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  1. This topic has been closed as it has been hacked with multiple spammy posts.
  2. No problem, your name change has been effected.
  3. YouTube short URL test Another test
  4. Hi FLBRO, We have a drop menu in thhe top right, hwere you can select an earea nd the list will show recommended doctors in that location. Here is a link to the results page for Florida. Yes, it is a good ide to research all over the place, don't restrict yourself to a geographical area.
  5. Hi elicash80, I noticed that your profile was not yet fully approved and this has not been done, so you should be fine to send PM's now. It looks like the activation slipped threough the cracks. Hans
  6. Indeed, he has been accepted. There is a selection option in the top right of the pages, where there is a drop menu with all the recommended surgeons. His recommendation is here.
  7. Hi Corbyn, your ability to send PM's has been set up. Welcome
  8. Kumusta po. 1 year pa lang nagumpisa ang paglagas ng buhok ko pero sobrang bilis. Ngayon ang nipis na ng buhok ko, sinubukan ko na lahat ng hair regrowth shampoos pero wala pa rin. Natatakot akong tuluyan na akong makalbo, ayaw ko din namang umabot ito na kelangan ko ng magpatransplant. Gusto ko sana natural treatment lang. Note, that thios is an English speaking forum and we would ask that you do use English, so we can all understand the posts.
  9. Dr. Dua, Thanks for presenting this patient. From what I've seen so far, your work and results are very impressive. Do you have any photos showing this patient's crown after the results from the second procedure matured? I'd like to see what the crown and the entire top of the head looks like now that he has 6000 grafts covering the entire top of the scalp. I look forward to seeing more examples of your work and results in the coming days. Best wishes, Bill
  10. Yaz89, please post your images directly, or host them on other locations, like PhotoBucket.com, where we are not inundated with adds. Thanks
  11. Everything should be fine now, we did have a temporary issue with the mail notifications, but that is now also resolved.
  12. Replying to the post to check for mail notifications
  13. OK, changes to the server and forum settings have been sorted out and the messages are now being delivered. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope that it was not too much of an issue for our members. Best wishes Hans
  14. Posting in Firefox using the advanced mode
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