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  1. @NaMo,I have sent my contact to your Inbox. I am posting my photo's just to make sure whether I got the correct growth and its not for promotion. Before deciding the surgeon better you get some contact details of their patients in your area and get clarified about your doubts from the patients. I am from Chennai,if you are nearby we can meet.
  2. 2 months Post Operation: I can see transplanted hair started growing . I will post the photo's @ 90 day
  3. siva1999

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    This is my pre-operation photos
  4. Hi: I have undergone FUE with Dr.Vikas Gawri Ludhiana India on July 12th. This is my second HT and I had some failed Bio fiber Implantation earlier. I am satisfied with the procedure . I got a good hairline and natural look . This is my 10th day.Most of the scabs disappeared .5000 grafts were taken from the back and 600 grafts were taken from my chin. I had a clean shave today ,nothing is visible in my chin. Hairline looks good .I have posted my pictures in my album . I will keep post my results.moreover Very much affordable.
  5. I started loosing my hair at the age of 24 (Now @33). I have tried Bio-Fiber twice but I lost all the implanted Bio-fiber in 3 years time I've undergone a FUE in 2009 with 1000 grafts since I need to cover only my frontal hairline (had good coverage in rest of my head that time). Now I am at Norwood level V . I was left out with the 1000 graft at frontal hair line implanted in 2009. I have consulted many doctors . I have decided to undergo FUE with Dr.Vikas. He is affordable for my budget and I got an appointment on 11th July 2014.. I have landed at Chandigarh Airport on July 10th. one of the doctors representative picked me from the airport and dropped me in the hotel booked for me. The Hotel Leela classic ( I opt for a budget hotel ) was very nice with AC / fridge/ mini bar in a room and very nearer to the clinic. Next day morning one of the doctors representative came to hotel to pickup me to the clinic. I had my Hair transplant completed on 12th July with Dr. Vikas Gawri. It is a two days procedure. I had lot of small Bio fiber hairs which looks odd so doctor spent some time initially to plug out all this bio fiber (see my 3rd picture). July 11th (Day 1): 2500 grafts were taken from the back and planted in the front portion with higher density July 12th (Day 2): 2500 grafts were taken from the back and 600 from the chin area to cover the rest of my head up to crown it was planed for 6000 grafts earlier but due to shortage of grafts they could able to extract only 5600. Doctor explained me about the shortage and returned the money for the 400 grafts. I want to mention this Incident . Doctor clearly instructed me not to wear cap for 2 weeks or can wear a loose cap after 2 days. when I am coming back to Airport I feel to wear a cap to cover the scabs. Due to my ignorance few grafts in my frontal hair line plugged out . I thought very bad about myself. I called doctor about the incident and I thought of going back and correct this at any cost. I just postpone my trip by a day. I reached the Clinic immediately and the crew was ready to repair this. They extracted 100 more grafts and corrected my frontal hair line in 1 hour 30 mins. I was much relived after seeing my hairs again in that area. I cannot explain my feelings that time. I was really thankful to the team . I talk to the doctor again for how much i need to pay for this.He simply replied " you need to pay extra for postponing the tickets and for hotel room so no need to pay any thing " you cannot see any difference in my frontal hairline. Doctor and his team members are professionally trained and very friendly.I am waiting for my results. Day 12: Most of my scabs had gone. Nobody could Identify that I had a transplant surgery.I did a clean shave on 5th day itself.no scare or no marks visible in the chin area. A bigger size punch was used by my previous doctor in 2009 for 1000 grafts which was slightly visible @ Day 12 . Almost 5000 grafts were taken from my back but nothing is visible at day 6 itself as in the chin area. I have added the Day12 and Day7-chin photos I have posted my photos in my Album Hair Restoration Social Network - Hair Loss and Transplant Photos I will keep post my results regularly
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