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  1. Look for Dr Villnow in Germany. He specializes in body as well as FUE and strip. There's a patient called William38 who have more than 7000 grafts on the forum
  2. Dr De Reys is one of the best. Some really experienced posters like Mickey85 already campaigned for him to be a recommended surgeon on this forum. what's going on with that, Mickey?
  3. Another patient has posted a photo journal of Villnow's work: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/170774-4200-fue-dr-villnow-800-body-hair.html
  4. @Questionmark - Dortmund lost against Hoffenheim - pretty dramatic with 2 penalties and a red card. But it won't matter for us. The players probably had their heads in Wembley already. I'm trying to work out when I can get time off work to do the op. I asked the Doctor lots of questions and he had hundreds of photos. I'll post here soon. Thanks for you support with the questions, Q and also to Chrisdav.
  5. @Questionmark Thanks for the comments, Q. Keep 'em coming, I went to see the Doc last week and I've got a surgery booked. I'm going to write it up and I'll post my own journal soon, You'd better let me know what you think then as well, Q. Agreed?
  6. @William38 Haha! Don't worry about me losing faith in the forum. It's good to get other views on a doc. That's why I'm here. @Questionmark Is that a photo of Juergen Klopp's hair? You can't see his face so you can't tell. You seem to recognise a lot from the photo you put up. Have a look at the Villnow website and have a look at the photos there. Just google Villnow and hair. It's in english. You seem like a really smart guy from the way you write so let me know what you think. You can PM me or whatever. Are you a doctor? @ Calgacus I found the photos of Dick Advocaat on t
  7. Juergen Klopp to manage Manchester United after Alex Ferguson leaves is 10 to 1 on Paddy Power today! @William38 - your journal is great and I think Dr De Reys has done a fantastic job with you but does he really work on his own? Villnow's prices are about the same as De Reys and better than Bisange, Feirduni and co. He's definitely got a big team who work with him. I don't know if he's done any other footballers but I'm going to ask him when I see him. My consultation is next week!
  8. Thanks Calgacus. We've got our work cut out against Bayern on the 25th. It must be tough for you. Rangers and Celtic were always the top teams in the SPL. That fraud/embezzlement (?) thing wasn't the player's fault at all! I saw some footage of a Rangers match this year. It looked like it had been shot on a home video camera - then I remembered - they're in the league now!
  9. @Calgacus there's a full set of before and after photos for Dick Advocaat on Dr Villnow's "hair transplant pro" website. I'll see if I can grab them and post them up here.
  10. @JohnnyDrama I respect the way you write a lot about those doctors you know in Belgium and I know they're good but I want to know about Dr Villnow. Have you guys seen Juergen Klopp's hair?
  11. Thanks guys, I'm going to see him next week but I didn't think he does FUT - on his website it says he only does FUE? I only want FUE and I want a great price so that's why I'm going (OK, if it's good enough for Juergen Klopp, that helps! ) So Calgacus, good to hear you know us! ) I'm confused though, are you in the US? Who was your team in the Champions League back then? @Chrisdav - do you have a link to the question list thread?
  12. Hello forum! I'm a Norwood 5 and I take finasteride (propecia) for five years. My father is a Norwood 6 and I think I'm going to run like that soon. I love football and my team is Borussia Dortmund so I'm going to see Dr Villnow in Duesseldorf next week. He treated Juergen Klopp and there are photos in every German newspaper at the moment. If you watch Champions League then you know Juergen Klopp. The trainer of Borussia Dortmund who smashed Real Madrid in the semi-finals - BVB schwatzgelb!! I saw Kloppo had a hair transplant by Dr Villnow in the German Bild newpaper