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  1. I am not a doctor, but I've been researching for a very long time now and I would say you most likely are. You should do some research and make some appointments for consultations with some of the coalition doctors recommended by this community.
  2. People tend to believe that cloning hair is much easier than say, cloning a heart. It's not. If a point is reached where hair cloning is viable, it will be very low on the list of headlines. Behind: "Dr. finds a way to clone lung and heart. Immortality, here I come!"
  3. As my seemingly endless journey to a hair loss resolution continues, I am still unable to pull the trigger. I have now consulted with most of the best HT doc's as said by this community. Looks like I will need about 3100 to do the front 1/3rd for now and likely another at some point in the future. Even though these are real factors, let's take cost, location, and Dr. (I have a short list of top docs) out of the equation. 3100 via multi-day FUE or standard FUT? I would like to be able to buzz my hair short and it gives my some sense of security knowing I could just buzz it way down if for some reason things got messy. That's my thought behind FUE. Two of the docs I have consulted with, both highly regarded in this community, have completely different opinions. One says "3100, no way" the other says "Yes, over two days." In all fairness, the doc that said yes did qualify that statement saying he would really need to "test" the area by extracting a few grafts.
  4. Has anyone on here had an FUE procedure done by Dr. Dorin they'd be willing to discuss or share pictures from? I have searched this forum and others but have only found a handful of results. Many of them being only from the actual procedure, not the end result.
  5. Thanks for your input everyone. I am looking for hairline work. I guess I am leaning more in the direction of FUE, but it appears that the survival rate isn't quite as high. Also, is it feasible to be able to use a #1 on a clipper after the completion of an (good) FUE procedure?
  6. I'm curious to see your progress. Do you have any updates?
  7. I'll spare everyone my sob story, I'm sure it's similar to most... I've been doing research on receiving a HT for the past 2 years and I think I'm ready to pull the trigger. I have visited 5 different surgeons, 2 of them being Dr. Bernstein and Dr. Dorin. The others aren't even worth mentioning. I preferred Dr. Dorin because he seemed to be a bit warmer and actually spent the time to analyze my situation and give me a few different options. Dr. Berstein, while I'm sure world class, just brushed me off. Now, from what I've read about Dr. Dorin and what I've seen, his results seem to be all positive. It's just that there aren't a LOT of results, pictures, blogs etc.. for me to review. One Dr. that seems to stand out, with an exceptional wealth of results in this community, is Dr. Hasson. My main problem is that their clinic is too far away for me to visit, and I'm not really sure (based on my experience) that a Dr. can give a truely thorough consult without actually seeing the patient. What do you all think? Next. Based on my situation it looks like I will need around 1400-1750 grafts and will likely need another one in the near future if the procedure causes shock loss. So... the age old question (just looking for opinions, I know the choice is mine) FUT or FUE? If I need another one (and even one after that) it seems like the surgeon would need to resort to FUT at some point. What do you guys think? FUE seems extraordinarilly expensive... something like 15k for the procedure listed above.
  8. Thanks for all your help. I started on propecia and rogaine... figure it can't hurt too much. I guess these days are gone though (Pic from 3 yrs ago)
  9. Thank you for your response. I tried a pull test and I get 1-2 when I pull. When I try to pull other areas of my hair (that arn't thin) I rarely get any. Is it possible the hair is recovering from the telegen phase?
  10. I'll try and get some more pics if needed.