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  1. For me the unpredictability of Hair transplants meant FUE was the only viable option for me. Particularly comparing reality to those posted online. So many sub par results out there which don't make it online and clinics quash with touch ups. Buzzing the hair down with FUE was always a get of jail option to keep in my back pocket. In saying that not everyone is an FUE candidate particularly if your loss is extensive.
  2. Ronan Keating has had a couple of hair transplants. So have some of the other guys in Boyzone.
  3. I’d be very careful with scabbing. I had a small very scabbed area in my first procedure in which resulted in poor growth in the small area....
  4. My guess is this will improve over time as the hair cycles and mimics the texture more of the surrounding native hair. I found that with some of my transplanted hair initially. Overall tremendous results. Congrats
  5. Most of the questions mate have been covered with people’s experiences a million times across the forums. Use the search features to find relevant threads. In a nutshell there is an element of risk with hair transplantion in terms of it not working optimally. And all drugs have side effects. And there is a risk with having side effects with Propecia. I personally do not take it and fortunately do not need it and would not be comfortable taking it . You need to weight it up and make a personal decision. There’s plenty out there who had the sides but equally there appears those who have not.
  6. Just my 2cents. While researching was impressed with Erdogan and Kesers results. What put me off having a HT in Turkey was the grafts numbers quoted. Which seemed excessive for the area being covered. I’d rather pay slightly more and preserve my precious donor.
  7. Hi Johnfish, Congrats your results are looking excellent so far. Do you have a pre op picture before any work done? And also maybe a picture of where you are now with some harsher lighting from above? Thanks
  8. QUOTE when I was balding I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the reflection staring back at me, now I look in the mirror and think this is how it should’ve been. This statement here really resonates to me when I started out and can totally relate. Am sure it strikes a chord with many others too. Congrats on your HT journey man. The outcome has been great ??
  9. I disagree slightly around 7 months being 'early' in the process of the frontal third of the scalp. Most grafts should have appeared in this area by now. Back towards crown the growth is normally slower and can take lot longer. I would advise the OP to grow the hair out so the thin areas are very clearly visible. Who was the surgeon? I also thinks this looks like a well known Dr from Brussels's work. Will let the patient confirm though.
  10. I don't agree meds are a pre-requisite across the board for hair transplantation. Not every one needs them and am proof of that myself. It's possible that bald spot won't progress that much further. Every individual is different. There's plenty of guys in their 50's and 60's sporting just a similar bald spot the same size of a small egg. Without progressing 'full cueball' My loss pattern was well established before I took the plunge meds were of no use as my hair was robust everywhere else with no minutarisation In this case bottom line it needed more grafts for the area covered