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  1. So happy with results at 9 months only gonna get better
  2. Looks good and feel good, no regrets, best investment I have made
  3. Couldn't ask for anything more, I have progressed so well for 7 months and its just going to get better. Best thing is it looks so natural. Thanks again Dr. DIEP
  4. Had my FUE done 7 months ago and its amazing. Great choice of Dr. A cell also helps the process
  5. Everything looks great, got that Bruno mars dew right now. Very happy and confident.
  6. Total cost was $10K, including 2 nights hotel stay and A cell shot
  7. I did exactly what Dr suggested, just not taking propecia, started taking fish oil, biotin, and multi vitamin a week after. I would take the A cell shot the Dr will recommend, its like $500 dollars but the Dr will give you a deal. I took it cost me $300 but any grafts after my quoted price were free, got quoted at 1750 and got over 1800. I would give you what I paid but I don't know if I can do that. But would pay double for results I have seen
  8. It will be the best decision, I have gained so much confidence back, by the way you in CA
  9. Hairline looks great and hair is getting thicker
  10. I am not on propecia, only taking vatamins, fish oil, biotin, and a 1Aday. Scared of side effects of propecia, may start taking viviscal its a pill to maintain future hair loss. But my hair is amazing gained so much confidence back. Greatest choice with Diep
  11. Has anyone tried or heard of VIVISCAL pills
  12. Hair combed down and hair styled. Feel great about results. Feedback
  13. Hair combed down and hair styled. Feel great about results. Feedback
  14. Overall couple of grand don't know if I can put what I paid but what I have seen I would pay top $
  15. Yes I did receive the A cell shot, I really love my results so far feel way ahead of schedule
  16. Yes, I use gel cause I have curly hair, even without hair gel hair looks awesome. I am very thankful for my results so far.
  17. No regrets at all. He did an amazing job and at only 5 months I would be happy with results so far.