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  1. I have taken fin for 12 yrs and I still wake up with a hard boner in the middle of the night. Which is extremely annoying when you want to take a leak. Is fin responsible for that too?
  2. Thanks for your detailed post. I hope it'll get better for you.
  3. When you say you've had it for 40 years, do you mean you've been diagnosed 40 years ago? Knowing this, did you take any measures prior to the HTs?
  4. Honestly this is how I feel about it: Clinic before surgery: "other than Sun/UV and injury within the first days NOTHING can harm your grafts or outcome." Clinic AFTER surgery: "EVERYTHING could harm your grafts from breathing the wrong air to sweating in the wrong moment. Good bye and good luck!"
  5. There's a huge difference between the post op guides of each clinic. I assume the main reason for this is simply because there has not been done enough research on graft survival factors post op. There's one clinic that doesn't allow you to fly for more than 16 hours within the first 10 days because the cabin pressure reduces oxygen supply which kills grafts. Others think grafts are secure after 5 days so ultimately you're not sure what to think really. In general I wish post op guides would be more thorough and warn patients to watch out for certain skin conditions like lichen
  6. Most clinics will tell you that you could stop worrying about all those things after 2 weeks. But some are stricter than others. Grafts are anchored after 10 days - so you could only remove them surgically now. Best advice if to follow that instructions from *your* clinic. But be sure you avoid direct sunlight for the next couple of months!
  7. Too much anaesthetic can cause much worse than hair loss. It can cause necrosis! Haven't heard that localised anaesthesia can cause permanent loss. General anaesthesia can cause temporary hair loss 3 months post op because in the state of suspension the body is shut down and the follicles are cut off the nutrients. Like shock loss it regrows.
  8. You may not have a choice. Imagine you break your leg 4 months after your HT and need surgery right away to fix it.
  9. Google "hair loss after general anaesthesia". Apparently is it's common after 3 months of surgery.
  10. What happens if a patient has to undergo an unavoidable surgery (gen. anaesthesia) within first 12 months after he received a hair transplant? What happens to the grafts that haven't matured to that point? Will they be lost because they've been shocked into telogen effluvium due to anaesthesia before they had the chance to mature?
  11. No disrespect but this is BS... There's only a small fraction of finasteride users that report these sides. I could easily 'get initimate' and do the whole show 3x a day if I had the opportunity. Been on fin for 11 years. No man boobs either.
  12. I don't think saying paleo is psychologically unfit is a fair call. He invested 1 year of his life researching and saving up money. Another year waiting, hoping, and only getting a disappointing result. That would take a toll on anyone. He surely is vindictive and deservedly so. At least he got the machine turning! He made it crystal clear that we should question tech mills, esp those with motorised FUE! Even if they scored a recommendation on this forum.
  13. Amazing result for only 5 months. Congrats. Really wonder why there's such a huge difference between you and less lucky Doganay patients... May be a big gamble depending on the techs assigned for the day.
  14. Paleo, I hope this forum will help you in finding a good repair doc. I hope one of the docs here will chime in for an assesment and strategy plan. The clinic's response is a joke. And breaching privacy to add insult to injury. Unbelievable. Hope you get a full refund AND some compensation. At this stage HTN should really reconsider it's approach to recommending Docs with those kind of results and way of doing business. Just saying.