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  1. I just read the notifications, I will update this weekend. It's been quite a while and overall I can say Im VERY happy with the investment. There are some weak areas though but I'm very happy, I'm thinking on getting a second one, but I can get by without one. I will take some pictures this sunday for you. The only drawback is that, at least in my case I can only comb my hair a certain way, other wise the weaker area may become noticeable.
  2. 5 months post op pics Things to consider: -I just applied minoxidil liquid so its fairly wet. -under direct florescent light Things are going well, hairloss is stable thanks to meds (I hardly lose a single hair while shampooing). It got longer, it looks good but under certain light it looks not so good (like in these pics). Cant complaint really since its just 5 months. people cant tell I had anything done. I wouldnt say I have a full head of hair but overall im happy with what I got so far. lets hope months 6 and 7 surprise me
  3. 4 month (16 weeks) Huge difference between last month and this. - under normal lights, it looks like I have a full head of hair. - under direct light you can still tell there is a difference in density. - for some weird reason my right side temple is lagging behind my left side temple. -im letting my hair grow now. - routine: 0.5 mg propecia every day and rogaine twice daily: 0 shedding and 0 side effects. (had some shedding during my vacations but i think it was due to the weather and me wearing a cap all day). -extremely happy so far, cant wait for the next months. -donor area: its hard to tell anything was done at all. recipient area @ 4 month post op: View image: 4mo
  4. up to date I've only had 2 pimples in the donor area. Most of my pimples were in the recipients ....maybe hmmm 4 or 6 ( I think) but not at the same time, I had them in the last 2 weeks but now don't have any.
  5. As promised today I'm 3 months post OP. So here's my update, I just buzzed my hair to a number 2 to even it out. I have lots of growth but im not quite there yet its still pretty obvious, but oh well its just 3 months post op Comments: - No more pimples (finally...) I used to get one or two every 2 days but now I dont get any. - I can notice hairs growing everywhere, its also getting thicker by the day. - I had this one huge pimple which I had to pop, it healed nicely but I can tell no hairs grew on that particular spot (you cant see it from the pics but it gets pretty obvious if you know what you are looking for) so dont pop big pimples! - Using rogained foam (morning) and liquid (night) every day. Also Propecia 0.25 every day but starting today im bumping it to 0.5 mg no sides yet and shedding is minimal (5-10 hairs per hair wash). Recipient: View image: 3 Donor 1: View image: 1 Donor 2: View image: 2 Let me know if you have any questions
  6. So its day 45 post op, since I've been asked to post pics, here they go. Not much to update. I do see some limited growth (cant see clearly from the pic but there are many little hairs coming out), I feel the best is yet to come I feel very positive. There no more itchiness and no sides from meds (rogaine + 0.25 finasteride ED). Well I do have waterly semen but thats about it. Donor area looks perfect, there are no signs of surgery whatsoever, no shock loss and density in the donor area seems just like before operation. Recipient View image: IMG 4461 Donor View image: IMG 4462 PS: looks like my crown is thinning but in reality under normal lights u cant see any thinning.
  7. Thanks Curry! yeah seems like it. I will post some pics as soon as I get home or over the weekend Curry I believe you asked about meds- I am currently on rogaine and propecia. I experienced very bad sides a couple of years ago (Proscar quarter tablets) while taking finasteride. So I was very hesitant to take any meds, the Dr did recommend taking them a lot so after thinking and considering the amount of money paid for the procedure I decided to take propecia starting day 14 with rogaine. However, Im only taking 0.25mg of Propecia. I've read in the forums that this dosage still have a good effect on hair. So far IL have zero sides (been on it for a few weeks now) except for some mild testicle pain every now and then. (its less frequent now, so I think my body is adjusting). No shockloss, only shedding of implanted hair which is natural. Hope this helps! Update- This is day 37, I developed a very very small pimple (or two) in the recipient area. Called the Dr and got a prescription for antibiotics. I also have 2 weird "bumps" they are not pimples they are located were the new hairline meets the natural hair (they are just a tad smaller than a fingernail and no pus inside). Dr said to use antobiotics anyways to see if it helps. I havent started with the antibiotics yet but the bumps are getting smaller by the day on their own.
  8. @spyk777 thanks so much! Im so excited! @Tian sorry im a bit too busy with work, maybe over the weekend. So its 1 month and 2 days, and I'm not sure if its normal but I can see little black dots (some a bit faint, but some of them are darker) in the recipient area. Some of them already look like mini hair
  9. I freaked out too, Its normal, after all we just have so much donor hair and don't want to wash it away the first week is the hardest ( I had a very hard time sleeping since I was too scared I would rub my hair by accident). Then the shedding comes around the beginning of week 4 ( day 20 in my case) that was also a blow but expected and now is time to wait for them to grow good luck! If you have any questions just let us know or call the Drs office
  10. I was very paranoid too so I called the Drs office. They told me to follow the instructions since it's very important to remove the crust in the recipient area for them to grow faster. Needless to say you have to be very gentle and don't expect to remove them all in one go, it took men3 to 4 days to remove them. Also when I removed the crusting some of the transplanted hair fell with it , (but just a few ) de said it was normal and they will grow back. In short, follow thre instructions and be extremely gentle do not force any scabs out and be patient as it will take a few attempts to have it all gone
  11. Quick update- today I hit the 1 month mark. Recipient area shedding completely stopped as of today. The sad part is, I shed about 95% of the grafts but oh well. Let the waiting time begin!
  12. yeah, you are right, but you look great! congratz! and thanks for sharing your experience. It helped me a lot!