need two mirrors, your bathroom mirror and a handheld one, or you could just have someone help you. If you do it yourself, just make sure to soak your head in warm water for five minute, have some guaze pads or towels ready for some blood and some alcohol for disinfecting things. There were 3-4 tough ones, but I got them all, and most didn't hurt at all. I'm sure H&W should give you a stapler remover.
  8. The first night you are expected to bleed, that's why I had a bandadge wrapped around my head to collect any blood from my donor, I got some blood onto the pillow too. After taking off the bandadge the next morning, I put a towel onto the pillow and still got some blood spots for the next 2-3 nights on the towel. At around 5 days when you start showering, you should try to work aways some of the scabbing from your donor by firmly but gently rubbing your donor. After the staples or sutures are out, you can start scratching them away.
  9. True, everyone is different, I didn't notice any of the transplanted grafts growing until the sixth month. I had some growth at around three months, but Dr. Charles told me it is most likely just my original hair that got shocked, but is now growing back.
  10. Never had a problem before, people just look at me differently now that I actually have a hairline, but they don't say anything, it looks and feels real, because it is real, not the same density, but no one will ever wonder if it's a transplant, not even the scar is noticable.
  11. I heard that the crown takes longer, so just wait, also with only 2500 grafts, that's not a lot and they might have put more grafts into the front and less into the crown, not sure though.
  12. I don't know how it is with doctors in Australia, but in North America, the only doctor I know of that charges a fee for a consultation is Dr. Cole in Georgia, everyone else has a free consultation wheater on-line or in person.
  13. At only 20, you should wait at least 3-4 more years for a transplant, of course meds should always be your first plan of attack. If you must have a transplant to satisfy yourself now, I would suggest 3,000 grafts for the frontal half. With your hairloss, even if you get a 5,000 graft procedure done now, you'll still need more in the future.
  14. Thanks Bill. I have another question now, I had a procedure done on Wednesday, 8-15-07, Friday night I used the saltwater on my head with a spray and everything felt fine. Now it's Saturday evening and I just washed my head by using a cup to pour warm water on my head and gently patting baby shampoo on the grafts, after the wash, I saw about 20-30 white things on my scalp, they look like the grafts and it seems that they are popping out, I found one graft with the white stuff that had completely come out, most don't have hairs on them. Is this normal or do I need to stop washing for a while? I have read that if any lost graft fell out, there would be blood, but I didn't have nay blood, if this happened at the 6-7 day mark, I wouldn't be worried, but it's only been 3 days. Anyone please.
  15. I was just wondering if a homemade saltwater solution with bottled water and table would be beneficial or dangerous to my newly placed grafts?