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  1. If you start staining the pillows and so on it will be a give away. If you are seeing a girl regularly and staying over regularly it will be hard to keep it secret. However if you are just ad hoc random dating you may be able to get away with it by avoiding certain situations like you have listed. I agree with not disclosing until you are start seeing a girl regularly and see it going somewhere. I used to bend the pillow and only use it as neck support and kind of keep my head elevated. That would prevent contact with sheets and head and concealer staining when staying at a girl house. Id perfected it to a level i could sleep soundly!! If its at your place use black or dark bed wear and sheets. Have a hat handy for the following morning for journey back or quickly put hat on post a shower or bring concealer with you if you can to reapply the next morning. Perhaps by using a little less would be the optimum approach. Less can be more when it comes to concealer. Are you using fibres or stuff like dermatch? I only used fibres. Overall if you are seeing a girl a few times and see it as potential just tell her after a few dates.. Its really not a huge deal to most women and if she likes you she won't care. When i was dating with concealer most women i have told just said they would doing exactly the same thing if they were a man! Just paint a picture you are planning a HT and trying to become the best version of yourself to help your career etc and to stay young looking and don't relay too much insecurity if you can etc.
  2. Recall it well in my concealer / single days. was such a nightmare as got called out on it couple of times when it was on the pillow and so on.. My advice is come clean post 3rd date and tell em.. before she starts gossiping to her friends wondering how to broach it with you!! Easier all round and it will be a relief you won't have to be paranoid about using it.. You won't have her friends hearing about your stained pillows and analysing your hair when you see them.. And she will also respect your openness and honesty Quick anecdote - Damn i ran out of a house one morning when i woke up belonging to this hot chick as i had no concealer and didn't want to be exposed... She was convinced i was married and it caused uproar lol
  3. One thing to bear in mind if working out potential mortality rates is the number of actual infections is far higher than those 'official' cases.. Many many people have mild to hardly no symptoms and never been tested and haven't been recorded at all in the statistics. My fear is the cure could be worse than the problem here. I think it would be more cost effective to use these funds to help serve and isolate more those at risk and are vulnerable but actually keep the economies moving in a more robust manner. This is an economic catastrophe no question.
  4. So true this is the UBER time to be having hair transplantation down time and ugly ducking stage!! Some good news at least for anyone in that stage
  5. The Virus is bad enough however the economic fall out is the big thing to worry about as we could enter a period of huge civil unrest and a breakdown in law and order. At some point things are going to have to start getting back to normality and the approach may need to be changed or we will be heading in to total meltdown. If one positive thing comes out of this that hopefully gets addressed it is how ridiculously unprepared our Governments are for a Viral pandemic. Why on earth China's borders and the virus epicentre were not locked down much earlier and closed down is either complete stupidity or there is something more sinister at work. Hopefully if anything like this pops up again in the world there will be adequate protocals in place to stop the global spread and pandemic going global far quicker.
  6. The fear will be if one of these Virus's mutates to a more aggressive strain.. You can see how quickly something like this could potentially cull swathes of people which is quite worrying. Theres a lot of things that quite frankly stink about it like the Wuhan Virology clinic but we won't go there. 'Pandemic' conveniently appearing on Netflix few weeks back.. Like it was written as an introduction for Coronavirus. If i was booked in for a HT i might consider moving it out a few months. I would hope most clinics would be sympathetic and flexible given the situation.
  7. When your in your 70's who cares at that point , just buzz it down short and it won't look out of the ordinary. You aint chasing no ass at that point so you can look back at the years you did with some decent hair lol.. Of course transplantation should always be age appropriate on the hairlines and never over aggressive .. However who knows what variables are at work above , their loss patterns won't not look to be the norm. Medication, health conditions could have hastened loss in those cases. In a lot of case the loss pattern is well established by the 40's and you could kind of decipher the future loss. Of course there will be exceptions but id rather look my best in the prime years that's for sure..
  8. I don't take meds but to be honest don't need them. I found minoxidil useless apart from irritating the shit out of my scalp. Also the hair i lost i lost and replaced with transplants and i don't have miniturisation in the rest of my hair and have high lateral sides with thick robust hair and I'm 40. Everyones situation is different though so no Yes or No answer.
  9. The likes of Trenbonol are notorious for hair loss and been known to shed people in weeks. That said those people are those prone to MPB. Thats the key factor. Anyway why risk it. Hair loss is probably the mildest side affect from steroids when you consider the cardiovascular and major organ impact.
  10. at 18 that would probably be thicker. that looks like the onset of MBP. Good news is you are on it early. You may want to look at meds to maintain if you get no side effects
  11. id be very careful with dermmatch... The Dr's i spoke too said avoid it ... Hair fibres worked for me.. using a very small amount when hair is short.. get on supplements like MSM to boost hair growth to get more growth to use fibres
  12. I wouldn't advise Dermmatch due to the smothering affect on scalp.. i used nano fibres from around 6 weeks onwards though with no issues.. Check with your clinic too
  13. Everyones different. Aloe Vera can dry some people out with sensitive skin.. I had great relief from itchiness with Aveeno brand moisturiser's. Its free from all parabens and agents
  14. Good topic, would be open to T repaclement therapy down the line if they ever dipped . However would not want to jeopardise hair situation. In saying that my hair on top now is mostly transplanted so technically could be DHT resistant. Wouldnt want to risk it too much though after 3 transplants
  15. Watch out for sharks.. that would be a bigger concern at that point 😁