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  1. Skype consultations are not a replacement for a real in person meeting and often the video quality is far worse than what good photos offer. Good to speak to a doctor if possible to get an idea of an assessment but it will not give the real data that seeing in person and under magnification will give.
  2. Thanks for the comments and yes, very fast growth here shown. Hopefully we can have regular updates from the patient and many thanks to him for sharing also.
  3. Age: 32 No meds Density: 70 grafts/cm2 Grafts: 1 hair 519 2 hair 1078 3 hair 789 4 hair 133 Total 2519 FU Pre op Placement Extraction 12th day 18th day 1 month 3 months 4,5 months 5 months update. 6 Months update.
  4. Thanks for the comments, indeed the patient is very happy with the result and probably going full face is a sign of that confidence also. The patient was not on any medication then we booked him ten months ago and in late 30s, and to my knowledge not on any since nor concealers. If a patient has concealer in the photos we would simply not use them. If a patient is on medication and disclosed this to us then we would be more than happy to put it and have many cases here whereby the patient is on or goes on medication post surgery and never has been an issue to disclose in the past nor would be in any case. I have written to the rep for this patient who will confirm current status but he is not aware personally of any changes and is in regular contact with the patient also. The hair is longer and the crown actually looked good even very short and through the growing stages of course is looking fuller also but as said, happy to get from the patient any changes and update accordingly, just we are not aware of any at this stage.
  5. Patient provided a 10 Month update and things seem to be progressing nicely.
  6. Hi LG Concerns and questions are normal and I think it is never wrong to ask your doctor or clinic about your loss potential and donor's capabilites of giving. Assuming you have had a personal consultation then they ideally have some data on densities you have, laxity, miniaturisation etc and project what is possible for the donor to then give and you may want to take into account also different techniques of Strip and FUE or a combination of both. Certainly worth asking them for this and other advice such as possible medication options etc for you so that you can have some projections and assurances of future surgeries available to you and be comfortable with what you are going to undergo and have confidence in doing so.
  7. Hi sheraz104 Sorry to hear of your situation. Are you taking zinc supplements on a doctor's advice? Not sure of the dosages you take but this mineral can antagonise others in that it can deplete other minerals so usually Doctor Bisanga will say worth taking with other minerals unless otherwise told and not in high dosages for a length of time to avoid issues. I always take it in synergy with other minerals and not high dosage and also try to get in food naturally. Not sure if this has caused the issues you explain but worth just checking with whomever you bought it from or who suggested it regarding dosages, frequency and how taken just to make sure all is okay for you. Hope you resolve the issue.
  8. My pleasure Mick Yes photos change in what they show according to cut and lighting for sure. Get as much info as possible and all the best in your research and meeting doctors.
  9. Hi Mike37 Be good to see a complete rear photo also showing the rear crown and nape. As you say worth being seen in person. The hair immediately above the left ear looks finer in density from the photos and be good to have the whole donor checked for density and miniaturisation and the nape and above ears in particular looked at as one would need to spread and harvest over the whole area. As Magnum said you need to consider future loss, sides and crown opening etc and take into account this factor if not able to take medication and possibly be open to Strip at some point if needed. A thousand grafts per NW loss is really the minimum and one can easily put more than that and I have seen patients have easily more than this. Scalp surface area on two NW6 patients can vary greatly even if they are categorised as having the same loss pattern and hair colour, groupings, coarseness etc all play a part in what is needed. Hope you can arrange a consultation and see what is possible for you once you have some empirical data.
  10. Some patients with a high norwood loss will need more than one procedure to reach their goals or the loss is progressive and not all have "one stop shopping" as I call it. Cost also is a factor and was for me. I have had multiple surgeries also due to finances being limited and to get where I wanted took a good few years and an often overlooked part but was for me a limiting factor.
  11. Can confirm this patient is on Minoxidil only according to the advisor he has.
  12. Hi justgotfue Scratching at this time is normal as the scalp can be dryer than pre-surgery. You will not damage the grafts as such and can shed hairs in doing so as you detailed . Try to apply a moisturiser that will benefit the scalp and in all probability lessen the scratching. The skin is still healing so see what works well for you as a moisturiser and be as natural as possible in any product you use to avoid any skin reactions as the skin can be over sensitive still and if there is redness there. I personally used aloe vera gel and some vitamin e with it or argan oil but there are many options for you and see what works best. Heal well.
  13. Hi Srik, thank you for the comment. I believe the patient is on Minoxidil only. I will double check with the advisor who deals with this patient and let you know anything to the contrary for sure.
  14. * BHR Clinic * Dr. Christian BISANGA * Age: 30 * Medication: Minoxidil (5 years) * Technique: FUE * Donor density: 76.6 FU/cm2 * Medium hair * Previous surgeries: No Goals were to give a conservative design and re-inforce the frontal third where the patient had thinning. Result shown from 0 to 15 months post surgery. Photos provided by the patient and apologies some of them are not the clearest due to being a camera phone but the final result at 15 months is clearer and thanks to the patient for sharing and providing as he could. * Breakdown: - 1s: 457 - 2s: 1351 - 3s: 632 - 4s: 274 2714 FU = 6151 Hairs --> 2.26 Hairs/FU average. Before Pre-post surgery 13 days - Donor 2 months 4 months 3 weeks 7 months 9 months *********** Comparatives 15 Months
  15. Shock loss can take 3 months to come in, at times a little longer. Send photos to your clinic for their input if you can and they should be able to guide you. Relax as much as possible as it will come back and see what they advise you to help out.
  16. Hi Jayhawk Congratulations on the surgery. Not sure if your first surgery area was re-inforced or if a new area was done, how much they blended into the first area etc, photos would be good to see. Usually there is some crossover work into the first surgery and the doctor will be careful to place amongst the first surgery without damaging the hair there. They will inject to numb and raise the skin up for recipient sites to be cut and it is possible you could have some shock loss from the injections and some will use epinephrine or similar and it is can contribute to shock loss but very likely to be temporary for transplanted hair that should be of good quality. So, at this point doesn't sound an issue and the hair will usually grow back in if indeed it is shocked. Your doctor more than likely used magnification also and would have been able to avoid damaging your pre-treated area. Make sure to contact your clinic for concerns and see what they say but does sound like you have had shock loss and this is not uncommon and your clinic should be able to advise on use of minoxidil etc to help growth come back in. All the best.
  17. Looking nice PMA and nice change for you for sure. All the best for your crown coming in.
  18. Thank you for updating and so glad that you got the result you wanted and many thanks for sharing your result and comments you have had. Looks very good.
  19. Thank you London. Yes I read what Dr.F said with interest and would say it is rare to have as you have. I have had 7000 FUE and 1400 beard FUE and had post op neuralgia only the first time and that was in a different clinic and it came 6 days post op and worse at night and went day 12 or so and I have spoken to a good few who have had this but never one in 6 years who had it as you have manifest later on as you have. I hope the medication works for you and feel free to email me and I can go over what I do for head nerve pain but my cause was after an accident so is post concussion syndrome and different to your cause but I've been studying nerve pain a lot since then and found what to avoid if possible and triggers etc. The meds may really help to calm things also and glad you got a good result from the ht, that's a positive and for sure this will come good in time also and avoid things that can trigger pain if possible, stress, coffee, alcohol, de-hydration etc I found all exacerbate nerve pain.