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  1. Melvin, I honestly feel that this thread has become a breeding ground for "free for all....bash Dr. Bhatti" . Questions are being raised about Dr. Bhatti's competence as an HT Surgeon and even his membership on this forum here. Recently, this forum was even accused of corruption. When I asked for proof, nothing....silence! Talk is so cheap. Accusations are easy to throw around. A few "not so good HT results" are being used and abused to put pressure on this highly reputed forum to act against an HT Surgeon, who has been a highly reputed Surgeon for the past 28 years! Keep in mind the fact that many of film stars from Bollywood and the Pollywood (Punjab film industry) make Dr. Bhatti their first choice for HT. These are folks for whom cost is not an issue......the end result are. Food for thought! ------------------------------------- watterot, we hear your concerns loud and clear. Here is what I am a bit confused about. As per Dr. Bhatti, you are in constant contact with him via email and WhatsApp. You have agreed to come back to the Clinic after the lockdown is over in India (after June 1st) for a follow up visit. Is that not the case? If yes, then I would humbly request you to not make a final judgement on whether or not Dr. Bhatti is willing to back you up and take care of your HT aspirations. I agree with you that there is a spot that didn't seem to get any grafts planted. I am not a doctor and won't try to justify anything. From a layman (who also had 4 HT procedures done) point of view, maybe a better plan would have been to just focus on the hairline and the mid-scalp area and leave the crown for a future time (if and when you chose to do that). ------------------------------ JayLDD, you have said, "I don't say this lightly, but I am 100% sure that if I trained for less than a month I could produce equivalent results". Really? Well, I wish it was so easy to become a doctor and a surgeon. So, going with that logic, if you train for 2 months, then you might be able to do a heart surgery or a brain surgery. Right? You are talking "lightly" about a Surgeon with 28 years of plastic surgery experience and thousands of successful cases. A few 'not to good results' and 'anyone' can do a "better" job than him! Let's ALL become Surgeons.....takes just 1 MONTH!!! -------------------------------- Badresults....quoting you, "Also, when you tell the patient rep, that you would lodge a report for criminal case, they can even suggest you its not a good idea, because in India it is known that everyone can get away by paying money to the authorities"..... YOU KNOW THAT THAT IS NOT TRUE. So, unfortunate that you decided to twist my words. After speaking with you over the phone for over an hour, this is what you got from that conversation? Why the untruth? Did I not repeatedly tell you that you should do what you think is good and feasible for you. You said that you would like to file a police case and I said that you should absolutely do what you like. In passing, I shared my opinion about the legal system in India (IN GENERAL). Now you make it sound as if I was trying to discourage you from doing whatever you would like to do. So, for the record, PLEASE GO AHEAD AND DO WHAT YOU THINK IS GOOD FOR YOU AND FEASIBLE FOR YOU. PLEASE. WE LIVE IN A FREE WORLD. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO WHAT YOU THINK IS GOOD FOR YOU. ----------------------------------------- Yake, you said, "Bhatti needs to improve his work as he is neither offering refund nor giving free repairs". With all due respect, I have to disagree. We offered a full "redo" (not just repair) HT to Badresults. He decided to decline that offer (I respect this opinion and reasons for doing that). We were not able to offer a refund (as would be the case with 99% of reputed HT Clinics, worldwide). So, the assumption that we are not willing to backup our Patients is not accurate. All the best, California
  2. Since so much noise has been generated here regarding the administration of general anesthesia during an HT procedure, here are some relevant details, which really should put this issue to bed...for good! 1. General anesthesia is never given for a procedure as lengthy as a hair transplant procedure since it adds to the risks. The risk in a hair transplant procedure has to be minimal. 2. General anesthesia is not given on full stomach. Our Patients are advised to take milk with or without one sandwich at 6.30 AM and this has been in our pre-op instructions since ages. 3. After the harvesting is over, the final hairline is drawn by Dr Bhatti which the patient confirms before Dr Bhatti makes the slit. The Patient is at times drowsy but awake enough to make out what's happening around him 4. Once the local anesthesia is given before the slits are made, the patient gets a coffee break where a sandwich is served. This is not possible after general anesthesia 5. Many of our Patients drive back home themselves the same day. 6. Our anesthetist Dr K. Johar is in attendance throughout the procedure and is monitoring the patient. 7. Sedation in form of Injection Midazolam 1 mg intravenous is routine but this does not put most most people to sleep- only enough for lessening anxiety for the initial 30 mins of the procedure. Yes this is enough for some patients to go off to sleep. 8. No hospital/medical center in India under the Clinical Establishment Act can engage in surgical procedures without an ICU in the premise with ventilatory support. It is now against the law to do surgery without this requirement and hair transplant is considered a surgical procedure. And hence an anesthetist has to be employed full time. We do only one procedure a day in Darling Buds since it is almost impossible for one surgeon to do 2 cases in a day. Moreover Dr Bhatti does only hair transplant and 100% FUE hair transplants at that. Our Clinic has been a One Patient-One Doctor-One Center destination since the past 12 years. Any patient wanting to verify how much of the procedure was done by Dr Bhatti only has to ask for the procedure to be recorded on camera in the first 30 mins when he may feel sedated. Best regards, California
  3. Hi Badresults, Really?! Did you read through this entire thread (that you have posted here?). All the ranting about $200 or so being charged for a hotel stay? NO pictures to show anything! You really find this whole thing credible? I don't. Regarding the "general anesthesia" part, I know for a fact (and checked again with Dr. Bhatti as recently as last week), our clinic does NOT administer general anesthesia to any patient. We all react differently to medication. I know folks that get knocked out by 2 benadryl tablets. Other folks can't get to sleep even after taking hard core sleeping pills. Dr. Bhatti confirmed again that we sometimes administer a mild sedative. General anesthesia for a procedure as minor as HT would be a huge risk for any Clinic. This is not a heart surgery! If a patient dozes off, that does not mean that a general anesthesia was given. Please try to look for the logic here. On this forum itself, there must be hundreds of Dr. Bhatti Patients. Had our Clinic had this policy of giving general anesthesia to our Patients, don't you think that our Patients would have spoken up? Where is the "outrage"? ........Question begs to be answered why any Clinic would take the huge risk/liability of giving general anesthesia for a procedure like HT? What could be the "motive" behind that? To "switch" the HT Surgeon? To "cheat" on the number of grafts? .......the conspiracy theories could be endless......the wilder the imagination.....the more ridiculous the possibilities..........right? I wish you all the best. Regards, California
  4. I guess you have made up your mind to stay focussed on accusations and insults. I do not need to "fabricate" anything. Wow!........"exposed"........doing what? .....Mr. Sherlock Holmes? I had been away from this forum for many months. A post or two in 4-5 months does not prove that "I was here". You are welcome to believe what you want to believe. I really do not have the time to go on this back and forth with you. As Melvin has rightly asked you to do, please post your pictures (when possible and feasible) and then let the community have a discussion on how your HT results can be judged. Until then, if you choose to keep up with your insults, please be my guest. But I hope you do not expect me to respond. I wish you all the best. Regards, California
  5. Hi Sunnybadhair, With all due respect, using a condescending tone and insulting others does not help anyone or anything. I had mentioned in my post that you are not taking finasteride and you had responded by saying that you did take it for 6 months as was prescribed by the Doctor. I stand corrected. Whether you were advised to keep taking it long term or not, I do not know and hence do not want to comment on. Not sure where you found me "fabricating the truth". These personal attacks come across in bad taste and frankly do not deserve a response because I would like to stay within the limits of decency. I would encourage you to have a constructive conversation on how we can help you in achieving your optimal HT results that would make you happy. This bashing, personal attacks and insults are not productive. Thank you, California
  6. UPDATE: I got in touch with this Patient (Badresults) a few days ago and we spoke over the phone for over an hour. We had a very cordial conversation. He listed out all his grievances and I patiently listened since that was the least that I could do. I do agree with him that he had to go through a lot of pain and suffering because of the wrong/bad actions of our ex-UK Rep. That stays. We cannot ask this Patient not to feel bad about how that person treated him. I assured him again that our Clinic had severed all ties with this Rep as soon as we found about what he has done. From my side, I tried my best to assure him that we (Darling Buds Clinic/Dr. Bhatti) had absolutely NOTHING to do with the actions of that one person. That this is the first time in my 11 years association with this Clinic that such a crazy thing has happened. It is a sad and heartbreaking. I have already issued a public apology to this Patient for all the troubles, embarrassment and awkwardness that he had to go through due to the actions of one rogue rep and I apologized to him again during our phone conversation. I requested him to not hold a grudge against Dr. Bhatti for this since he had no role to play in this. I personally am proud of Dr. Bhatti's honesty, sincerity, integrity and his concern for his Patients. As mentioned before, I do not need to "sell" Dr. Bhatti to anyone. Whether I continue to work with him or not, has no effect on my financial situation. Money is not a factor here. After speaking to this Patient, I communicated with Dr. Bhatti. We went over all that has happened so far. Dr. Bhatti said that what that rep did to this Patient has caused him grief and anguish on a personal level and he would love to do his best to try to make it up to this Patient. He said that he is more than happy to take responsibility for this Patient's HT results and would gladly offer him a complimentary redo (not repair) procedure without putting any cap on the number of grafts. Basically, whatever it takes to help the patient reach his HT goals. He is not able to offer a refund as such practices can potentially open flood gates with every patient that feels that their HT result was less than optimal, demanding a refund from his/her HT Clinic. That could be game changer for our clinic and other clinics out there. I spoke to the Patient again today and conveyed Dr. Bhatti's offer to him. He turned the offer down and said that if he is not given a full refund, he will want to pursue with legal actions against the Clinic. I told him that he is welcome to follow any course of action as he feels is feasible and beneficial for him. I had really hoped that we would be able to reach an amicable solution here but unfortunately, that did not happen. I wish this Patient all the best. He has my phone number now and I asked him to feel free to ping me anytime, if I can help with anything. Best regards, California
  7. GNXI, I shared over 2 dozen videos of our Patients and you still climbing up the same tree! I took time to answer each and every "assumption" of yours and still NOTHING. Did you READ and WATCH? I called you out on your false accusations (read lies) TWICE and you gave no response (forum corruption allegations). What does that do to your credibility? You make things up and then don't back them up. Not willing to engage in this back and forth with you. Start by backing up your accusations with some hard facts and then we will talk. Until then, I wish you all the best. Regards, California
  8. Lol u post (1) example of a comb-over smh not surprising. Howbout this..... u post (10) examples of Dr. Bhatti performing 5000+ grafts successfully. (10) should be easy since he's performed thousands im told. Erdogan posts them monthly! In the meantime I've gone just back (9) pages for Bhatti and randomly picked (5) examples of a typical Bhatti HT's. These are examples of Dr. Bhatti and his modern day "Plugs" AND I posted (5) examples from a truly qualified surgeon being Dr. Erdogan where the grafts are played together to give the patient the density he's looking for! And btw I only went back (2) pages for Dr. Erdogan's examples and most of them were 5000+ grafts. Bhatti doesn't perform large graft operations cause he doesn't have the skill to do so and he knows if he placed his grafts that far apart to achieve 5000 grafts he would run of out scalp! The difference in skill is NIGHT and DAY!!!! Hi GNX1, I hate to hijack Sunnybadhair's thread. But you leave me no room not to respond. As expected, you make wrong and ridiculous accusations and when you get called out on it, you conveniently "side step" and choose not to respond. Let me remind you one more time what you said: 1. Accused this forum of corruption by saying that forum members that criticize Dr. Bhatti, get banned from this forum. I asked you for one name and you didn't give any. Why am I not surprised?!!! 2. "FEW" moderators of this forum had their HT done with Dr. Bhatti (and hence the presumed bias towards Dr. Bhatti) Don't worry.....I don't expect you to back up your false accusations. What is not true is not true. You can try to play a Goebbels here but that won't work. Now, let me response to the rest of your "facts/beliefs/assumptions/misconceptions": You said, " "I see the excuses about thin hair and miniaturizing scalp and the need for all these drugs its a bunch a BS! " And he doesn't do 5000 grafts procedures because he would run out of sclap" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drTFdNXX-Vc&list=PL369T6qyYsuHhqymaMLTT6OMyUS_5pJv4&index=10&t=4s Anyone who knows HT would understand why Dr. Bhatti does not allow his clients to take Finasteride before the procedure. It is simply since he wishes the patient to be drug free after the mandatory 6 months are over. We all know an average scalp does not not allow more than 3000-3500 scalp grafts in one pass. We keep seeing 5000 to 6000+ grafts on this forum, in fact it has become a trend. Either grafts have become follicles down the line the permanent zone has been extended. But I doubt these will survive once the patient is off medications. BHT is another ballgame altogether. I am just speaking of DHT blockers and their affect on scalp donor that is miniaturised. You may also like to see the complete playlist here. Not even in one video does Dr Bhatti sell hair transplant or advises medication against the patients' interest. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL369T6qyYsuHhqymaMLTT6OMyUS_5pJv4 Comparisons are odious and we do not compare ourselves with Erdogan. His is a big name in the hair transplant industry. Dr Bhatti would be friends with him, I am sure. I challenge you to show me a clinic on this forum or any other where a " One Patient, One Doctor, One Center" clinic produces results like we do. 1. Dr does does one case a day. It is not possible to do more due to his laborious modified DHI technique (Anagen Q+). 2. Dr does all the harvesting himself. 3. Dr Bhatti believes in saving grafts for future use since balding is an ever evolving process. His results have always ensured greater coverage with lesser grafts. In the right person, he has never shied away from using more grafts. You cannot turn this against him! You can get so much information about Dr Bhatti's patients from this forum besides the "5 pages that you were able to find" But show me any clinic in the world that has got greater results with such few grafts as Dr Bhatti. The comparison with any clinic is such a contrast that it is not worth discussing. In fact it is a no brainer- Additionally watch these videos for less grafts greater coverage keeping the patients long term interests in mind and personal profit at bay. See for yourself if these are "comb overs" See these cases below and then show me another One Patient- One Doctor- One Center Clinic that uses so few grafts to produce the results we do. It should not miss your learned self that this is against all known principles of profit. Less grafts are a saving to the patient, as much as less grafts is a loss to the clinic! 0. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-7TJVqk9XM&list=PL369T6qyYsuEE0-6HPJ3lmBrxM9zt7mcB&index=9&t=0s 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oypuP_T0dw&list=PL369T6qyYsuHiVe9RUw_Dawitrczlhfoa&index=3&t=0s 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIeuZUvTuEI&list=PL369T6qyYsuHiVe9RUw_Dawitrczlhfoa&index=22&t=0s 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiVTZ8srNHA&list=PL369T6qyYsuHiVe9RUw_Dawitrczlhfoa&index=20&t=0s 4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6reVh6uDqc&list=PL369T6qyYsuGzUqqHgMAsICgekPq88_Et 5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CA33Fmgu8og&list=PL369T6qyYsuGzUqqHgMAsICgekPq88_Et&index=6&t=0s 6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWwHbLJ0IJo&list=PL369T6qyYsuGzUqqHgMAsICgekPq88_Et&index=11&t=21s 7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osJTnRh2eJE&list=PL369T6qyYsuGzUqqHgMAsICgekPq88_Et&index=8&t=0s 8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqGOg4Pgz0k&list=PL369T6qyYsuGzUqqHgMAsICgekPq88_Et&index=13&t=0s 9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqGOg4Pgz0k&list=PL369T6qyYsuGzUqqHgMAsICgekPq88_Et&index=13&t=0s 10.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JeimSLrVMA&list=PL369T6qyYsuGzUqqHgMAsICgekPq88_Et&index=17&t=0s 11.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNGoTRqEIwg&list=PL369T6qyYsuGzUqqHgMAsICgekPq88_Et&index=32&t=0s 12. ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6oLWOWW7-I&list=PL369T6qyYsuHiVe9RUw_Dawitrczlhfoa&index=19&t=0s In the right patient where needed we are also give aggressive and dense hairlines. No 2 patients are the same. See these cases below: 0. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wLaQ-LPnqo&list=PL369T6qyYsuGUpQgdWANQrsJAHbEjQ9JR&index=31&t=0s 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oypuP_T0dw&list=PL369T6qyYsuHiVe9RUw_Dawitrczlhfoa&index=3&t=30s 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omluXWJz3hs 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5lfFxmnAks 4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rI1Ls3NZJM 5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsVuayjYDe0&list=PL369T6qyYsuGFHleI0oUPkPTrOPpTIRiG&index=48&t=0s 6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6reVh6uDqc&list=PL369T6qyYsuGFHleI0oUPkPTrOPpTIRiG&index=40&t=0s 7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yfsgK5isXU&list=PL369T6qyYsuGFHleI0oUPkPTrOPpTIRiG&index=35&t=5s 8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIyWRfqIjbY&list=PL369T6qyYsuGFHleI0oUPkPTrOPpTIRiG&index=40 9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrWLv0HOgB8&list=PL369T6qyYsuGFHleI0oUPkPTrOPpTIRiG&index=24&t=0s 10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGNYjzY6wsc&list=PL369T6qyYsuH259i8l-XupVY68DYxWO1l&index=15&t=0s 11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yC3oob2exsU&list=PL369T6qyYsuEE0-6HPJ3lmBrxM9zt7mcB&index=6&t=0s Note most of our videos are shot in low contrast and not in high contrast which is the present trend. Some unhappy clients will always crop up. That is the nature of the HT industry. A 100% Patient satisfaction is just not possible. But for the last 20 years, we have done the right thing and stood by our Patients. We want to make sure that we do everything possible to help them achieve their HT goals. There might be exceptions but those exceptions don't make the rule. Since we do just one case a day, even not posting on this forum ever would passively get us those many clients! This is the reason we have not posted regularly since long. You could call it complacency. It is not a good thing for brand development and we have taken note. We must start being more regular than before. What does he mean by low cost? For India USD 1.4 that Dr Bhatti charges goes a long way for him and he is happy. Increasingly patients are being treated with more and more grafts each passing year. I wonder how the philosophy changed in the last 5 years. It has got to be due to commerce. A clinic that does an honest job gets blackmailed in many ways by posts like yours. (Show me 10 good results of anyone on this forum where the harvesting was done by the doctor. )- we can ask someone to post this for us. Opposition to Dr Bhatti's technique and philosophy will continue in this tremendously competitive industry. We will continue to hold on to our ideals like wwe have before and continue to care for the patients entrusting their emotions to us. Again, you came out with guns blazing, accusing HRN of corruption and coercion before launching a full on attack on Dr. Bhatti's skills. I do not have the time of a back and forth with you but I cannot let you make false statements about our Clinic that you chose not to back up. Same goes for your accusations against this esteemed forum. I have nothing but respect for the honesty, integrity and sincere Patient advocacy of this forum. Have a good day, California
  9. Hi GNX1, Wow.....way to be the judge, jury and the witness! You have been on this forum longer than most folks (2001) but Dr. Bhatti has been a world reputed HT Surgeon way longer than that. If we go with your logic/philosophy/rationale/assumption etc. then Dr. Bhatti should not have been in business. RIght? If an HT Surgeon is as bad as you would like us to believe, how did he manage to not only survive but actually thrive in the HT world?.....go from one HT Clinic to a full fledged hospital? Are you saying that the thousand of Patients that put their faith in Dr. Bhatti are naive, ignorant or not smart enough? You have come out with guns blazing against Dr. Bhatti and I am trying to figure out why? You have basically accused this reputed forum that prides itself on being an unbiased Patient advocate of corruption! Can you please name one person that got banned on this forum for criticizing Dr. Bhatti (and not for breaking the rules of this forum)? Talk is cheap....slander doesn't take much.....does it? You say that "few of the HRN moderators had HT's from him".....let me help you get your facts right. ONE forum moderator, David got his HT done with Dr. Bhatti. He went all the way from the US to India to get his procedure done. You do realize that the moderators of this forum do know a thing or two about HT's ....right? So, David after being a moderator of this forum for many years and knowing the HT business much better than you and I (most probably) would just close his eyes and fly to India to get his HT done by a "bad HT Surgeon"? Wow......what logic......! We are blessed that we live in a free country but with freedom comes responsibility. Unfortunately, your comments are very offensive against Dr. Bhatti and against this forum. Since you are a "veteran" here, you might remember that Dr. Bhatti was made to go through all kinds of "tests" before getting recommended on this forum. He earned his place here and did not get it handed to him on a plate. You say that Dr. Bhatti's "graft placement is too far apart"......I just added the pre-op and post-op pics of a random Dr. Bhatti Patient here........please take a look and see for yourself. How much "closer" would you like the grafts to be?........HT is not a perfect science and it is definitely NOT a "one size fits all"....... I do hope that you will think twice in the future before bashing someone. It is not nice and it is not fair. I wish you all the best. Stay safe. Regards, California
  10. Hi Badresults, First of all, let me take the opportunity to apologize to you. A sincere, heartfelt and, unequivocal apology. No one deserves to go through what you had to go through. I wish I could take it all back. Coercion, intimidation, threats, and blackmail are not acceptable in any industry and not at all acceptable in the medical industry. The trust between a patient and his/her doctor is sacred and should always be respected. I hope that you will believe me when I say that I was not at all aware of all the mess that was created by an individual who used to be (not anymore) associated with our Clinic. When I came to know about all this, my 10 year long business relationship with Dr. Bhatti gave the confidence that he would never be involved in something like this. I still asked Dr. Bhatti for his response and his exact words were, "this has caused me a lot of personal anguish and put my hard earned reputation at risk". This individual was associated with our Clinic and his actions made us all look bad....even though we had absolutely nothing to do with it. He made some really bad decisions in his own capacity. That said, a wrong was committed. What is wrong is wrong. Justifying a wrong makes it even worse. For the past 20 years, we (Darling Buds India/Dr. Bhatti) have prided ourselves on the fact that we always take care of our Patients with honesty, integrity and professionalism. You won't find a lot of "unhappy Dr. Bhatti Patients" out there. Not saying that every HT procedure is a stellar success but we try hard to reach out to our Patients and make sure that we never give up on them. We back them up with whatever it takes to help them reach their HT goals. We do not want to treat you any differently. You have already suffered a lot and we would love to do our very best to take care of you. Discussing this issue on a public forum is fine (not asking you to stop posting here) but it doesn't solve the main problem. I would love to work with you and see what we can do to help you. I am requesting an opportunity to talk to you via phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom or any other platform that you might prefer. I have no intention to coerce you to do anything that you don't want to do. I just want to connect as a friend and well-wisher with the goal of making things right (as much as humanly possible) I am asking you to either DM me your phone number and your choice of communication or I can send you my phone number for you to reach out to me. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Best regards, California
  11. Glad to share Dr. Bhatti's comments on the other post here : (Dr. Bhatti's comments listed below) I have already given my end of the story to the Administrators here. I will answer relevant to the questions you have put forth and answers to which I presume have already been conveyed to you. But for the benefit of the forum members let me reiterate- 1. Shera had complete access to mails concerning his jurisdiction as rep. But once its in my basket, he has nothing to do unless they need to be followed up. If there is a follow up I wish him to do, he already has all data. You cannot expect me to be doing surgeries and doing all the office work unassisted and then answering here as well. If there is an enquiry from US it goes to the US representative and so it is for Israel/Middle East and Australia. They comprise my office staff and get paid for it. This is how all offices in this industry work and is absolutely legal, not only in India but in every country in the world. Yes, if he were not working for me, and if he were a random person and I shared valuable patient information with him, it would have been completely illegal. 2. Shera is no longer the international representative at Darling Buds. Also his privileges have been revoked on this forum as well. 3. There is no shirking the responsibility for any result- good or bad. It is completely mine. I never said otherwise. Remaining answers have been furnished already. I will continue to hope you do not take legal recourse but give us a chance to serve you to your best interest. Regards
  12. Thank you for your way more balanced comments here. And I agree with everything that you said here. Under no circumstances should unbiased reviews be stopped or censored. Any threats and intimidation to the reviewers is totally and utterly unacceptable. Reps do represent the clinics and are expected to showcase and follow the protocols and policies that the Clinics have in place. These are all facts that no one can/should refute. But going back to my original example......after representing Dr. Bhatti for 9 years, if I decide to go rogue and do something really bad, what recourse would Dr. Bhatti have besides firing me? Can he come after me in the US courts? Can he get me prosecuted? (maybe, depending on the severity of my actions). Please, do keep in mind that Dr. Bhatti is based in India and fighting legal battles in foreign countries/courts is not that easy. I do not want to erode the gravity of the situation even for a second. You and I are in complete agreement there. What is wrong is wrong and justifying a wrong makes it even more wrong. I appreciate you calling a spade a spade. That is the way it should be and I respect that. I do want you to consider that if something happens one time in 20 years, that can only be considered as an anomaly (even a really bad one) and not a company policy. Thank you, California
  13. Hi Bruce90, As per the Patient, these incidents took place in the UK (and not India). Thousands of HT Patients go to India every year from all over the world. After their results come in, they pass on the word to their family, friends and co-workers. My next door neighbor in California got his HT done by Dr. Bhatti 3 years ago. Since then he has referred at least 10 of his friends and family from the US and Canada to Dr. Bhatti. I get to see my neighbors great looking hairline every time I see him driving one of his cars (he collects cars) or playing catch with his son on his driveway. The previous moderator of this esteemed forum (before Melvin) David went to India to get his HT done with Dr. Bhatti. He shared his entire happy HT journey on this forum. Passing a blanket judgment on a Clinic or a country just because of one rogue incident (which should be taken seriously and dealt with appropriately) is not fair in my opinion. That said, I respect your views and your opinion. I wish you all the best. Stay safe. Warm regards, California
  14. Hi Looking for HT, No, absolutely not. I am not saying that the Forum members should turn a blind eye at this Patient or any other Patient. Every Patient deserves to be heard. I totally agree with you that emotions are involved when it comes to HT results. When a Patient is not happy with his/her HT results, it gets painful and depressing. The point I was trying to make was that the actions of one representative of any company cannot and should not be used to judge that company. Nothing more. Nothing less. In regards to taking responsibility for an ex-employee’s actions, I have reached out to the Clinic to get more details. I will keep you all posted. I thank you for your balanced comments. Best regards, California