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  1. Abhinay Singh, What the hell are you writing ??? Have you read the text yourself before posting here? Though the results look good, your write-up definitely makes the clinic look bad. If writing in English is not your forte, let someone else do the job for the clinic.
  2. Badresults, Don't go with Dr. Bhatti for a repair procedure. This is not the first time Dr. Bhatti produced a complete failure result. Though the clinic may blame it on the "x factor" or patient's scalp condition, I believe the true reason may lie in the procedure itself. Oftentimes users here don't examine enough number of results posted by patients of a particular doctor before deciding on him. They simply get carried away by the recommendation on this forum or patient representatives speaking highly. If you are of Indian ethnicity or would be comfortable with a doctor in India then I suggest you to check Eugenix in Delhi for your next procedure. I believe their DHT technique is fail proof due to relatively short out of body time for grafts. I haven't seen any failure cases from them so far. You still have a plenty of donor hair that many of us desperately wish for. I am positive that with a reliable doctor, your frontal part could be restored with good density. Though your luck with HTs had been not that good so far, hope the third time is going to be a charm.
  3. I suggest you to spend a lot of time researching results of Dr. Bhatti and Eugenix, especially the ones posted here by individuals with regular updates. Just because a doctor is recommended here and his patient representatives are vouching for him doesn't mean he is the best compared to all others. Besides, you should also consider whether a doctor had any total failure cases. FUE approaches of Dr. Bhatti and Eugenix are quite different, especially when slits are made, out of body time for grafts and using implanters vs forceps etc., that could result in significant systematic differences in results between the two clinics. In the end all that matters are results, regardless of who does the procedure, business practices etc. Having been doing research for almost about 8 years I am convinced that Eugenix produces consistent and superior results compared to Dr. Bhatti. I feel that Dr. Bhatti's approach of using forceps in graft implantation is traumatizing and reduces yield.
  4. If your budget is limited and you are okay with traveling to India then you should consider Dr. Pradeep Sethi. Though he has performed limited number of Caucasian patients, his experience in dealing with high norwood cases and giving good density is really impressive. Also, I haven't yet seen any failure results from Dr. Sethi so far. Besides you have a large donor area, and Dr. Sethi could do almost about 5-6 k grafts procedure.
  5. I think since the patients is very young...he responded very well to medications. Sure the HT helped as well to add density. Does Eugenix try to use the approach of putting young patients on Finasteride for 6 months to an year and only then performing HT, if required? A lot of young patients are desperate, rash and don't do enough research before deciding to go for a HT, and HT clinics should advice them appropriately.
  6. Great results...jsut wondering why your hair is dry and frizzy. Are you using hair fiber spray frequently or something that is making your hair dry?
  7. Try using Toppik hair fibers with a spray applicator on your hair line. With hair fibers I don't think you would think of having another HT.
  8. Who performed the surgery? I mean since Eugenix has packages, with different doctors involvement, which package category was this case? Also, I often wonder what are the typical yield percentages achieved by Eugenix? Please let us know, if you have done studies to measure it.
  9. Well...sort of yes, but that is still not the real top view, as the picture was taken from behind. For real top view camera lens should be kept right above the top of scalp. Btw...are you using concealers in the post op pictures ? I notice black scalp, in the transplanted region, instead of its natural color.
  10. Really...this is the result of a 4000 grafts procedure, that to with FUT where the yield percentages are expected to be nearly 100%. The patitent's top looks still pretty sparse. Very marginal improvement for a such large procedure.
  11. Melivn...I am here to work for patients interests, by being critical, and not to do cheer leading for hair restoration clinics. It doesn't mean that I don't appreciate some of the good results produced by them. I am happy to see clinics like them, changing lives of patients, and giving us hope. At the same time, I do fight against over pricing of HTs by clinics that produce good results, because they think patients are desperate to pay for whatever they charge. And, BTW, I don't think I commented at all on a burn victim.
  12. Again...as usual..top view pictures missing. Unfortunately, in the real world, people also look at the tops of our scalps quite often. We can't just get away with posing only few good angles.
  13. Okay..cool. Looks like their reasonable package (INR 75 = $1.08 /FU ) involves Dr. Sethi or Dr. Bansal doing only the slits in "important areas". The question of what those areas are, or, lets say for a HT of about 5000 grafts, approximately how many slits wold be done by these two doctors is still a question. Looks like they are not going to be doing extractions at all. For this case I would put percentage of the total work done by them at about 20%.