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  1. I have put up my 8 month update with my operation with Dr Villnow. Please have a look. I will answer your questions soon. Thank you.
  2. I had 800 body hair grafts done by Dr Villnow and he did a fantastic job. Here's my journal: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/170774-4200-fue-dr-villnow-800-body-hair.html
  3. William38, I got a diagnosis from him in December and I went to have the operation in January.
  4. Dwight, I chose Dr Villnow because he is a famous celebrity surgeon (maybe he's only famous in Germany?) and because he's been doing it so long (more than 20 years). For your questions, -Why did you not utilize beard hair? It was already a four day operation. I think five days would have been too much. Dr Villnow charges more for beard and body hair then for scalp hair although his scalp hair prices were really good. 3000 grafts for 7000 euros. In the first picture after surgery (after you write "Now these pictures are from the first day of the operation."), the implantation seems to be angled. It might be an optical illusion. If it is not it might mean clever placement for combing from your left side to your right side. Is that correct? Angled for combing left to right? I don't know if that's the reason. Maybe it's to create a natural-looking swirl across the head? Dr Villnow made a real effort to design it rgiht. In the second picture after the above (side view with your head facing to the right), it appears there is redness along the hairline and a bit downward. Is this a donor site or a recipient site? that's the donor area. That's where he took grafts out. If it is a donor site do you have a concern of the hair line dropping lower causing a small cosmetic problem? No, it seems fine now. The pictures of the recipient site immediately after surgery (I mean showing a day later) seem to have less redness compared to mine. Is that a camera effect or was there little redness? Mine was red for a long time. How long did redness last? My redness didn't last too long. My skin is darker anyway so it wasn't too visible. With your seeming hair numbers you have sufficient reserves to move your hair line down, move the temples forward, temple points, have you thought of this for the future? No, I'm happy at the moment but, yes, Dr Villnow said I could get more done later if I wanted.
  5. Hi Spanker, yes, I didn't have as much body hair as I'd hoped but 800 grafts was still good. Dr Villnow said the most he could get was 1000 grafts from the body. My chest hair is also pretty fine but he said it changes once it's on the head. It grows longer and thicker than it is on the chest. I've seen this in my hair
  6. The body hair was a bit painful but it wasn't too bad. I could bear it. It was worth it for the extra hairs and the price was very good.It was a good experience and I'm very happy with the result.
  7. This is a very good idea to show what FUE can do. The doctor I went to (Dr Villnow) offers both types of transplant and I turned down an FUT strip operation to go for FUE even though I'm Norwood 6: This is five months after the operation now: This was all FUE. Here's my journal in full with all the photos: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/170774-4200-fue-dr-villnow-800-body-hair.html
  8. Dr Villnow did a four day operation on me with 4200 grafts. He worked with two teams of two and they rotated through the day to prevent fatigue. All the scoring and incisions were done by the doctor but if he'd tried to do everything himself, I can see how he would have become exhausted. This way they were always fresh. Splitting the operation over four days also reduced fatigue which gave my a great result (I was Norwood 6). Here's my journal: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/170774-4200-fue-dr-villnow-800-body-hair.html
  9. Thanks to all of you for your comments! I will definitely put up more photos! I went to get my consultation with Dr Villnow at his clinic in Duesseldorf and I was treated at his clinic in Belgium which is in Hasselt.
  10. Try Dr Villnow. He has a clinic in Hasselt, Belgium and I went to see him in January. Here's my journal: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/170774-4200-fue-dr-villnow-800-body-hair.html
  11. I went to see Dr Villnow in January this year (2013) and I'm at five months after the operation now. The operation took 4 days. 3 days of scalp hair grafts and 1 day of body hair grafts. The result is amazing because I've gone from Norwood 6 to a full head of hair. His team were great, really experienced but the doctor himself was always there and he did most of the work himself. The team mainly helped out with placing the grafts afterwards. The reason I chose Dr Villnow is because of his experience. He's been doing it for more than twenty years. Also I knew he did FUT, FUE and body hair transplants and I knew I needed a lot of grafts. I didn't want to go for FUT because I didn't want a scar so we went for as many FUE grafts as we could and as many body hair grafts as we could. The other thing was that I wanted to have it all done in one go. Dr Villnow suggested a 4 day operation with 3500 grafts from the head and 1000 grafts from the body. In the end my donor area had 3400 grafts and the body hair grafts got up to 800 but that was enough. In four straight days, it was over. Another reason I went to him was his price. His prices for scalp FUE were the best I could find. I knew the body hair grafts would be more expensive but he was still cheaper than other surgeons I spoke to in Belgium, Germany and England. Here are photos before the operation started: You can really see how bad I was from these photos. I ha no hair at all on my head, just wisps, a Norwood 6. Now these pictures are from the first day of the operation. The first day was the longest. We started at 0730 and it went on all day. Dr Villnow and his team extracted and placed 2000 grafts that day. Here are some more photos from the first day: With these two photos you can really see where the donor area on the sides of my head was operated on. Here's another photo from the first day. You can see the job isn't done yet but most of the front was covered. Now the second day was the body hair day. I have to say that this was not pain-free. The painkiller injections into my chest were more painful than the ones into my head but it I could handle it. The day was much shorter than the first day. Dr Villnow did this part all by himself and in the end he gave me some medicine to calm me down. After that it was ok but I'm glad I don't have to do it again but it was definitely worth it. Here are the photos from the second day: You can see where the grafts were taken from my chest. You can also see where the body hairs were placed. They were placed on the back of my head to pack out the crown. Now here are the photos from Day 3. The last two days were all scalp FUE and used to fill out the back of my head. And now here are the photos on the last day of the operation. All the grafts are in place. 4200 grafts in four days. The operation finished at 1500 on the last day and I had a good rest. On the next day I already travelled home. The clinic gave me painkillers, pillows and plenty of advice. I had taken some time off work (one week) and I let myself recover. I knew the hairs would fall out after a while and it started after about ten days. I know this is normal but it was still sad to see them start to fall out. It tooks months before they came back and when they did, I took another set of photos. Here they are: These photos are at five months after the operation so the hairs are very young. I am very, very happy with this operation and I will keep putting up some more photos soon. Thank you for reading my journal and please let me know what you think. Thank you. Now I am adding photos at eight months after the operation. You can see the density is very good and it seem that all the grafts are growing well. Now I have cut my hair short again before I took these photos. Next time I will let it grow long. On the back of the head are the body hairs. They have grown well and look the same as the scalp hairs. Density is good all over on the next photo. On this next photo you can see the donor area.
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