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  1. Looks great. Should be awesome result. And you are on propecia so that's all great. I think if you get hair surgery this young like I did, FUT is best so you maximize donor supply. Getting FUE for first surgery is risky to me. If future loss is minimal this will be great. If further hair loss is more extent then donor supply will be less than if you did FUT first. Hope gamble pays off
  2. 6 months post op pics! Seeing improvement. I chose harsh lighting to show thinness. Am I on track? What you guys think? Check my previous posts for post op pics if you want to see that.
  3. 5 months 18 days post op. Question???? My overhead pictures shows good growth I think but my question is, is thinness in hairline due to lack of hair maturity and perhaps more hair coming? Your thoughts on progress guys. Thanks for all responses.
  4. Is rogaine thinning my crown? Is this loss normal? I been on rogaine for years and never noticed much thinness. However, I started rogaine extra strength and I'm almost certain it's thinner! Is this temporary? Anybody experience this loss in beginning and then get it back and better? I'm very concerned.
  5. I know what it's like to have no response. I have posted for last month with no feedback. I've been on propecia for over 2 years and have had no relation to this article. Just my experience.
  6. 5.5 months post. Please judge result up to this point. Am I on track? Is the lack of definition look about right for this timeframe? Pre op photos are right above this post on same forum.
  7. Post op pics-5 months post op. FEEDBACK please. Will more new growth and maturity with hair be inevitable you guys think? 2006 grafts via fut. 2nd hair transplant. 1st one was 1100 grafts in frontal area. 2nd procedure same area.
  8. Pics are on same forum few pages back. 2006 grafts via fut. NYC at MAXIM
  9. 5 months 9 days post op. Think I'm on track. Feedback always welcome
  10. Propecia has to be looked at as the ultimate option if possible. When searching into hair transplants, it's easy to think I'll dish out the money and screw the meds but it's flawed thinking. I have had two transplants and am very pleased but native hair is always more dense even with excellent work. If possible, take propecia and I have am confident hair transplant is excellent option.
  11. I'm 5 months post op today. Feedback highly wanted. I'm growing out hair now but it still may be a below average result. Not sure yet but I'll be patient but I havnt seen anything sprouting so hope there is more growth to come. My post op pics looked dense but right now I look like anything but dense. Fingers crossed
  12. I smoked for first 3 weeks of hair transplant and smoked for 2 years before that. I have now not smoked for over 4 months and my hair is coming in nicely and I had transplant just under 5 months ago. It's ofcourse my unprofessional opinion but I don't think their is conclusive evidence that smoking ruins a hair transplant. It's just best to not smoke cause it could only hurt your transplant not help it. Check my recent forum posts for pics. Good luck quitting by the way.
  13. Yes I discussed my expectations. I feel my surgeon chose realistic and conservative hairline. And I know it won't look like my native hair. I will let it grow out as previously stated clearly by me. I cut it short to show the authenticity of my scar and didn't mind wearing hat for another month. Thanks for your feedback
  14. I am closing in on 5 months post op. As you can see in pics it's sparse and just starting to look somewhat decent. What you guys think? Should I be in good standing over next few months and more?