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  1. Hi All, Please see below 6 months pics. Waiting to hear from other members of the forum. P.S.: Dont know where did those whites came from !!
  2. Thanks Harebrained and Home1212. Personally I like the coverage but feel that hairline should be more dense. Hairline hasnt still met my satisfaction, but its only 5 months so I am going to wait. I do smile looking into the mirror and have got some compliments when not under bright lights. No one has smelled HT so far, so yes. I believe my new hair does look very natural. Have been using propecia and minoxidil 5% once a dayas advised by Dr Bhatti.
  3. Hi Friends, Please find the pics attached at 20th week. Before I say anything about how feel, I would like to hear what everyone thinks. I have taken pics in bright light to give true impression.
  4. HI All, I am now 6 weeks post op...and here are the pics. I dont know if I am having shockloss or not as I can see lot of hair on me head standing like straws. If I have these hair with shockloss, then I think I am going to have rocking result. BUT if this is without shockloss and if this is the final density I am going to have then its a worrisome. I know I should not judge at such an early stage, but empty mind is devil's workshop. Last pic is what I look like at the moment IMO.
  5. Thanks Jameslondon. It was FUE. Blood test was mainly for few basic checks which are done for any surgery, like HIV, bleeing time/clotting time, etc.
  6. Thanks David.....I hope so too....will keep updating the thread with progress. -Cheers
  7. Hi Friends, Sharing my HT experience. After spending over a year researching on surgeons and procedure, I finally decided and underwent my first HT with Dr Tejinder Bhatti in India on Feb 2' 2016. I am 30 years male and like everyone, I also had lots of IFs and BUTs, TO or NOT TO sort of thoughts. People around me kept saying that I should be strong to embrace the baldness the natural way and that going for HT is a sign of weakness. But I believe it takes more courage to go for a procedure like HT and I am happy about it so far. I chose Dr Bhatti because his work on this and other forums looks impressive. Communication with him is strong point which builds in confidence. If I remember correctly, he replied to all my emails within a day. I even had my dilemma the evening before the surgery. But once I met with Dr Bhatti and his team, I got enough confidence to proceed. Both Dr Bhatti and his team know their stuff and are extremely transparent. Procedure took around 8 hours. I reached clinic sharp at 7, thanks to clinic's very punctual driver Sachin. Had a meeting with Dr Bhatti to discuss hairline one more time, followed by the blood test and then straight to the OT. Dr Bhatti did harvesting which took around two hours. I felt little pain while anesthesia was being injected, rest of the time it was very much under tolerable limits with two spikes during entire procedure. Slit making took another 1 hour and then I was given 10 mins break. Plantation was then done by the team who seem very careful and confident about it. So I had no worries either. Girls turned out big Bollywood fans like me. Dr Bhatti kept checking in every few mins to make sure everything was alright. It was all complete by around 3 pm. I was given nice lunch and asked to wait for 1-2 hours for bandage removal. Next day there was 1 hour session in the morning for post op care instructions. Dr Bhatti checked my buds and even commented that I had taken very good care during the night. I was now free to leave Chandigarh. All in all it was a pleasant experience and I hope my results turn out rocking. I am following all post care instructions like military orders. Attaching my before procedure pic and 6th day post op pics. Would love to hear feedback. -Cheers
  8. Hi All, Updating the thread with my decision. I have booked my transplant procedure with Dr Bhatti and have going to have it after a week. THe few reasons which made me choose Dr Bhaati over my other options are below: -Good results, I did not find even single bad result by Dr Bhatti anywhere on this or other forums. -I spoke with couple of his patients (thanks to Shera and Sethticles for their vaiuable inputs) and they strongly recommend him. -Open and transparent communication. Dr Bhatti discussed and ensure me that all my conerns will be addressed, It was very relieving and helped getting confidence about going with him. -Dr Bhatti is much more experienced with Asian patients than others, and his results look really impressive in terms of coverage and clean hairline. I will start another thread in appropriate section to post my story and results. I hope I have made right decision as I am still little nervous.
  9. Hello Dr Bhatti, Thank you for the comment. I am considering you and infact more inclined in my choices, because your work is quite impressive overall. Hairlines are good, but looking at the pictures, I feel if there should be more micro/macro irregularities along the border. Hairlines at some places looks linear. Please note that this is going to be my first HT so the view points I am presenting are more like concerns rather than judgement. Your openness in communication really brings in degree of confidence.
  10. Thank you for the input HTsoon. Have a reason to rule out Dr Doganay now. I am still considering Dr Erdogan, but have heard that communication (both pre op and post op) might be issue there. Still open for him though. Yes, Dr Bhatti is indeed impressive, but looking at the photographs, I feel that his hairlines are not very natural (they are not bad ofcourse, not at all, but they dont look as natural as others). As I said, I am confused and might appear as if I am rolling both side. But the decision is somewhat like that. Will appreciate any inputs if you have about Dr Demirsoy.
  11. Hi Friends, I am planning to have FUE procedure. As per my knowledge, I should need around 3000 grafts (pic attached). After intensive research on this forum, I have zeroed down on three surgeons. Dr. Bhatti in India and Dr. Hakan Doganay & Dr. Erkan Demirsoy in Turkey. I am more inclined towards Dr Bhatti. His results are impressive, but only concern I have is his hairlines dont look that natural. Dr Demirsoy is not recommended on this forum, but one of his HT stories results look damn impressive:http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/173669-fue-dr-erkan-demirsoy-2500-grafts-11th-february-2014-a.html I have infact read so much that I am now totally confused on how to make the choice. Any advise or inputs will be very helpful. -Thanks MJ
  12. Thanks Levrais and Hariri, I have heard that FUE is good in Belgium. I will explore other options somehow I feel that Indian doctors have performed enough surgeries now to get the requried level of expertese, I am just being biased here.....I would start looking for Belgium as an option.
  13. thanks the opinion Matt.....Forunately hair loss is only heath problem I have , so I am ok to be on Propecia. I am on minoxidil 5% for past 3 years and was prescribed Saw Palmitano, which I know has got no proven results, by a renowened clinic. I will defeinitely explore and try propecia I am under impression that I have a good donor area.....here is the pic anyways. I tried shaving my head couple of times, it wasnt that bad but I do not want to stay sahved head for lifetime.
  14. Apart from me looking to have option of shaving my head in future, isnt there any other parameter to decide between FUE and FUT considering my pattern of baldness. I am inclined towards FUE as I have come to know the it gives less density but better and natural look. Could anyone please suggest looking at pics I posted in previous posts. Thanks