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  1. Many, if not all, on here know that Dr. Umar is top notch for BHT's. I have tried looking at as many results and procedures as possible (been bored past couple of days). I noticed beard and chest are the areas of the body used to extract hair but I was wondering if anyone has heard of patients using leg hair? I am just curious... as a middle eastern man I have a thick beard and ironically barely any chest and arm hair (both upper and lower, weird I know) however I do have a lot of upper and lower leg hair. In my opinion, not thinking as a Doctor/surgeon, I assume I could use my excessive leg hair for an FUE procedure but any thoughts of the use of any part outside beard and chest grafts?
  2. Been hearing a lot about this... Heard it will be revealed October-ish 2013? Now wondering if I should delay my FUE procedure. Eagerly waiting!!
  3. Keep reading on here, as well as, from patient advisors and Doctors that they recommend taking it pre op for shock loss prevention/minimizing... as for post op I can't remember... anyone with insight of post-op use??
  4. Pretty similar Johnny! I am super concerned about the FIN and have still held off on using it, worried as hell! I might start off with half a pill but when I brought it up to my dermatologist he was livid!! "I will not and never have prescribed a patient who has discussed a desire to pill cut" All I did was ask his stance but stood firm that I am going to take 1mg a day, lol. Do you use a pill splitter or knife it up? Waiting back on word from Feriduni and dates available to lock it in... concerned my libido will drop like crazy and I am so thrown off the board with everyone's posts about FIN use. UGH!!
  5. Started Rogaine Foam 5% on April 11, 2013... I don't know how common this is but since I started, my sex drive is thru the ROOF! I'm always "up" I'm always wanting more sex with my girlfriend. Perhaps the blood flow from the foam is causing this spike in libido? Whenever she isn't around I am masturbating more too. I've also notice my penis hangs much longer... This may seem weird but wanted to see if anyone else has or is experiencing this with minoxidil.... I have no other side effects.... Yet. Also, I just got a month sample pack for finasteride 1mg and will be purchasing Regenepure DP. I would like to know if the below schedule is ok? Your opinions are welcomed! Rogaine Foam 5% every night* Finasteride 1mg every other day Regenepure DP 2-3 times a week Multivitamin and Omega 3 everyday* *already do this (Rogaine twice am/pm)
  6. Finally made my decision... It's Feriduni! Excited to get the ball rolling. Been emailing back with his clinic. Will select a date and also write up about the experience with photos etc. Turkey scared me a little. Never let price dictate your decision. Love all the results from Feriduni's clinic made available on the net. I'm scared, excited, nervous. Big steps coming up. You have one life... Live it how you want and do whatever makes you happy and can make your life the best it can be. Thanks to this forum for all the info and users who responded to my messages. Do what makes you happy!
  7. been following Rob and amazed. Had reservations about the decision with Turkey as results are rarely posted online with non disclosure agreements they have but he did say he was going to go back to that clinic (possibly with the same Doctor) to have some other cosmetic procedure(s) and if he were feelin' the itch and hair fever that he would get more density with the same Doctor... atleast that is what I recall from following his blog, etc. Sent my info/pictures to the same group he went through for his HT. Just waiting on word back! 1 of my 3 choices even thought I have been on and off with the whole Turkey decision but his blog has really grabbed my attention that's for sure! Rob-what other doctors were you considering? (if you don't mind me asking)
  8. As I am considering HDC and Feriduni, what is this event(s) that were so horrific at HDC? This is causing me doubt with choosing them now...
  9. Feriduni 2500 Maras (HDC Cyprus) 2500 Hakan 2000 Erdogan 2000-2500 All have about the same "recommended" graft count but this is not in-person so it's safe to assume I may need more and will adjust $ to count for that fact. I am not doing Turkey as I had stated. Cyprus is an attractive offer with hotel accommodations, taxi, and some euro coverage for my flights to and from the states. Feriduni also has a travel package which I will inquire about today. The Turkish Doctors have been very hard to communicate with which is why I chose to not proceed with them. Anyone have an idea about this "travel package" set up by Feriduni? I am guessing it is some hotel, taxis, ...
  10. From what I have seen it is 2-3 euro. Are these prices too good to be true? Are turkish doctors less advanced? Some results are good. They have cheaper labor rates in their country but I am having a tough time understanding the price gap...
  11. Thanks Mickey! I am dropping off the Turkey bandwagon for now. Keeping it US/EU only. Seen some results from Turkey that kinda make me second think. My final 3 now... Feriduni/Bisanga - Belgium Maras - HDC Cyprus
  12. Hi all. First time poster and long time reader. I have narrowed my search to the following Doctors and wanted some opinions. I have seen a lot of work from all throughout this helpful forum. I live in Washington, DC, USA and realize price should not be the deciding factor but the below list of doctors have widely varying prices. Is FUE cost in USA justified? Because it's more $ does this mean they have to be better? Why is Turkey so cheap? Baubac Hayatdavoudi has some good work but he is about $5k-10k more than the others. My close friend has had 2 good procedures with Hayatdavoudi. Feriduni seems great. Maras in Cyprus even offers free lodging! What is the catch with European FUE? IF cost were not a factor would you choose USA, European, or Turkey? I am eager to see the opinions here. Feriduni (Belgium) Maras (HDC-Cyprus) Kesser (Turkey) Erdogan (Turkey) Hayatdavoudi (USA)
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