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  1. FUE2579- Good to hear from you and happy that your growing well - the ugly stage will not last for long My hair loss is very similar to yours -except I have some crown loss and I am 39 yrs old. Will be looking forward to your updates and pics. Best, -Z
  2. Looking good Unit - you must be estatic!! Not so much to be happy about the cowboys though I am from Dallas as well - like agenteye suggested, can you show your pre-op pic for reference and comparision? How much did Dr.diep charge for your FUE? $/graft? Best!
  3. Thanks for the feedback shampoo and stinger99. In these threads - some folks talk about getting better FUE pricing when they took a cancelled appointment...what kind of pricing did they get? Anyone? Also, maybe someone like MattJ can respond on this question: does Dr.Rahal only do FUE using the ARTAS machine now? Anyone here who has undergone FUE with ARTAS ? pros/cons?
  4. Hello Folks- I apologize before-hand if this question has already been asked. I did a search for this on the forums and did not get a solid thread or post that addresses this topic. I am planning on going to consult with Rahal and wanted to get some idea what he charges for FUE? Is it per graft? Does price change after a number/limit of grafts have reached? Thanks for your feedback and this forum has been very helpful. -Zack
  5. Shampoo- You are on the mark with your response to the actual question I had asked. Thanks for the feedback on the local talent. I did do a Google search on Dr.Lam - saw his videos and also read complaints about his lack of talent in HT. By the way - the complaints far out numbered anyone who had good to say about him. Besides that - as per your suggestion - I will consult with all these Doc's just to get any idea on what they suggest from their perspective. I will make it a point if the doc does not show-up in the consultation I will leave immediately...been there, done with it I have kind of decided to go with Rahal when the time comes - you want the best when it comes to such things and a few hrs flight ain't stopping me from that.... I would like to know what Rahal charges for HT (FUE) - I will start another thread on this topic. sabby- if you are happy with your outcome - that is all matters - cheers to you buddy!
  6. sabby - thanks for the lenghty write-up defending your pick. I did take a look at your pics - but either its lack of good pics or its just what you want to share - I am not convinced by your results and what you mention about Dr.Arocha. After 3 HTs - you still have such low density??? Not looking down on you - nothing personal here - but that is not acceptable results for me. I did research Dr.Arocha well and seems to me he prefers FUT over FUE. I will look further here in the forums by searching for his work - but so far not convinced. Best, -Z
  7. Folks- I have been reading post on this forum for a few months now and doing my own research on who is the best HT FUE doc to pick. I live in dallas and it kind of suck to find out there is no good HT doc locally. Read bad reports about the Lam guy Plano (not even gonna consult with him). Has anyone dealt with Mark Bishara in dallas? His site claims he uses ARTAS for FUE and his prices are like $10/graft. Anyone have any good/bad experiences in north texas with HT docs? Rahal seems the best option so far - but wanted to give the US docs a chance as well... Cheers! -Zack
  8. Can you post a preop pic? Good luck with the growth , looks good so far.
  9. Looks good Unit - more growth to more!! Were you prescribed any meds after the HT? Propecia, rogaine? Are you taking anything to get more growth? Best, -Z
  10. FUE2579 - congrats on your HT - looks great at this stage, all the best. Are you on any meds after the HT? Prppecia, Rogaine etc? Would you mind sharing? Also - which location of Dr.Rahal did you get operated in? Best, -Z
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