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  1. I found this site about a year ago and I'm ready to tell my story. I am very appreciative for what I have learned about hair transplants on this site. Geat stuff. I am 25 years old from Vancouver, Washington, and went to medical hair restoration 5 years ago. I talked with Dr Niedbalski and he talked me into a hair transplant. At the time, I had just turned 20 years old. I had severe thinning of the hair at that time. I was using minoxidil. He transplanted around 2200 grafts from my hairline to the top of my head. Now I am left with a gigantic scar in the back of my head, I am now thinner then ever, and the transplants, in my opinion, failed - very poor hair growth. I have thin hair so any that are there are just like wispy things on the top of my head that are doing nothing. I am now using topik everyday to help fill in the spots and hide the scar. Why is Niedbalski terrible - now that I've been reading stories on this site, it is clear that most humane and sensible doctors would not touch a 20 year old with a 10 foot pole. Did they ever tell me to go on Propicia. NO. Also, he spread the hairs out so much that they are doing nothing for any density. Lastly, I called the MHR office last week to figure out what to do next (like I want him to fix my freaking scar) and he is now gone. So I talked to their patient person and he sounds like a complete moron. I don't trust them. They have a new physician who just started. I did some research and he is an emergency room doctor who decided to do hair transplants in Seattle - did the MHR fellowship and now does hair. Dr fallon is his name and I 'm scared to go to him to fix the scar. I am now contacting other physicians to figure out what to do - I will certainly do my due diligence. The bottom line is that Dr Niedbalski did my surgery ($$) and has screwed up my life and for the last 5 years I've suffered because he sucks. Yes, I talked to a consultant initially who also recommended surgery - and I talked to him prior to surgery who recommended surgery - that is why he is 100% responsible for the work he did. While he worked for MHR (they get the worst of the worst) I hold him responsible because he is the one who ultimatly did the hair transplant. Why would he operate on a 20 year old with advanced hair loss? $$ is the answer, ethics - no. I'm a little more savvy now from reading stuff here. Why did he not tell me to wait, put me on propicia, and see what happens. I worry about other people who may now go to him as he is on his own. That is why I tell my story. My advice: stay away from Niedbalski - he is unethical and gets poor results.