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  1. Now well over a year since my procedure, update with photos incoming.
  2. Finasteride definitely had a great deal to do with the result, my hair is more course since taking finasteride. I'm well aware of the sides, I've not experienced any so far though.
  3. Some updates from about a month ago, totally forgot to upload these, sorry guys.
  4. No scarring in the donor area, I can wear my hair short if I want but I usually don't go shorter than a 2 guard on the clippers.
  5. Sure. I'lltry to get some close ups of the hairline for you. What I've realised, and this has been said many times on here, is that a HT is not the same as your natural hair. What I mean is it's an ilusion - the density is not the same as it was before I went bald but this was never going to be possible in my case due to my donor supply and hair caliber. That said, I now have what I would consider a full head of hair. I recently went for a haircut - the first time at a local barbers - the hairdresser was telling me that her son, in his early 20's, is losing his hair. I said that there are
  6. New update with photos incoming, busy with work and life as usual. I've been thinking more about a second surgery but I'm going to wait till 2017 for another consultation with Dr Lorenzo. Still very happy with the results, every day I look in the mirror I feel a lot better about the decision I made to get the surgery and it's given me bags more confidence.
  7. I've actually been wearing it slightly longer and trying different styles. It's pretty weird having a hairline again!
  8. Hey guys! I'm very sorry for the lack of updates. I've had a very busy few weeks/months with a change of job. Luckily I've not been worrying about my hair as I'm feeling very happy with my results so far and improved self confidence. Prices are as stated above unless Jose has changed pricing since my operation. Pics this time show my barnet with a stying product in it. I am on meds - 7.5mg of Proscar per week.
  9. Thanks guys, your words are greatly appreciated. Donor density is 70-80 grafts per sq cm IIRC - I'd need to look at the paperwork from my consultation to be sure. I have around 5500 usable grafts available, the breakdown of the grafts in the first post shows I have a lot of 2 and 3 hair grafts available if required. I'm really pleased with the result so far, even if it does not improve further than this I will be happy. I look in the mirror and feel happy about the way I look now & that's what all this is about.
  10. Quick 6.5 month update - I'm still very pleased with the result. Everything seems to be coming along nicely and I've stopped worrying about my hair, my self confidence is definitely improved.
  11. Anything in particular? Im very happy with the results so far, i feel i have my hair back. Perhaps a visit to Dr Lorenzo might put your mind at rest.
  12. Not much has changed since the last update so i will post another at 6 months.
  13. There is some redness still but its fading. My fair skin doesnt help. Im very encouraged by the results so far. I think i will be having a second operation to add density to the front and in the crown. Thanks for the kind words.
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