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  1. Hi Pete - back in Nov 2013 you booked me with Dr. Lorenzo and I had a great procedure with him, I'm booked to see him for a follow up in May 2019. He does indeed want you to be on propecia, I had gone off propecia for a couple years and had some thinning in my crown area, I'm going in to have that fixed and he wanted me back on propecia. We agreed on a low dose propecia, so I'm taking 1mg 3x per week.
  2. Wanted to give a quick update, today is 9 months for me. I took some pictures at my office next to a window with natural sunlight. No product in the hair of any kind. Very happy with results so far, and here are the pics
  3. Hi Late - I don't know how long the waiting list is, I'd contact Mick at Farjo in Manchester to find out. I know Dr. Lorenzo is leaving Manchester to go back to Madrid in September.
  4. Thanks Lloyd, I'm happy with the investment, Dr. Lorenzo is expensive - especially in GBP, but the result is worth it. Hey Since21, your profile pic looks great, looks like Dr. Konior did a fantastic job for you. Let's hope we both keep getting better still 5 months to go to the year mark.
  5. Appreciate hearing I have a ways to go before crown fills in, good to know I've got more to look forward to. Lateatnight - yes I agree it's been a great result, Dr. Lorenzo was fantastic. I saw him in Manchester in Nov 2013 and I believe he will be in Manchester until September 2014 - after that you'd have to try Madrid.
  6. Tomorrow will be 7 months, time really going by quickly now. Took some pics at the office today and so here they are. I'm very happy with the front, the crown is coming in slower not sure if that is normal or not, but overall I'm really happy. My donor looks untouched to me and everything coming in very natural. Just hoping the crown fills in more, not sure at what % of growth I'm at by month 7 but I'm expecting/hoping crown will thicken up by the 1 year mark. I should also say, the people who know I had it done think the crown looks much better but that's the one area that still sticks out to me. Galleons & Hairlosssnob - hope you both get in to see Lorenzo (I know his time in Manchester is coming to a close) was very happy with everything as my thread states, any specific questions just let me know.
  7. Going to divide my answers into strip and FUE: 1) best hairline doc Strip Konior, FUE Feriduni 2) best crown doc Strip Wong, FUE Lorenzo 3) best mega-session doc Strip Hasson, FUE Lorenzo 4) best FUE doc Lorenzo 5) best scar revision doc Not sure 6) best repair doc Strip Hasson, FUE Lorenzo 7) best body hair/beard hair FUE doc Bisanga, Umar 8) best value doc (budget clinic with good results) strip don't know, FUE Erdogan
  8. Jimbo I think if you need 6,000 grafts then Dr. Lorenzo is the best choice (if you can afford him). I am biased as I went to Dr. Lorenzo and had a great experience. I will tell you that my final two choices were Feriduni and Lorenzo and it was a really hard choice. I do like Feriduni's hairline's and if that was all I needed then maybe I would have gone to him. I needed 3,500 grafts which Lorenzo knocked out over two days and did both my crown and hairline. Considering the down time and hair shaving involved I didn't want to do two procedures with Feriduni. At 6,000 I believe you may need 3 procedures with Feriduni, but I could be wrong - you definitely should investigate. The value in only having to go twice vs. three times would be very high for me. Also, I will say that I had a quick discussion with him about other FUE surgeons and I wouldn't hold him to this but the impression I got was he thought Erdogan and Bisanga were the next best choices. If your budget won't allow Lorenzo I'm not sure BIsanga is an option at 6,000 so you may have to consider Erdogan. Hope that helps.
  9. Time flying by now, crown seems to be slightly filling in (or maybe wishful thinking) but I think it looks a little better. Very happy with how the top and front are starting to fill in. I know it's still early so looking forward to the next few months, will try to continue to make the monthly updates. I appreciate all the comments and help I've received.
  10. Hi LFC - going to the gym was one of my biggest reasons for choosing FUE, I'm in the gym lifting and doing cardio at least 5 days a week and I was back doing a full work out at day 11. I had no issues at all with sweating hard and working out. You put water shampoo on your head the next day, by day 10 you've hopefully cleared all the scabs away. Dr. Lorenzo gives you post op instructions that say something like "all the questions that begin when can I? Answer is 10 days". The only things you have to wait on is swimming which is one month for a pool and two months for the ocean I believe and also five months of not lying out in the sun. I would say I slept on my back for the first 10 days to be sure everything was good but not sure if that was required. Hope that answers the questions! Thanks for the compliments everyone and magnum I think you're right the progress is slow and less perceptible to me as I'm looking at myself everyday, but I can clearly see it's much thicker on top.
  11. Hit four months today, time really flying by now. My hair is pretty much back to normal, it seems to have thickened up in the front a bit, crown is coming along slower but I can feel feel some small hairs back there. Still a little red on the temples but not bad. Here are some pics I took today.
  12. Having had a 3,553 FUE session, I can't tell any difference in my donor area before and after the surgery so I completely disagree with the message you are sending people. I'm glad that I had an easy recovery and no scar, I wouldn't have done my surgery any other way. There are large cases where in my opinion strip might be the right choice to maximize grafts but even then some surgeons are getting lots of hair over a couple of FUE sessions. I know in my case I was told I still have about the same number of grafts left in the bank should I ever need them in the future.
  13. Congratulations slugworth, you are in for the worst part over the next few months, but I'd suspect you'll get a great result with Dr. Lorenzo once you get through the ugly duckling phase. The redness is the one thing that has lasted for me. After my recent haircut I think I look completely back to my previous look except for the redness in the temple areas, and maybe a lighter redness in the hairline. A lot of the hairs in the temple area never fell out for me which helps cover it. No one at work as really asked about it because the short hair I think was a bigger shock and then people just get used to seeing you the way you now look. Also as my hair grew out I sort of pushed it forward over the temple areas as well.
  14. Hey newbie33 - thanks for the comments I have not used any concealer, although I'd guess if you did that would really make it hard to detect. I had a few comments on the short haircut right after I went back to work, but I was able to explain the short cut. There was a group of us from work running running one of those obstacle races called the "Spartan Race", a number of people cut their hair short for the race so most people just assumed I did the same. I will say you get used to the short hair pretty quickly and it's so easy to take care of I didn't really mind. Also, if you are considering going with Lorenzo I would not hesitate too long, I think he's only going to be in Manchester through the end of summer, maybe September. Then he's back to Madrid and the waiting list will be a year or more. I know I tried to get in to see him in Spain and couldn't do it, I feel really lucky to have caught him in Manchester. I'd check in with Mick at Farjo about availability just to know your options. Hey Ready, been awhile hope all is well with you, you're ahead of me how's the growth coming for you? I agree there probably is a little bit of growth, I feel some stubble coming in just not very noticeable. Finally went and got a haircut this weekend pretty happy with how it looks now. Hope everything is going well for you.
  15. Time for another quick update don't think there is any visible growth yet, though in a couple areas I do see some small hairs coming through (I think this might be growth but not sure). Haven't had a haircut yet, but will finally get one this week. Seems like much longer than three months since I had surgery, and I think my hair is pretty much back to pre-surgery length. I'm amazed at how my donor area looks completely untouched. Taking Dr. Lorenzo's recommended vitamins, but other than that not paying much attention to my hair anymore - just hoping for the best and waiting...