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  1. Following on from my private message requesting you're pics, I found your post re op and pictures (obviously I am on it). Thanks for putting it out there, they are really helpful posts. I have indicated to Mick from Fargo I am good to go for Dr Lorenzo hopefully sometime in the next 5-8 weeks. I am flying from Australia which is a big flight but like everybody you got to go with who you feel comfortable with. Hoping I they can slot me in somewhere, I think bookings are fairly sparse as Dr Lorenzo is heading back to Spain in September. Really keen to see you latest Pics it
  2. Yes thanks for that Bronte, it would appear that this is the general consensus, a trip overseas really isn't that much trouble and it would appear to be well worth it in terms of quality work.
  3. Hi Wylie I am aware of the Doctor you speak of, but I have read some average reviews here and elsewhere in relation to client manner and cost . I dont just look at this forum, I really try to look at various doctors and then scan the web for any negative reviews to try and get a general consensus. There are surgeons listed that you can only find positive reviews and I think that is a good start. It would appear the FUE procedure has come a long way and is becoming a real art, I think it is important that the surgeon you go with is someone you have absolute faith in. I am also starting to fee
  4. Hi Aussie Thanks for the reply, I found another thread which is Australian based and really discusses this topic. I think I will follow on with that thread keeping all the information in one location. It really canvasses all the issues. I think anyone following on with the thread should post there. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/142556-australian-members.html
  5. Be Hairier.....your photos look like after shots. Dont do it man.
  6. HI Aussie, thanks for the reply, I agree with Denny, there does appear to be recommendations on this forum, not controlled by the US moderators, for surgeons like Bisanga and Lorenzo, with people posting that these blokes are the best as FUE. Their posts dont get taken down and as we all know for the most part when we post it goes straight up. Why are Bisanga / Lorenzo etc revered because people document there success stories on the site and it is hard to find about word about either of them. I am uncomfortable as the next man outing myself re considering that I am having a hair transplant, b
  7. Hi Future_HT-Doc Thanks for the quick reply, but I was hoping that there might someone in Australia that has had some level of success. I appreciate that this forum only recommends Dr's that have been screened but it would appear that there are a number of good Dr's not on the list. Are there other good Dr's closer to Australia or in Australia that are not on this forums list but have produced results. I guess the problem is, who wants to be the first to test an Australian surgeon and bare the potential disastrous results. I was really just putting it out there to any Australians that may
  8. I am new to the whole concept of the hair transplant. I am 35, Australian and have have been experiencing thinning hair for the past 5 years although I still have a fairly good head of hair except for my Crown. I did use rogaine for a while which seemed to work and then i stopped, bad idea, it seemed like it got much worse over 3 months following stopping the rogaine. I posted a picture and it looks like I am a NW 3 maybe 4? (vertex) I think, happy to be corrected. I have been finding the forum extremely educating but am shattered to find that there are no good experiences shared by clients of
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