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  1. I did and 3 times with hardly any redness after 3-4 weeks. Some are better healers than others and will have different characteristics. Others have redness for months there is an element though of you won’t know what you’ll like till it happens. Everyone is different . If your fair skinned add much more time Fool proof solution is just tell people. Or if you can’t take 2-3 months sabbatical
  2. if you want to go unnoticed 3 -4 weeks off .. if you don't care id recommend at least 1-2 week.. you will feel wiped out for a bit and not be sleeping well the first week or 2
  3. This pain is more common than you think, i had it twice after first 2 op's.. Its worse at night as your horizontal and blood flow going back, and head on pillow i think and focused on it.. It came on me around day 5/6 and took a a week or so to leave. I remember it vividly and the reasoning i could find is its nerves in the occipital zone repairing themselves. It makes sense after you've had thousands of them ripped out. Vitamin supplements also help nerve damage , Vitamin B. It does pass and nothing too worry about it. I rode it out with Tylenol. I think its definitely more common that 1 in 20.. that's for sure.
  4. is there any documented case online of someone where the grafts grew without shedding? We always hear about this mythical 1% that their grafts never shed but i don't think i have ever seen such a case.. Sure 30% or even 50% not shedding is possible but never seen a documented case with the higher %'s grow straight away without shedding..
  5. Interested to know what clinics are charging $150 a bottle for? You can get saline spray in pharmacy for like a few pounds/euros/dollars! I believe regular irrigation of the grafts can help reduce scabbing. On my first op there was an small area of very heavy scabbing which didn't grow in well.. Think it may have been more than a coincidence..
  6. Lots of people use them and have successful results, me included. Make sure your scalp is fully healed.. 4/5 weeks out .. And wash off soon as you're indoors. Exercise common sense and don't cake the stuff on. You'll be fine i think some clinics are throwing patients an unnecessary curve ball saying abstain for months .. Particularly for those patients who want to conceal the surgery. Most clinics say they are fine from the research i did from about a month out I would steer clear of dermmatch though.. However have spoken to patients who used it and had no issues with growth whatsoever
  7. This drug is a time bomb in my opinion . Anything that alters your endocrine hormonal system, don't F*ck with it
  8. you should get some more calibre thickening on the hair shafts that did come in so i would give it full 18 months to fully mature.. that can create more fullness and create a denser look saving grafts down the line..
  9. Dude forget the clinic posted results and only look at patient posted results experiences.. that's a much truer reflection rather than cherry picked clinic presentations
  10. I've heard good things but haven't researched him all that much. What you want is to minimise as much risk as you can and have a Dr who will do as much as the procedure as possible themselves.. Clinics also like , Lupanzula spring to mind too in hands on Doc's.. The 2 things that always made me steer clear of clinics like ASMED are they use way too many grafts for area covered .. Not entirely sure if you get what you pay for really. Also technician led surgeries for me a no no. Not doubting they can get good results but too many variables.. Theres another clinic where the Dr caps it at 500 grafts a day but gets top notch results each time so could be 4 day surgery but high chances.. Cant recall his name now .. hopefully someone can chime in
  11. Theres no way ibruprofen would have affected your growth. The biggest cause of poor growth is poor handling of the grafts and trauma to them in the transplantation process via handling or scabbing. Also you weren't the unlucky one to have poor growth. Online forums are probably not a balanced reflection of the quality of results. Theres way more sub par results out there that kept off the forums with patients getting touch ups and not updating forums. Although consistency appears to be improving in general there are still no guarantees with either FUE/FUT. At least you don't have a strip scar if you ever wanted to buzz down.
  12. My Personal opinion is this drug is poison for some and a potential time bomb so steered well clear.
  13. I do think there is liberty in coming clean and saying you had a transplant. However i went the route of keeping mine quiet and completely got away with it with work colleagues , friends and that was such a kick too knowing i had managed it successfully. Part of doing that was taking good amount of time off and concealing loss well before. Yes people can move on and not mention it much but some can't and depending on the group of people you are with they can be brutal. Particularly banter with groups of guys that you would not hear the end of the teasing. Therefore no regrets keeping it quiet my side!! Although i do think HT's are becoming more socially acceptable than it was.