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  1. So, I guessed right.....you used to work in films and read scripts. See, I solved that mystery For the record, Dr. Bhatti's business is doing great. We are fully booked for the next so many months and that has been the case for years now. Thank God and thank our Patients for that. As mentioned before, Dr. Bhatti rarely posts on this forum but when someone attacks his integrity, he does have the right to defend himself. That topic has been beaten to death already and the thread locked up by Melvin. The "clinics with their backs against the wall" comment was not for our Clinic but for those folks who would stoop to any level to get business. Dr. Bhatti's Patient's know what kind of a person he is. A few years ago when I met him in San Francisco, I asked him why he wasn't getting onto the franchise bandwagon and opening franchise clinics in Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. His response was, "I live in Chandigarh. My Clinic is in Chandigarh. I take care of all of my Patients myself. If I open up franchise clinics, I will have to have other doctors do the procedures and I won't be able to guarantee the work. My reputation means the world to me". Honest truth. No conspiracy
  2. Wow.....transplantedphil....wow......what an imagination! Shouldn't you be writing scripts for some detective movies? What a "connection" you made! What a mystery you solved!. Sherlock Holmes must be turning and tossing in his grave!!! Let's analyze your thought process.......Mathur knows California and wants to help advertise Darling Buds/Dr. Bhatti's Clinic. He posts on this forum asking for recommendations for a Clinic in North India. Ahmedabad_guy responds to the posts and mentions 2 clinics to Mathur, one of them being Dr. Bhatti's. (BTW, you forgot to assign a role/character to Ahmedabad_guy....is he connected to Dr. Bhatti too?).....then barberman1986 (who BTW has been documenting his HT journey on this forum since May 2018, joins in this "advertising conspiracy" all the way from UK and recommends Dr. Bhatti's Clinic. Mathur cleverly throws in the nugget of information that he was working in Silicon Valley. California latches on to that information and starts a conversation since he happens to be based in that part of the world too.......What a clever "advertising" scheme......all the way from India to UK to California....... Wow....talk about conspiracy theories! And you call it "scripted"? Man......your imagination sure runs wild! On a serious note.....are you serious? Do YOU even believe what you are suggesting? The word PREPOSTEROUS comes into mind........ Thanks, California
  3. jj51702, I can assure you that it must have been a coincidence. I have not been active on this forum for months because of some personal reasons. Thank you for your response. All the best. California
  4. For some reason, as soon as some folks on this forum see "Darling Buds/Dr. Bhatti" being mentioned, they feel obligated to jump in (uninvited) on those threads to post their offensive comments. "Cash Grab"......."Bhatti hair restoration network".......not sure what their real agenda is....? The Patient originating this thread asked for recommendations for an HT Clinic based in North India that does FUE. He was pointed to Dr. Bhatti's Clinic and another Clinic by a user on this Forum. After that a Dr. Bhatti past Patient chimed in with his recommendation. The Patient said that he was living in Silicon Valley, California. I reached out asking if he was still based in the Silicon Valley and if yes, I could meet up with him in person. He responded saying that he was back in Indian now and would be visiting the San Francisco Bay Area in December and would like to meet with me for sure. Dr. Bhatti (who rarely posts on this Forum) advised this Patient to get on propecia. All I see is a friendly and amicable communication between this Patient and our Clinic. Why these folks (who have nothing to do with this Patient and/or our Clinic) have to be rude and discourteous, is baffling.
  5. Hi Thornbush, Dr. Bhatti is based in Mohali (Chandigarh), which as you would know, is very close to Delhi. He does do Patient consultations in other locations (within Indian and outside of India). I am sure that he guide you since you have already reached out to him. Regarding the facility, the the Clinic is located inside the new 5-Rivers hospital, the first ever plastic surgery only hospital in India. A big percentage of Dr. Bhatti's Patients come from the Western countries and their feedback has indicated that they found the facilities, hygiene, quality control etc. at Darling Buds at par (and at times better) with any comparable HT Clinic in the West. I would highly encourage you to visit the Clinic and see for yourself. Sharing some pics of the Clinic https://darlingbuds.com/why-choose-us Best regards, California
  6. Sounds good, Mathur. Will look forward to meeting with you. Regards, California
  7. Hi Miami Curls, Great write up! Thanks for sharing your HT journey and your personal joy and satisfaction. You do seem to be getting younger and younger:) We are very happy for you. Regards, California
  8. Hi Rogers09, You seem to be on the right track as far as research and due diligence are concerned. When it comes to choosing your HT Surgeon, the margin of error is very low. I am sure that you will make an informed and educated decision. I wanted to chime in here just to point out that Dr. Bhatti's full name is Dr. Tejinder Bhatti. You have a typo in his name. We wish you all the best. Regards, California
  9. Hi Mathur, Are you still based in the San Jose/Silicon Valley area or have you moved back to India? If you are still living in the SF Bay Area, then that would make us neighbors. If you want, I would be happy to share with you my personal HT story and more details about Darling Buds India/Dr. Bhatti. You can email me or PM me if you wish. Since you are planning to get married in 2020, you need to do your research and finalize an HT Surgeon as soon as logistically possible. We wish you all the best. Regards, California
  10. Hi Barberman, Thanks for sharing your latest pic. Your hair looks awesome. Kind of as good as it gets as far as an HT is concerned. Killer hair line! Very happy for you. Best regards, California
  11. Hi Itxrd, Thank you for sharing your latest HT update pic. Would be great if you could share a few more pics. The one that you have shared looks a bit blurry. Thank you again, California
  12. Hi Rogers09, your wish is our command I am sure that Dr. Bhatti will give you an amazing hairline and a great head of hair. Patient satisfaction is what we strive for every single day. Best regards, California
  13. "It's not slander if the patient is willing to provide information".....really? No sense in arguing this further. Please believe what you want to believe. Thank you.