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  1. Hi London, I have to say it is strange to have this pain that some get post FUE re-surface as it has for you after this time. See a neurologist and have some scans done if possible. I've had 15 months of head pain after an injury and tried the meds mentioned here but didn't like them so am now doing a hyperbaric oxygen chamber 2x weekly as I heard it can benefit nerve pain. I also take natural supplements for nerves and avoid coffee and alcohol also. Hope it does improve for you and I find the HBO treatment helpful I will let you know as it may also benefit you. Keep positive.
  2. Congratulations on your surgery and great to hear David is there also and am sure his own journey and experience was helpful for you. Take care and heal well.
  3. Thanks Wwiizzkkiidd24. Yes I will ask for them when possible.
  4. The patient is not one I personally dealt with due to nationality but medically we could have harvested more than 3k in the first surgery, probably would not have gone for 6k as such in one go but more than 3,000 could have been obtained for sure. Often the patient will have also financial restraints as I did in my own surgeries so there is a plan for multiple sittings and was the case here for a second sitting to be done and subject to healing, laxity etc then dictates how much is possible on the day even if there is a good idea prior. So, a plan was there and he will need a third and that could be via FUE to touch anything not addressed in these sittings.
  5. Hi Delancey Patient had very high density and could have had FUE but if wearing hair long and often price can be a factor then Strip was the way forward for him and having had two now he has ample donor to tap into via FUE should this be needed and as can be seen the donor looks very good and plenty to tap into if needed. This patient hopefully can update once he gets the growth from this second surgery and really has all things covered for any future loss with the way he addressed his loss and technique used and starting density he had.
  6. He had a second Strip with us and here is the immediate post op of that so seemingly it healed well and we obtained circa 3,000 grafts for this. I don't know if we have one prior to taking the Strip but will ask and in any event the patient hopefully can share the Strip once heals after his recent second procedure.
  7. * BHR Clinic * Dr. Christian BISANGA * Age: 27 * Technique: Strip * Donor density: 85-100-100 FUs/cm2 * Medium-curly hair * Previous surgeries: No * Total FUs: 3,199 * Graft Breakdown: - 1s: 488 - 2s: 1549 - 3s: 906 - 4s: 256 FU total is 3199 and 7328 Hairs = 2.29 Hairs/FU average. Pre surgery design Placement Result Comparatives
  8. Hi Steve Would be to see complete side and rear profiles also. Good you are on meds as your sides are dropping also so hopefully will bring some stability there. Some find scalp exercises help to assist with laxity and this may be advisable also if you are looking to harvest as much as possible in one surgery and via Strip. You are a good age and surgery should give you a younger appearance as per your goals. Go as conservative as you can in design as you have a fairly large area to cover and take into account future loss also. Hopefully you can have a decent size strip in order to harvest 4k or more and get back to the mid-scalp in one go. All the best. Steve
  9. I'd personally make sure to follow the advice of your specific clinic if shaving earlier as I can't speak for their protocols but need to have clean skin and avoid having crusts or anything that could be caught. Send photos to your doctor and see if they are happy but personally waited to day 14 onwards.
  10. Hi, I shaved mine to 2.5mm that is just under a number 1 and did so anytime after day 14 onwards. You should be clean and healed well by then to do so and have no issues with doing this.
  11. Hi jonny, forget the emotion on this thread and look forward to your repair with Dr.Lorenzo and sure you will get a good outcome. All the best.
  12. All the best Arekk and hope this makes a nice transformation for you and a small op seemed the right approach this time.
  13. Hi Spanish Thank you for your kind words there regarding Dr.Bisanga. Regarding Kasius I see he has above explained and put in writing concerning his surgery with us and why he went elsewhere after, so has spoken for himself and penned it. I am glad your surgery was a success for you, that's what counts at the end of the day regardless of where the patient goes and happy Dr.Lorenzo was the doctor who got you there. My input is limited as I have had no dealings with either of you due to not being Spanish but hopefully as said this thread can continue in the direction it was created for.
  14. Hi Spanish After reading your post I have contacted our Spanish rep who has told me that this patient in question was not a repair patient but went elsewhere for a second surgery for logistics and timing of another surgery and I believe this is public also. I will ask for more information tomorrow and perhaps the patient himself or our Spanish rep can post here if needed as I don't deal with Spanish patients as such but just want this to be addressed as you have said it as fact publically. I don't believe in "wars" and never have had one but maybe the Spanish forums have a history that I am really not aware of nor in to. For the record Lorenzo does some great work and that is my opinion and have myself always been complimentary about him so would sooner we as a clinic are not drawn into something due to the personal thoughts of anyone else. Kind regards Steve
  15. The transplanted hair will shed in the first month usually and massaging can really assist this. The hair appears to grow but is actually being expelled and when this happens has no bearing on the final outcome. Wash and massage well and try to encourage the hair to fall. I personally shed little in the first week, more day 8 to 14 and then gradually more to week 4 and some take longer so don't be too concerned as your doctor rightly said and all the best.
  16. Hi Stinger Thank you for the update and for the kind words. You have shown the patience of a Saint to be honest. We see more growth monthly when we compared and I have just got home this second from being with Dr.Bisanga in London and he looked also at the photos with me as promised. We would concur that would like to see more density at this stage. The approach was conservative and we spread as much as possible keeping in mind the norwood pattern and goals but would rightly like to see more coming in in some areas as you rightly say. You have 5 more months to the 12 month mark and can be assured if anything at that stage needs addressing then Dr.Bisanga will do whatever is needed and address it. We certainly expect more to come in and will be with you at every stage and you have our assurance of that and I will be in touch as I have been from inception.
  17. Always enjoyed reading your posts and all the best in your new ventures!
  18. Thanks for the comments. Patient's age is very good, gray hair and he had excellent density even after his first surgery elsewhere, so really has a great head of hair now for sure. Many thanks to the patient for allowing us to post his case and sharing the photos he did.
  19. Yes, wait a good 12 months before going into the same area. Not sure what technique you had and if you want the same again but Strip needs a good year for the scar to heal. If FUE and same again then the donor should have healed well but patience is a virtue and you should really commit to 12 months before then examining fully and plenty of patients who post here would have seen significant improvements from 7 to 12 months also and in maturity of hair as said above. All the best and hang in there then assess.
  20. *Patient in early 50s *Salt and pepper hair *Donor density 80/80/100 Patient had previous 3500 FUE to the frontal third with another clinic. Patient's goals were to thicken the hair line where sparse and place back to obtain a blend into the previously transplanted hair where needed on both sides and to obtain more symmetry. Break down of FU:- 1s 164 2s 726 3s 577 4s 37 Total 1504 Before Pre-Surgery Placement 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 10 Months 12 Months
  21. Thank you TMAN and hope you heal well. Anything needed don't hesitate to ask.