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  1. Hi, The Side effects definitely were temporary and went away after 2 months, everything seems to be normal now, no erection problems no testicle pain. I am still applying .25ml once daily and it is helping me with the hair. But do add supplements to boost testosterone level if you feel something is not right after few days of starting the treatment.
  2. I don't think you need a hair transplant for that kind of thinning, be on meds for few months and I am sure it will improve to the point that you will realize you don't need a surgery. And if you are not on any meds and you go for HT then I am afraid you will need another surgery in 2-3 years because of progressive balding. Be on meds.
  3. Hi All, So this is exactly 10 months today that I had my 3rd surgery and hopefully final. Below photo is just after shower,towel dried and combed. No products at the moment. When I go out I just sprinkle very very little hair fibres just to be sure (to settle down my sub conscious mind tbh). I will do a detailed write up and 360° photos at 1 year mark, but my main concern is solved for now which was mid scalp density. BTW i started Minoxidil and finesteride topical solution 2 months ago which is also making the difference in my opinion. If anyone have any query I am
  4. I laughed out loud on this 😂. Like seriously? I have roughly half the amount of hair you have and I get laid like any normal young guy. Its your insecurity, chicks hardly care about because they have their own insecurities. You need to chill and enjoy life man,your hair looks great.
  5. It definitely goes in the blood stream that's proven in the studies too, so in my case where I am very very sensitive to fin ,even a single nano gram is tickling my hormones although it 3 weeks to show the effects. I reduced the dosage for now and added something in my daily regime to boost my testosterone levels I reduced the dosage to .25ml once every alternate day and added ashwagandha 500mg daily and one clove of garlic everyday in empty stomach. These boost testosterone levels in body. Its seems to be working for now as I dont have headaches or stinging eye ,no testicle pai
  6. Styling the long hair back+ Finesteride helps in vertex and crown thus full coverage, can trust blindly on Eugenix, they dont show fake results.
  7. Hello fellow mates, 1 month Update on the usage of topical MinFin 5%/0.1%)solution. I am Definitely experiencing some side effects which is not placebo at all. No morning wood these days, experienced weaker erections, slight testicle pain also. Though Not experienced watery sperm. Please suggest me guys if I should continue with topical fin and wait for the sides to subside or I should consider myself one of those unlucky guys which are too sensitive to fin (oral or topical) ? Or is there any way to lower the concentration of topical fin with diluting it with so
  8. I am just waiting to gain something so I am applying the solution daily, as soon as I notice some regrowth I will be using it on alternate days ,then twice week and eventually once a week through out the life. That's how my doctor suggested me, to keep some support of meds. Its a long road guys. Regarding headache, I feel it like for sometime after application and its very very mild and bearable but what's with the Eye sensation? is it also related to Minoxidil? @Curious
  9. Hi guys, Nice to see more people switching or want to switch to topical fin from oral, I personally started 3 weeks ago(MoRR F 5% min and 0.1% fin), because I got severe side effects from oral fin in the past like testicle pain, watery semen and brain fog. So while on topical version from last 3 weeks I didn't notice any of those side effects but I do notice a mild headache and an unusual side effect which is ; under my left eye I feel weird sensation which i never felt before but no loss of libido or watery semen. I have had hair transplants and I want to preserve what I gaine
  10. HT route is fine If you are ready to have more HTs in the future. It depends on your level of baldness also and is your hairloss stable? I was Norwood 3 back in 2013 and I had 3 HTs since then otherwise I would have been a slice NW 6 by now. So if you are already NW6 by now get 1 HT done and its all sorted but if you are just receding right now, be prepared for future HTs if medicines are not in the list.
  11. Minoxidil was working fine for me till the time I was using it, but my recent surgeon asked me not to use Minoxidil as well because hair become somewhat "dependant" on it ,even the transplanted ones. Which I guess is a logical reason. Instead I am using procapil serum which said to be natural DHT blocker ( not sure to what extent) ,but I don't think I had any benefit from it neither did I lost anything. So its all even at this stage. I want to use Minoxidil to regain some of my native hair but then I am afraid all my hair will be dependent on it and when I will stop it I will lose them.
  12. check my journey...I am at 7 months post my 3rd HT without fin and Minoxidil. But deep down I know that I am gonna lose my transplanted hair as well if I don't get on meds. I also got side effects from fin so decided against it for rest of my life. Somedays I think that if I was on meds then I didn't have to go for 3 HTs in a span of 7 years. It's a never ending fight for us
  13. Di Hi Mate, Did you also ask the doctor if not takingFinesteride has anything to do with it because all his other clients took finesteride after the HT. If you remember me and following my surgery, I am also not taking finesteride and not at all following the level of after care you followed ,just the regular vitamins and a procapil serum that too I skip somedays. Its been 6 months and 25 days of my surgery and my results are satisfactory , so in my case , not taking finesteride didn't make a difference.
  14. I would suggest you to shave your whole head and keep it clean for the surgery and post surgery , you will also look better with shaved head. partially shaven head doesn't look good and it would be difficult for you to clean the overall head post op. All the best though 😄
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