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  1. Hi, Can I ask you Why didn't you choose SMP to fill in some density in donor area?
  2. This is how my crown looks like at 6.5 months, It received around 2000 grafts but still thin, they say crown takes the longest to grow so I am waiting it to grow till 12 months and see. It doesnt look bad though considering there was no hair before. A little hair fibre will go long way.
  3. Guys I had my first professional hair cut in 6 months and 1st after the surgery, what do you think my donor area looks like ? Do I need to have SMP done or BHT into the donor area? Also ,is there any chance that my donor area will improve from here? Please suggest.
  4. Please note that I haven't had a professional hair cut in last 6 months so I don't know how it would look if I cut the hair short, but it still look depleted. @Gabreille Nelson Mukhia My concern was, will the growth and sustainability be same in the scar tissue if I go for BHT? and how many grafts would be needed to give it a normalized look. @LonelyGraft Three different doctors in Chandigarh India. Please note I am just 6 month out my 3rd surgery and crown is still growing ,it received around 2000 grafts as per doctor.
  5. Hi All, I am 6 months out my 3rd FUE surgery. Almost 9500 grafts taken from back and sides of my head in last 7 years. Top of my head is now somewhat sorted. But now my donor area looks a bit patchy and depleted. I have seen some vdos and articles where SMP can be a solution for this but it is a temporary one. I want to ask can BHT used to fill in the depleted areas of scalp i.e back and sides. I don't want to make it like a virgin scalp but a little 'normal' looking. How successful would it be? and is there any growth issues in the scar tissue? Please suggest.
  6. I had added density in in existing transplanted hair in my 3rd surgery. Go check out my latest results. If it would help you clear your doubts.
  7. Hello Everyone, This is my 6 month and 7 days update. I happy to say that I am satisfied with the overall results thus far, I can still notice new growth every other week and density is improving every week. I hope it keeps getting better in coming months. I still believe these are not my final results and there is more to come, comments will be appreciated. My Regime includes a Multivitamin tablet daily , Omega 3 Salmon fish oil capsule daily,Iron and Zinc tab thrice a week, Vitamin D capsule once a week. Mintop Procapil serum daily once. Please note-No Finesteride and No Minoxidil prescribed by my doctor. Below pictures taken from top are under Harsh light so still some scalp showing but the best part is I have stopped using hair fibres everyday and I just use a little sprinkle when going out somewhere. Work from home taking a toll now, I really want to go out like I used to before Covid. Next update -7 Months.
  8. I still think that you are thinking too much and your hair look great, hair transplants are never perfect, I have had 3 and I still need more. Try to change the hair style, go for side and back short hair cut , do some experiments and see how does it look. Wet hair reveals gap in I think everyone's head ,even on the guys with dense hair. If you want to go for Fin, go for lower dose to start with like .25mg and see how you accept it.
  9. By side effects I meant sexual side effects,low libido and ED. I testicles get some weird sensations even after taking one pill and it stayed for one week.May be I am too sensitive to finesteride and it might not be the case with others. But i have heard some horror stories about finesteride where men didn't recover at all by the side effects. Different clinic every time because I wasn't satisfied from the work from my previous two HTs. But I think I am lucky 3rd time lucky now and chose a less renowned clinic which care more for their clients and are more professional and not after money only.
  10. Also can you share your pre and post surgery photos?
  11. Hi Mate, I think you got a fantastic results and I think you should not worry at all, You have quite a thick hair man, regarding your Hairline, i think it is intended to have a zigzag pattern to make it look more natural but you have thick hair which is giving some kind of unnatural look, but By time it will soften up for sure. Regarding Finesteride, I will 100 miles stay away from that thing. It gives me side effects like a nightmare. I would not consume it by any chance even I lose all my hair in future. My overall health is more important. I try to control the DHT levels naturally by having green tea, pumpkin seeds, procapil serum and overall healthy diet. PRP also helped me alot. So I will continue this lifestyle. I did my transplant (all 3) from Chandigarh but from different clinic Everytime.
  12. 4 days shy of 6 months, Hair looked good today so thought to click a photo and post. I will share in detail at exactly 6months.
  13. Hi Mate, I am on my 6 Months after HT, shedding a bit too, but I think its normal to shed more in the monsoons or the month of july due to humidity levels. Don't worry your hair will come back as the season ends. I have noticed this from last few years, my hair gets thinner in summers and denser in other seasons. I have read about this in many articles as well. I would like you to add salmon fish oil Omega 3 in your regiment daily and See if it helps.
  14. Hello Everyone, So here is my 5 Month update with pictures of front,top,sides and back. I have seen some improvement from 4th month but not a drastic, please let me know your opinion. Mid scalp still lags a bit but improved from my last update. Crown is also improving now. I know it still looks empty but considering I had nothing there to this, I am Ok with this. My hair has grown long so it will help in illusion of density. Sides and back looks over harvested and patchy which is true in every aspect and accept it considering the fact that this is my 3rd surgery and all grafts are taken from my back. I am really looking into SMP as soon as things get normal with Covid19. I think SMP will make my HT look better if not perfect. I am working form home from last 3 months so I am not using any hair products or concealers. Honestly , I don't feel the need of using hair fibres now. My hair is better than before but not as dense I would like too. If I am going out on a drinks night or so I would definitely sprinkle a little fibres. I applied some hair fibres 2 weeks ago and it was magic. Earlier I had to use fibres in a good amount everyday which was a mess. I am glad that it's past now. Below are my photos and I would like to have some comments , opinions and suggestions. Next update at 6 months. Thanks. Nishant.
  15. SMP can be an alternative to the concealers but , as you said that you diffused thinning on your head, so SMP will do the job with longer hairs in Crown and mid scalp, but for Hairline ,you need to have some hair for SMP to look good. Why don't you go for a small FUE procedure combined with SMP, its a thing now a days. Also by doing a smaller session now ,you can do a bigger later on. Just my opinion. But then you will be free from concealers which is a pain to apply everyday IMO.