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  1. I had a 2nd FUE procedure at The Glasgow Clinic just over 4 months ago and absolutely delighted with the early growth and result so far. I have taken pictures on a regular basis and will share with the forum after popping into the clinic next month for a 6 month review. Like Sammi I was drawn towards the clinic by the results of footballers Kris Boyd and James McFadden.
  2. Not sure if anyone has noticed our story? It went a bit mental to say the least, but not regretting a thing. Best decision we have ever made. My brother and I decided to just go for it. We have been taking finasteride and minoxidil for about four or five years on and off but to be honest if people said that horse shit worked we'd of used that. I had 3187 grafts implanted, at the crown and peak, totally impressed at how neat and close it looks and can't wait to see the results when it starts growing back. I guess the good thing is Barry and I will be able to see each others results. He had 2232 grafts done. Went to the Glasgow Clinic in Glasgow which specialises in FUE and the surgeon Dr Emorane Lupanzula is fantastic. Honestly, the guy is amazing. We saw his results on the clinic website and online, and just thought it looked brilliant. The guy that owns the clinic is really friendly and he had an FUT transplant done years back, so he knows all about it and is just really genuine and honest about everything, he pretty much tells you how it is. It didn't hurt and the day was quite relaxing. The put us up in a hotel for the night round the corner afterwards which was great, if you live further away it makes it a lot easier. I have been thinking about doing this for such a long time and started losing my hair a few years ago. I have been pretty good at covering it up but it was just a pain really. I honestly can't wait to see the hairs growing back. We've had a bit of stick from friends coming out with our story publicly but why not? I don't really care what people think as it makes me happier. I notice people mentioning genes and parents etc. We have two older brothers, who still have their hair, and our dad has hair so I think it has come from our mothers side, if that is of any use to anyone. I hope this helps some of you if you are looking to make a decision and are a bit apprehensive. We were in safe hands and the surgeon was brilliant. I will maybe put a few updates on here of regrowth if anyone is interested and I've attached a few images of us both. Cheers, Bri.
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