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  1. Out of curiosity, have you considered any other surgeons besides the ones mentioned? Perhaps Dr. Konior, Drs. Ron and Paul Shapiro, or Dr. Gabel? Also, you may consider really studying and viewing multiple consistent results from robotic FUE before committing to a procedure. You are not in a rush, so I advise you to take a step back and really do your research and meet with more surgeons in person.
  2. I believe that is the case for Dr. Rahal, but not for H&W. But do check with the clinics, as pricing policy may have changed in the respective clinics.
  3. If I were in this position myself, I would be concentrating on finding a clinic in which the surgeon is involved and participating in the entire procedure, including some graft extraction. These are the most consistent results in my opinion, when led by a top-tier Doctor who is the absolute best at what he or she does. Doctor Konior, Dr. Gable, Dr. Ron Shapiro, to name a few excellent HT surgeons. On a different note, it's useful that you are sharing your results, as this may deter some people away from going to a tech-driven clinic down the line. Having a hair transplant is a permanent modification to your appearance, so it is a decision that must be made with diligence. Good luck, and I hope you get it sorted to your satisfaction. Cheers.
  4. I would also like a clarification as to whether recommended surgeons are obligated to post on a monthly basis and how this is enforced.
  5. @Bill - Managing Publisher How many patients per day may a recommended Doctor be in charge of and perform hair transplants on, according to the high standards of the hair restoration network before quality control and results may be affected?
  6. If stress is causing the shed, why is only his transplanted hair falling out? Also, do sheds caused by stress typically last longer than 6 months?
  7. I agree with you but I think it's also important to point out that many patients who fall prey are so deeply caught up in the anxiety loop and discomfort coming from their hair loss. As a result they fail to notice all the warning signs and read flags. There is perhaps also an expectation of trustworthiness and honesty that many of us have for doctors (in general) so some patients may be more inclined to make more spontaneous, drastic and careless decisions when the advice and recommendation is coming from a... you guessed it, a doctor. Sure, blind ignorance plays a big role in it too, especially considering that we aren't talking about purchasing a television here, it is a permanent modification to your appearance and if done poorly the decision may impact the patient significantly for a very long time after the surgery. Yet so many fail to think down these lines.
  8. CosmoKramer, that is really funny. 😁 The sad part with it is that for every person who does his research and really understands the importance of choosing a qualified and exceptional Doctor who will change his image permanently, there are 17 others, to quote your example, who fail to recognize how messed up the emotional and physical consequences that decision could have. It's really a Wild West out there of far too many clinics who have no business at all performing hair transplants and consequently destroy the well-being of so many lives.
  9. I also think it would be interesting to have more doctor involvement on the site. Perhaps audio or video interviews that ask the interesting questions that come up from time to time. The doubts that we have about certain topics. And more educational knowledge coming our way. I have really gotten interested in everything that has to do with hair transplantation, so it would be great to have more doctors participating in these type of discussions.
  10. This is a very nice result. I am sure the patient is over the moon with his transformation.
  11. Personally I feel that the hairline is too straight, and too large of an area was covered with only 4,350 grafts. A better strategy would have been to cover only the frontal third and perhaps add some density in the mid-scalp area to ensure a thicker end result. A second pass could then have focused on the crown. The hairline design was also very ambitious. A more conservative hair line similar to a recent Dr. Ball surgery documented on youtube may have been a better approach. Check it out. His username is DnB_1989.
  12. Payam, So sorry that this is causing you some anxiety. I briefly read that one of your concerns is that your hair transplant looks unnatural and it makes you feel self-conscious. Have you had an opportunity to visit another reputable clinic who could offer you some advice on receiving a repair? Getting feedback from a top-tier clinic on the quality of the work may also help you in receiving at least a partial refund that could go towards getting this fixed so that you can move on with your life. The good news is that your hair loss is not widespread so the focus should really be on finding a clinic that you trust and one that produces results that mimic nature. There are many options available so try to stay calm and focus on the solution.
  13. First of all, I would like to highlight that definitions of "butchery" change over time. As the hair transplant industry has evolved, so have expectations. And while no clinic can guarantee excellent growth for each procedure, I do believe that a so-called "recommended clinic" should deliver results that are natural and undetectable. Furthermore, anything less than this standard is butchery per modern standards. What this means is that hair angles should mimic nature and only singles should be placed in the hairline. In other words, the hair transplant should look entirely natural regardless of whether there is 30% growth or 95% growth. While I will refrain from calling out any clinics specifically, there are some clinics that just disregard the fundamental principles of a natural hair transplant and this should not be normalized. Naturalness is in my opinion just as important as growth and we should not expect hairlines that are riddled with multis or angles that are off. Second of all, I do not believe that Payam is out of line when voicing his opinion on here. The forums are a great tool for clinics to market their skillset and build up their reputation. But the forums also hold clinics accountable when results are not up to par. Under no circumstances should anyone silence a patient who may have a result that one should never expect from any clinic. Thirdly, why are you bringing other clinics into this conversation? It is not a secret that all clinics have cases of poor growth. I believe that we are having a conversation about one specific clinic who quite a few people have voiced concerns of unnaturalness about in recent times. Poor growth surely becomes a problem when it occurs frequently but good growth means very little when a hairline looks unnatural.
  14. In his favor, he still has quite a lot of hair in his frontal area, unlike William who lost all of his hair at a young age. If Harry holds on to his hair in the front until the age of 40, that's better than the situation some young men face (think of William who lost most of his hair before the age of 30). The media would probably have a field day if they ever found out that either one of them had altered their appearance in any way. It would be easier for Harry to get away with having a HT without anyone noticing, simply because he still has a lot of hair in the frontal area, which would work in his favor of covering up any significant changes to his appearance (think of a slick bald NW6 who all of a sudden becomes a NW 2.5 with a thinning crown). In the end, they are both nice looking men. A handsome face is a handsome face with or without hair. Sure, most men look better with hair, but they are both fortunate to have positive facial characteristics.Â
  15. It looks like there may be some doubles in your hairline (from the most recent photo that you posted). Who was your doctor?
  16. Hi Upshall, How many days after surgery was that photo taken? Do you have any photos of what the area looks like now?
  17. There is no reason why hair shouldn't take if the donor is healthy and underlying medical conditions have been reviewed to ensure a successful transplant.
  18. Looks really natural. No one would ever assume that you had anything done.
  19. I agree with BeHappy. Including a manipulated video of President Trump's hair loss removes sincerity and credibility from the forum and only serves to spread misinformation. Surely there are better ways of designing a so-called "humorous" video about hair loss than to use manipulated video footage?
  20. Why don't you just save up more money and choose a clinic that you have enough confidence in to carry out the transplant successfully. Perhaps a good starting point would be to create a new list of clinics and go from there. Clinics in the EU and North America may be worthwhile considering.
  21. First of all, it is estimated that approximately two thirds of those who are losing their hair experience some level of retrograde alopecia. This is consequently the reason why many doctors avoid the areas commonly affected by retrograde alopecia. Second of all, indications allow professionals to draw educated conclusions, this is true. However, many times indications first present themselves beyond the age of twenty five - hence, there is no educated conclusion to make. It can be unpredictable, similar to regular male pattern baldness. Thirdly, I am of the philosophy that it is better to extract grafts inside the safe donor zone first and then reassess.
  22. Millions of Norwood 5s have retrograde alopecia. This is the reason why there is a universal safe donor zone to begin with; there is no way of telling whether a 20 something year old will end up with retrograde alopecia later on in his life.
  23. Perhaps the forum could integrate a system, which would allow each clinic to check a box every time a result is posted. That way, the forum staff could easily keep track of those surgeons who aren't posting results on a regular basis. That way reports could easily be generated without having to go through the hassle of investigating who hasn't posted in a long time. I find it surprising that more clinics are not taking advantage of their membership and posting results on a regular basis. It is a wonderful way of showcasing top-notch results to potential clients and allowing forum members to talk about your clinic. It would also be beneficial to implement certain presentation standards. We are in 2019 and some clinics showcase results that resemble what one might expect from a polaroid camera....