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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 5 years
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  1. I intend to keep taking finasteride, I was asking if anyone knows how to find out if it works or not. The lack of regrowth or "thickening" after so long is concerning to me.
  2. 1. I'm not nw7 but in person I'm still noticeably, visibly balding. I don't look 'normal'. However I wouldn't need more than very modest regrowth from fin to be able to disguise my balding, at least anyone who sees my hair dry. 2. I will never use that harmful stuff. I don't want my face aged or my heart damaged. Also, you need to use minox for LIFE, or all of your DhT sensitive hairs that have become dependent on minoxidil DIE, the whole lot. The Regaine cans I've seen say don't take if you are over 49, so minoxidil must prevent you from keeping your hair long term. 4. I'm not convinced tha
  3. Been using Nizoral 2% before I started fin, it's cheap and readily available and needs no prescription. Regaine I don't want to touch that. I'm worried about facial ageing and heart damage from that stuff. Also, I didn't want regrowth from foam making it seem that Fin worked when it might not.
  4. Also, when I lose hair (say the odd hair on my computer keyboard or pillow), it's variable in terms of diameter, some hairs are fat and dark, some narrow and thinner. Is that a good or bad sign?
  5. Yes I'm not a Nw 6 or 7 yet, but I'm still balding, and the hair loss is visible, certainly in bright lighting conditions. I should have had some regrowth or "thickening" in the affected areas on top if fin was working after 16 months I wouldn't go on hair loss forums any more if my hair loss had been sorted with treatments.
  6. It matters because I don't want to take a risky medicine for cosmetic purposes if there is no benefit. There must be SOME way to determine whether or not it is working, without having to wait years and years. What terrifies me is that I have a solar panel on top which Finasteride hasn't done a jot to fill in. Whatever I've read has told me that Fin and Dut work best on the crown, that is my visibly balding area yet it is still thin after all this time on Fin.
  7. I don't wan to self medicate with medicines acquired illegitimately or illegally. Here in the UK, prescription medicines are VERY strictly controlled by the state. Firstly, before I consider further options, how would I find out for CERTAIN that Finasteride doesn't work for me? The lack of regrowth or "thickening" after all this time is a SERIOUS concern for me.
  8. I'd be open to try Dut, but I'm finding it difficult enough to get Fin (although hopefully that could be fixed soon), hair loss treatments seem to a lot easier to get in the States and everywhere else judging from forums. I don't intend to stop Fin, no. Experimental treatments I'm going to rule out, too complicated and expensive and legally suspect.
  9. Note, I am in the UK. It is very difficult to get finasteride for hair loss here. My NHS GP won't provide it.
  10. I have MPB and have been using finasteride since January last year. I am a Nw2 with DIFFUSE thinning in a Nw5 pattern with my crown the THINNEST point. I noticed I had MPB in November 2011 but looking at photos, it was visible in early stages in 2006, I just didn't realise it, and the progress of the loss was slow. As of 16 months in finasteride I am concerned that fin DOES NOT work for me. My hair is literally no thicker or denser since it was at day 1. I have read in passing many forum posts on many forums people saying fin "thickened" hair at 3 or 6 months, that has not happ
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