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  1. Here ist another pic of the 3rd day (sorry for the quality). Seems as were there bald areas without any puncture.
  2. @ Mickey85 He uses a manual punch. @Questionmark Ja, ich bins . Servus! Habe mir hier mehr Feedback erhofft als auf alopezie.de @gillenator We didn?t measure they density exactly before the surgery. But the assistant told me that it was below the average... Thank you for the wishes .
  3. Yes, Dr. Keser was the surgeon. The front area looks good. What?s your opinion about the donor directly after the surgery? It looks quite bloody, doesn?t it?
  4. Hello, what?s your opinion about my donor? 7 weeks ago I had a surgery with only 1500 grafts, but now the donor seems to be quite thin for me. Could it be shock loss and could the density increase in the next weeks/months? Thank you for your help!