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  1. Hi Watterot, Thank you for a very fair and well balanced post. I am not privy to the email exchange between you and Dr. Bhatti. Being Dr. Bhatti's Patient Advisor does not mean that I have to defend every action of his. It seems that you did not get the kind of support from the Clinic that you deserved as a Patient. There can be and should be no excuse for that. I can only apologize on the Clinic's behalf at this point and make sure that the Clinic works harder to provide the customer service that we have always prided ourselves upon. Seems that there is definitely a room for improvement
  2. Melvin, I honestly feel that this thread has become a breeding ground for "free for all....bash Dr. Bhatti" . Questions are being raised about Dr. Bhatti's competence as an HT Surgeon and even his membership on this forum here. Recently, this forum was even accused of corruption. When I asked for proof, nothing....silence! Talk is so cheap. Accusations are easy to throw around. A few "not so good HT results" are being used and abused to put pressure on this highly reputed forum to act against an HT Surgeon, who has been a highly reputed Surgeon for the past 28 years! Keep in mind the fac
  3. Since so much noise has been generated here regarding the administration of general anesthesia during an HT procedure, here are some relevant details, which really should put this issue to bed...for good! 1. General anesthesia is never given for a procedure as lengthy as a hair transplant procedure since it adds to the risks. The risk in a hair transplant procedure has to be minimal. 2. General anesthesia is not given on full stomach. Our Patients are advised to take milk with or without one sandwich at 6.30 AM and this has been in our pre-op instructions since ages. 3. Aft
  4. Hi Badresults, Really?! Did you read through this entire thread (that you have posted here?). All the ranting about $200 or so being charged for a hotel stay? NO pictures to show anything! You really find this whole thing credible? I don't. Regarding the "general anesthesia" part, I know for a fact (and checked again with Dr. Bhatti as recently as last week), our clinic does NOT administer general anesthesia to any patient. We all react differently to medication. I know folks that get knocked out by 2 benadryl tablets. Other folks can't get to sleep even after taking hard core sleep
  5. I guess you have made up your mind to stay focussed on accusations and insults. I do not need to "fabricate" anything. Wow!........"exposed"........doing what? .....Mr. Sherlock Holmes? I had been away from this forum for many months. A post or two in 4-5 months does not prove that "I was here". You are welcome to believe what you want to believe. I really do not have the time to go on this back and forth with you. As Melvin has rightly asked you to do, please post your pictures (when possible and feasible) and then let the community have a discussion on how your HT results can be judged
  6. Hi Sunnybadhair, With all due respect, using a condescending tone and insulting others does not help anyone or anything. I had mentioned in my post that you are not taking finasteride and you had responded by saying that you did take it for 6 months as was prescribed by the Doctor. I stand corrected. Whether you were advised to keep taking it long term or not, I do not know and hence do not want to comment on. Not sure where you found me "fabricating the truth". These personal attacks come across in bad taste and frankly do not deserve a response because I would like to stay within the li
  7. UPDATE: I got in touch with this Patient (Badresults) a few days ago and we spoke over the phone for over an hour. We had a very cordial conversation. He listed out all his grievances and I patiently listened since that was the least that I could do. I do agree with him that he had to go through a lot of pain and suffering because of the wrong/bad actions of our ex-UK Rep. That stays. We cannot ask this Patient not to feel bad about how that person treated him. I assured him again that our Clinic had severed all ties with this Rep as soon as we found about what he has done. From my
  8. GNXI, I shared over 2 dozen videos of our Patients and you still climbing up the same tree! I took time to answer each and every "assumption" of yours and still NOTHING. Did you READ and WATCH? I called you out on your false accusations (read lies) TWICE and you gave no response (forum corruption allegations). What does that do to your credibility? You make things up and then don't back them up. Not willing to engage in this back and forth with you. Start by backing up your accusations with some hard facts and then we will talk. Until then, I wish you all the best. Regards,
  9. Lol u post (1) example of a comb-over smh not surprising. Howbout this..... u post (10) examples of Dr. Bhatti performing 5000+ grafts successfully. (10) should be easy since he's performed thousands im told. Erdogan posts them monthly! In the meantime I've gone just back (9) pages for Bhatti and randomly picked (5) examples of a typical Bhatti HT's. These are examples of Dr. Bhatti and his modern day "Plugs" AND I posted (5) examples from a truly qualified surgeon being Dr. Erdogan where the grafts are played together to give the patient the density he's looking for! And btw I only went
  10. Hi GNX1, Wow.....way to be the judge, jury and the witness! You have been on this forum longer than most folks (2001) but Dr. Bhatti has been a world reputed HT Surgeon way longer than that. If we go with your logic/philosophy/rationale/assumption etc. then Dr. Bhatti should not have been in business. RIght? If an HT Surgeon is as bad as you would like us to believe, how did he manage to not only survive but actually thrive in the HT world?.....go from one HT Clinic to a full fledged hospital? Are you saying that the thousand of Patients that put their faith in Dr. Bhatti are naive, igno
  11. Hi Badresults, First of all, let me take the opportunity to apologize to you. A sincere, heartfelt and, unequivocal apology. No one deserves to go through what you had to go through. I wish I could take it all back. Coercion, intimidation, threats, and blackmail are not acceptable in any industry and not at all acceptable in the medical industry. The trust between a patient and his/her doctor is sacred and should always be respected. I hope that you will believe me when I say that I was not at all aware of all the mess that was created by an individual who used to be (not anymore)
  12. Glad to share Dr. Bhatti's comments on the other post here : (Dr. Bhatti's comments listed below) I have already given my end of the story to the Administrators here. I will answer relevant to the questions you have put forth and answers to which I presume have already been conveyed to you. But for the benefit of the forum members let me reiterate- 1. Shera had complete access to mails concerning his jurisdiction as rep. But once its in my basket, he has nothing to do unless they need to be followed up. If there is a follow up I wish him to do, he already has all data
  13. Thank you for your way more balanced comments here. And I agree with everything that you said here. Under no circumstances should unbiased reviews be stopped or censored. Any threats and intimidation to the reviewers is totally and utterly unacceptable. Reps do represent the clinics and are expected to showcase and follow the protocols and policies that the Clinics have in place. These are all facts that no one can/should refute. But going back to my original example......after representing Dr. Bhatti for 9 years, if I decide to go rogue and do something really bad, what recourse would Dr. Bha
  14. Hi Bruce90, As per the Patient, these incidents took place in the UK (and not India). Thousands of HT Patients go to India every year from all over the world. After their results come in, they pass on the word to their family, friends and co-workers. My next door neighbor in California got his HT done by Dr. Bhatti 3 years ago. Since then he has referred at least 10 of his friends and family from the US and Canada to Dr. Bhatti. I get to see my neighbors great looking hairline every time I see him driving one of his cars (he collects cars) or playing catch with his son on his driveway. Th
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