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  1. rickyrixon

    2200 Grafts FUE - DR KAAN

    Looking great mate! About 18 months ago I believe these were Dr Pekiner's prices: Hair transplantation with full shave: 2,25 € / graft Hair transplant without shave: 2,75 € / graft Also gives a discount of € 0.25 per graft if you allow him to publish your photos Are they still the same at this now? Cheers
  2. rickyrixon

    2200 Grafts FUE - DR KAAN

    Hi DoctorOctopus do you have any update for us? Cheers
  3. rickyrixon

    hair transplant in Turkey

    Look into HLC as well. They have been producing amazing results for many years. Likely going there myself in a few months.
  4. Looks excellent and should continue to thicken up even more in coming months! I'm particularly interested in your case as I see you did not use propecia... What was the doctors thoughts on this? Did you notice any shock loss in either the donor or recipient areas?
  5. I’m planning to have a HT in Turkey later in the year. Being from Australia, it will be a long trip (over 20 hours each way) and will involve transit stops in one or more asian/middle eastern countries. These could include Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and Qatar. I don’t want to sound too paranoid, but I have read some extraordinary stories of people being arrested and doing years of jail time for carrying medication through Dubai (even if they are in transit and have a doctor’s prescription). In fact, a number of websites state that it is not safe to take any medicines with you to the UAE and other Gulf countries. Has anyone ever had any issues carrying painkillers or hair loss medication etc through these regions?
  6. Just a beautiful and age appropriate hairline design..
  7. Definitely NO! If he is allowed back this forum loses all credibility as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Feel for you man...I can't believe people keep going to this guy... Have barely seen any decent results from this clinic that have been posted by actual patients.. Very concerning.
  9. Hair transplantation with full shave: 2,25 € / graft Hair transplant without shave: 2,75 € / graft Also gives a discount of € 0.25 per graft if you allow him to publish your photos
  10. HARIRI, what are your thoughts on HLC Hairline Clinic and Dr. Ozgur Oztan? I'm also surprised to see you rate Dr Serkan Aygin so highly, as I have read some extremely negative things about his clinic on this forum.
  11. You would be crazy to have surgery done in Australia for a number of reasons (namely the overall low quality and extremely high cost). Have a good read through this thread http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/142556-australian-members.html.. Should give you some better ideas. Cheers
  12. As already said great decision going with Dr Erdogan...definitely one of the best FUE surgeons in the world. Best of luck and keep us updated with your progress.
  13. Also, not sure who told you you are a NW2, but I believe you would be at least a norwood 4 or 4a (hard to tell for sure from your pic..) You will likely need a lot more than 2000 grafts to get decent coverage.