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  1. This is a clear advertisement by Eugneix posing as an individual. He has a big bald crown he is not showing. I don't think anyone would be so joyful with hair only on half of his scalp.
  2. Looks like Eugenix is trying to become like Mcdonalds with franchising. Besides they seem to be all over the place with so many things going on. I haven't seen any other top doctors diversifying like them. For example look at Hasson and Wong, for years they kept producing consistent results without much fanfare. On the other hand, Eugneix doesn't have a long track record, but they have their hands in a whole lot of things, that too with a lot of fanfare.
  3. If you compare post op photos of ASMED's work with Dr. Sethi's work...don't you guys think ASMED HT looks lot more "cleaner"? Cleaner I mean grafts are all the way in..without protrusion from scalp. If I look at Sethi's work, I feel that grafts somewhat protrude out..and the work doesn't look as clean. However, such protrusion may not effect final resutls.
  4. Try using little Dermmatch on the back and the sides...so that even with very short hair, you wouldn't see the effects of FUE.
  5. Your donor hair on the back seems to be healed well, without any signs over usage of the donor hair. BTW..or you on Finasteride? You seem to be getting some hair on the frontal..not sure whether it is the transplanted hair or your natural hair.
  6. Decent result..considering your large hair loss and weak donor. At least it is much better than Dr. Radha's procedure.
  7. I personally liked Toppik fiberhold spray as it was giving me shiny and non-dry look. However it doesn't keep hair so strong to stay in place. Though any hair spray could stick the fibers to hair, many cause dry hair and damage.
  8. My advice to you is... Continue with fin for a longer time...in my case it took about 1.5 yrs for the brain fog to go away. Also regularly take Omega 3 supplement for sharper brain. Also use Merk branded Proscar and not generics. I battled with brain fog and my desperation to keep my hair for 2-3 years. Finally continuing to use Merk proscar for a long duration got rid of my brainfog.
  9. Thanks for the update. You have had a good growth. Try using Toppik for even thicker hair. Also reconsider your decision on using Finasteride. You could go for a second HT, with focus on thickening the front and mid scalp and also some in the crown. After your second HT with FUT, you could go for a FUE for the final touches.
  10. My suggestion to you is to consult with Dr. Path and may be go for a FUT. Sure your depleted donor will play a part, but I guess Dr. Path with his scientific methods would able to estimate donor yield. Though this HT didn't workout for you, on the positive side you seem to be having a relatively smaller balding area compared to many NW5 s. In my opinion filling your frontal and mid scalp would change your look completely and you would be as normal as anyone else. Considering the hit or miss results with FUE, I don't think you should be choosing another FUE. With high reliability of FUT combined with a doc like Dr. Path you might be feeling totally normal in an year from now. Good luck.
  11. I heard of a case of death from HT, in a relatively small town in India, from my hair dresser. Apparently the patient got severe infection or something after HT and died from it. I am not sure whether the HT was done by a licensed medical practitioner. From what the hair dresser was saying it didn't appear like a legitimate doctor. Perhaps a nurse or a technician with some expertise in HT.
  12. I buy my proscar from candadrugs.com. Seems alright to me so far.