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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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  1. Just in case anyone wants to see my donor are after 3 hair transplants in 7 years, almost 10k grafts and 72 days after my 3rd hair transplant. Personally I think its not too bad, and I can live with it only if my top grows thick. I would definitely go for SMP in my donor area to make it look a little thicker. World is going through a pandemic right now which is bad, but good for the ones like me who wants to be in isolation after recent Hair transplant. Having said that I DID NOT mean that pandemic should last long, I hope everything gets back to normal and I pray for the people lost their lives and who are suffering from it. Opinions are welcome.
  2. This is Day 62 Update. First of all I would like to say everyone to stay safe and stay at home to end the Covid19 outbreak effects. It is really sad to know what is happening in the world right now. I hope it gets better in the coming days. Coming back to my HT update, Its the 2 month update. I do not see much growth at this stage, all the growth is from previous HTs and may a 10% from the latest one. Head is very itchy so may the growth will start soon. I am following the same medicine regiment as mentioned in the last updates.
  3. Hi, Congratulations for your recent update, its really looks thick and strong now. Few question in my mind, you said you were using fibres till now. 1.So, were you using them everyday? 2.Did you use to wash them everyday with shampoo? 3.Does using fibres in first 6 months effects new hair growth anyhow by sticking on the scalp?
  4. Growth Already? Is it possible ? I am at day 35 and can already see some improvement.
  5. The after care I received from NeoGraft clinic was exceptional, they sent me messages everyday till day 15 to give me post op instructions and asked for pictures. I didn't experience this from the previous clinics, they just did the surgery and took the money, game over. No follow ups nothing. I also had my 2nd PRP on day 15 which was included in the package. But, the only judge will be the results, till then I will not say that I went to the best clinic this time. But I am taking extra care this time, taking meds and good diet.Also applying a serum given by the clinic and castor oil every other day. PS. I am not on finestride, and never will be, I cant tolerate even a single pill. Having said that, my overall health is more important to me than the hair.
  6. yes and SMP is Scalp Micro Pigmentation. Its a kind of tattooing on the scalp to add density. I am considering SMP on my donor area which I know is depleted by now. But I will still wait for 3 months to see how my donor area looks by that time.
  7. Hi, Stem cell augment is a solution which they add in the PRP and inject into the scalp to boost the overall growth, I am not sure how helpful it would be in the end but I wanted the best this time so I agreed to everything doctor has to offer me. Other clinic was Reviva clinic.
  8. Exactly 1 month out today, 70-80% of transplanted hairs have been shed. I don't know if there will be more shedding at this point or not. All you can see on my head is old transplanted hair.
  9. I have seen people getting sides from saw palmetto as well because it blocks DHT too like finestride.
  10. 9000+ grafts taken from my donor area in time period of 7 years, its bound to look thin and I am open to have SMP done if required. I don't want to be on medication, I will try to keep whatever I will have with natural resources , multivitamins and active lifestyle.
  11. Definitely an improvement from month 5. Does saw palmetto giving you any sides?
  12. These are Day 17 Pictures. Please tell me what you guys think. @Melvin-Moderator ? I would like to get some comments.
  13. Medicines/Supplements/lotion provided by the clinic started at Day 15. Also Had my 2nd PRP yesterday and 20minutes of laser light therapy in the clinic itself. PS. No finestride and minoxidil prescribed by the clinic.Thats a sigh Because I am very sensitive towards Fin.