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  1. Follow up question: do any of you think I could do better if I went outside of NY? H&W, Rahal, or someone else? Thanks
  2. Spanker: which dr are you referring to as being supported by the research? H&W, Dorin or Feller? Thanks.
  3. Cant decide: who do you think makes the most convincing hairline? I haven't felt confident with any of the drawn in lines I've seen, straight or irregular.
  4. Cant decide, Slickers, and Shabs88 - thanks very much for your replies. If any of you could tell me why you like Dorin I'd appreciate it. Seems like the momentum is in his favor. One of the things I'm stuck on is the fact that Bernstein is a dermatologist, teaches at Columbia, etc. Not that Dorin isn't totally credentialed as well - but Bernstein seems more establishment. Maybe a silly question but here goes: who would a celebrity with no budget issues go to for a HT?
  5. Thanks, Future_HT_Doc. I'm a Norwood 3-4, and have been losing my hair since my mid twenties. I don't really mind having a receding hairline; in fact, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would have one early on. I mistakenly thought, based on my maternal grandfather's hairline, that a receding hairline would be the extent of my hair loss, and that it would look "distinguished"! The reality has turned out much differently, and the thinning has progressed significantly beyond that. I guess my goal, for now, is to go back to just a receding hairline, with mass enough on top to be able to grow my hair out a bit and comb it back. At my consults, Dorin drew a hairline about 1 inch below its current location, Bernstein a little further down, and Feller a little less than an inch. They all say that is about as conservative as they would recommend. From what I understand, because of my hair type and color (s/p), and the large donor area that I have, I'm a good candidate. I'd be very satisfied with a full crown, and a very natural looking Norwood 2 hairline. Any further thoughts would be appreciated, thanks!
  6. Thanks for your reply. I did a consult with him, and liked hum very much. For a time he was at the top of my list; I'm sure he would do a great job. In the end, there are more images of cases similar to mine with the results I want on Dorin's site. Plus, I responded to having seen some of his work in person. Bernstein, again, I respond to the professional, medical feel of the office. Would you recommend Feller over Dorin and Bernstein?
  7. Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum - thanks in advance for any words of wisdom out there! I'm pretty set on having a HT in the near future. After consulting with a number of Dr's in the NY region, I'm down to Dr. Dorin or Dr. Bernstein. If anyone can offer an opinion as to which doctor is best, it would really appreciate it. I'm totally stumped - I feel like I may as well flip a coin. Both seem willing to go with a conservative treatment, which I like for where I'm at right now. 2000-2500 grafts. I liked the bedside manner of both. I found Bernstein a bit more aggressive in his manner - he questioned me a lot and seemed very sure that his recommendation was the way to go. In the end, I found his confidence convincing. Dorin was equally confident, but a little more willing to let me dictate the terms of the HT - ie, where the hairline should be etc. I felt comfortable with both doctors, so what it comes down to for me is which one will provide the best results? I'm more concerned with achieving a "natural" looking result, than with an incredibly dramatic one. Both offices seemed very professional. In a way, Bernstein's had more of a "medical' feel to it. I'm not exactly sure why, but it felt like more of a doctor's office which inspired confidence. However, after comparing all the photo galleries, Dorin's results look a bit more natural to me. As you can see, I am stuck going back and forth between these two doctors. If anyone out there can offer any advice or info that could help me decide I'd really appreciate it! Thanks
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