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  1. Looking very good.. You will have a good few months of hair thickening ahead so plenty to come too as that can be equally impactful on the final result. Did the Dr say what kind of donor you have available? The good thing is you have been conservative in your graft numbers so you should have donor in the bank to protect against future loss.
  2. Looks good and looks like its coming in nicely for the number of grafts used. Am sure if you went to some of the Turkish clinics they would have used double the number of grafts. Keep us updated
  3. David Silva i believe had a follow up procedure the following year to correct the initial one in which noticeable gaps where left between hairline and transplant. His result now looks pretty impressive. He could be subject to future loss though so hope he has conserved appropriate donor in the bank. Money obviously won't be a problem!
  4. I think you should wait till 18 months at least before you have another surgery. You weren't virgin scalp so growth takes longer on repair scalp and even more importantly hair calibre thickening can take longer at this stage which can make a BIG difference. You could end up wasting more grafts in areas not needed. If i were you id wait another couple years to see how everything levels out.. Your young also and should be considering your crown loss and future loss. Your hair looks good as is. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Hey how is everything looking post round 2 now? Looks like you were on track for a nice restoration
  6. It completely depends as everyone has different healing characteristics. I had minimal redness so come 2-3 weeks just looked like i had a short buzz cut.. Then either keep it short till growth kicks in or use some nano fibres to get you through the first few months I found the 'ugly ducking' phase nowhere near as difficult as some.. Take 3-4 weeks off work.. After a Good month you will just look like you had a buzz cut... You won't really know how you will look though until post op as everyone is different. For those with Fair skinned redness tends to stick around for quite a while which can be unfortunate.. In those cases Short term pain and all that.. However in my case no-one at work ever suspected anything or said anything .. Just thought i had buzzed down which is normal in summer etc..
  7. 5000 FUE with 0.8 punch super close up. Donor shaved 0 guard few days prior so this about a 1 guard. Everyone is different with different donor charateristics and punch size is key. I wouldn't go over 0.8 or 0.9m. Only 1 hair dresser ever commented had i had a procedure as in normal life its even less noticeable and he only knew as he had a HT himself. When i tell the rest they are impressed. My donor is night and day though compared to having a FUT strip. If you don't plan to have the option to keep your hair short though may not be an issue for some. I love keeping sides and back short or buzzing all over.
  8. The 2% ratio of side effects is total horse $hit. Its far far higher than that.. Every drug has side effects and some people will just get the sides milder than others and not possibly notice them or be bothered by them for a multitude of reasons... Any drug that alters your hormonal system is powerful and should be very carefully considered. Unreversable side effects are a confirmed situation by the manufacturer. Thread very carefully and if you are going to use it. Get all of your base line blood and test levels checked BEFORE you start so you have baseline data.
  9. For me the unpredictability of Hair transplants meant FUE was the only viable option for me. Particularly comparing reality to those posted online. So many sub par results out there which don't make it online and clinics quash with touch ups. Buzzing the hair down with FUE was always a get of jail option to keep in my back pocket. In saying that not everyone is an FUE candidate particularly if your loss is extensive.
  10. Ronan Keating has had a couple of hair transplants. So have some of the other guys in Boyzone.
  11. I’d be very careful with scabbing. I had a small very scabbed area in my first procedure in which resulted in poor growth in the small area....
  12. My guess is this will improve over time as the hair cycles and mimics the texture more of the surrounding native hair. I found that with some of my transplanted hair initially. Overall tremendous results. Congrats
  13. Most of the questions mate have been covered with people’s experiences a million times across the forums. Use the search features to find relevant threads. In a nutshell there is an element of risk with hair transplantion in terms of it not working optimally. And all drugs have side effects. And there is a risk with having side effects with Propecia. I personally do not take it and fortunately do not need it and would not be comfortable taking it . You need to weight it up and make a personal decision. There’s plenty out there who had the sides but equally there appears those who have not.