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Hair Loss Overview

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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood II
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. I understand the risks and limits of a hair transplant, but I need to restore and actual feminine/female hairline. The receded male one is no good for me at all
  2. Oh, guess I misinterpreted this a bit. I'm definitely looking into other surgeons now. FUE isn't too important to me, I can do FUT if I must
  3. Oh, then it seems like, a right amount for a good,to high density,good luck!
  4. Were the crown hairs body hair transplant? If so, you probably can't expect them to grow to a normal length. Same that your hairs didn't grow? Is it possible to talk to other patients about it? Perhaps you just got unlucky. Bhatti and other professionals would have their occasional botched operation too, I assume.
  5. I'm obviously not him, he had about 1800 at the front, which seems a normal number. I'd assume the grafts just died.the reviva site has a number of Indian celebs who got transplants and etc, so I'm honestly more leaning to OP just being really unlucky, rather than going to a scam clinic, though considering the lack of information on this clinic anythings open.
  6. Thanks for the response. With the size of OPs transplant area I'm hoping I can get away with 1500ish haha
  7. I'm unsure if you know, but what was the density of this hair transplant? Like grafts/cm?
  8. I think it's enough grafts, but I can't tell what kind of hairline you're getting. Could you take a picture with your hair back and the hairline drawn in or something?
  9. I personally wouldn't. I believe at 10 days, there's still a change to damage the grafts. Someone else here would give better and more experienced answers, though
  10. I've noticed that I can't find the link to his site on google anymore? Did he close down?
  11. Really? So the hair just isn't growing? Is it possible to get a photograph, I was actually near to booking an appointment with this surgeon, but if the results are bad.... I'm honestly surprised, considering that the clinic seems to have operated on a number of Indian celebrities and etc...
  12. Well, Ive tried emailing him again and the whole no reply thing is happening. I seriously want t g to him for surgery, but not getting a response is disheartening
  13. His profile says yes. And OP, mind drawing out the area you want fixed?
  14. I am relaxed, it's just that I was planning to get a transplant relatively soon and wanted to make sure I'm not rapidly losing more hair.