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  1. The hemoglobin and platelet count he attributed to me being a former smoker ( who now vapes) He didn't make any comment on the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin and I don't even know what that is! This is my first visit to this doctor as I had to relocate due to a transfer with my employer so he doesn't have any history of previous test results.
  2. I'm ordering Surge today. It was recommended by my doctor and he acknowledged that it's expensive and suggested using it as a scalp product and not a shampoo. Put a small amount into your palm and massage it into your scalp, allow it to stay on your scalp for the recommended time and then wash your hair with your favorite sweet smelling normal shampoo. This method should make the bottle last longer!!
  3. I'm a 48 year old woman battling hair loss. I just had some recommended lab work completed and was wondering if anyone on the boards was knowledgeable in this are to be able to tell me if there's something showing in my blood work that could be contributing to my shed.. I have a thyroid disease and the first thing noticed is that my thyroid meds need to be tweaked. Even tho this may be a contributor I don't think it's the sole reason for the thinning hair. My hair has been thinning for years but my thyroid hormones have up until now been healthy numbers: T4: 14.3 Reference Range 5.0-12.5 T3 Uptake: 22.7 Reference range 22.5-37.0 Free Thyroxine Index: 3.2 Reference range 1.0-3.9 TSH: 5.117 Reference range .350-4.5 Other test results: Hemoglobin: 15.6 Ref. range 12.0-15.0 Platelet Count: 438 Ref. range 150-400 Ferritin: 119 Ref range 10-291 DHEA Sulfate: 78 Ref range 35-430 Vitamin D (25-Hydroxy) 58 Ref Range 30-89 (i take a prescription Vit D2, 50,000 iu once a week) Testosterone, Total: 21.86 Ref range 10-70 Tanner Stage II for a female Sex Hormone Binding Globulin: 127 ref range 18-114 Testosterone, Free (CALC): 1.5 ref range .6-6.8 Testosterone, % Free (CALC): .7 ref range 0.4-2.4 I'm currently taking 200 mg spironalactone daily 1/2 tablet 5 mg Finasteride daily If anyone can interpret all of this I'd really appreciate it!
  4. SadbutTrue, I made the consultation appt to discuss if i would be a candidate for HT. Since my hair seems to be showing signs of diffused thinning i'm concerned about the longterm outcome of HT but Lollie, the consultant didn't seem to be bothered by it. She recommended a HT with 1000-1200 grafts (strip) at a cost between $5,500-$6,300. If the acell/prp is combined then it's an additional $1,500. They way she played up the acell/prp as a standalone for $2,500, and the fact that it can be completed next month instead of next year ( appears Dr. Cooley has a waiting list); not to mention a treatment that doesn't require surgery.... well, i walked out the door $500 deposit down for the standalone treatment.. and felt very hopeful until i got home and started reading some negative reviews and learning that many doctors stopped performing the treatment completely! If i only had a crystal ball. Oh, and what's smp??
  5. Thank you for the link Johnny Drama... That's a bit more encouraging.
  6. It's so frustrating trying to filter fact from fiction. Just take a look at this PR article that was released May of this year... ACell+PRP Injection Now Offers Reliable Hair Loss Solution for Millions of Women "Injection that regenerates hair by activating stem cells in dormant hair follicles." "For patients in the early to moderate stages of hair loss, the hair growth results after an ACell + PRP injection are significant and last for three – five years" “My female patients want a natural, full look to their hair. ACell + PRP is a safe and reliable non*surgical solution for women suffering with hair loss.”
  7. ughh.... it looks like i'm a sucker that's out $500.00.
  8. I'm a 48 year old female and visited Dr. Cooley's office for a consultation on having a hair transplant for thinning hair on top behind the hair line. Before I left I placed a $500 deposit on an Acell/PRP injection treatment that will cost $2500 total. Getting back home, i'm not finding a lot of information about the success of the procedure. In the office, it sounded like it was a proven treatment that would make my hair grow back in and increase the diameter of my current hair. Looking online at different articles, I'm seeing that many doctors have stopped offering PRP treatments --- I'm assuming for lack of results. Does anyone have encouraging, positive experiences with this stand alone treatment?:confused:
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