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  1. @Melvin-Moderator we agree with @Mick50 that @Hairsonality can post his pictures without disclosing his eyes/face. We are trying to be as transparent as possible to show the community the progress of the hair transplant so that contributors can comment on it. We are confident in the work we do and are willing to put things right if we made a mistake. Yes we offered help, as we do to any patient who is not particularly happy with their outcome. The fact that the person does not want to post any pictures without taking any risk of disclosing his identity made us think that the person may actually NOT be genuine. On the other hand, @Mick50 no we are NOT a middleman. We have a portfolio of hand picked surgeons working exclusively for us. We just operate out of established hospitals certified by the Ministry of Health. We do not own these hospitals, but this does not make us a middleman. If you go to Harley Street in Central London today and visit any hair transplant clinic or plastic surgery clinic, you'd find the same notion - most of the surgeons provide the patients with a few hospital options where the procedures would take place and the patients choose based on their budget or any other preference such as location etc. At Longevita, we do the same but we book the facility on the patient's behalf as part of the package unlike clinics in the UK where the patient is responsible for making their own bookings.
  2. @Hairsonality You are not stuck, you were offered help, but you are not willing to take it. Also the fact that you are not willing to share any pictures make us think that you may not be a genuine patient as this forum is full of internet trolls or fake accounts created by competitors. We are confident in our work and we show this by asking you once again to share your pictures with the community. Otherwise your comments would stay very subjective open to questioning of the reality they represent.
  3. @Lukazoid we find this presentation completely one sided and unfair. Like in all countries and in all sectors, there are good companies and not so good companies. You can't blame the whole country or the whole industry for the poor work or unethical practice of a few companies. UK clinics or European associations are negatively biased against Turkey because they are losing a lot of patients to Turkish clinics some of which do an excellent job in hair transplant for a fraction of the UK prices.
  4. @Hairsonality we have a dedicated aftercare team at Longevita. Please get in touch with your care specialist, share your pictures and ask them to liaise with the surgeon for advice. Feel free to post your pictures on here as well so that the community sees your case and we can collectively comment on the progress. We are confident in our medical team and the work they do. If any result is unsuccessful for any reason, we don't leave you alone as many other clinics in Turkey do, we take action. We strongly advise you to cooperate with us as we are willing to help you.
  5. @Hairsonality we have a dedicated aftercare team at Longevita. Please get in touch with your care specialist, share your pictures and ask them to liaise with the surgeon for advice. Feel free to post your pictures on here as well so that the community sees your case and we can collectively comment on the progress. We are confident in our medical team and the work they do. If any result is unsuccessful for any reason, we don't leave you alone as many other clinics in Turkey do, we take action. Your comments related to the legitimacy of our practices are simply incorrect. Longevita operates out of hospitals and clinics certified by the Ministry of Health in Turkey. Hair transplant is a very specific area of medicine under the Turkish law which we comply with fully. Please note that our activities are actually subsidised by the Turkish Government for promoting Turkey as a medical tourism destination. If you'd like to escalate your concerns, you may follow our complaints procedure on our website. We strongly advise you to cooperate with us as we are willing to help you. As you'd appreciate, as the leading hair transplant provider for the UK patients, we do not respond well to threats, unfair and incorrect allegations or defamatory comments.
  6. Longevita is subsidised by the Turkish Government for promoting Turkey as a medical tourism destination. They have a portfolio of independent qualified surgeons who operate at private hospitals certified by the Ministry of Health. Longevita provides consultation and aftercare services either over the phone or face-to-face at their London UK office. Longevita also makes doctor appointments, hospital and hotel bookings, arranges private airport transfers and translation/interpretation/hosting/assistance services during the patient's stay in Turkey.
  7. @Bill - Managing Publisher Thank you. This is fair and will give all clinics a chance to address the concerns of their patients rather than respond to trolls on this forum. Our humble suggestion is also ask a copy of the receipt showing they paid for the surgery. This would verify that the person is a patient or not.
  8. @FrankKeenan you just joined the forum today and have no other comments on the forum elsewhere. Are you really a patient or a troll working for a competitor clinic?
  9. @jimbob1966 it has been more than 7 years since your surgery, so you might have lost your own hair (unrelated to hair transplant) in this time period. Please send your pictures to info at longevita dot co dot uk and we will review.
  10. @FrankKeenan please follow our complaints policy on our website and we'll do our best to help you!
  11. Dear angyrguy, We have our own account on this forum to interact with the patient community and we do not compensate anyone to write favorable comments about us as we believe our work speaks for itself. Just so you know, some of our competitors did this practice in the past and they were banned by the forum moderator. The fact that we still use our own account with our logo with an account history since 2013 shows we are a genuine operator. We do however have a referral program which we advertise on our website. We are proud to mention that we have a very high satisfaction rate and almost half of our new patients come to us on a referral basis. If you are less than satisfied with any of our services for any reason please get in touch with us directly and we'd be happy to help. Regards, Longevita Patient Services
  12. Dear angryguy, We are very sorry to hear that you had less than satisfactory experience in Turkey. We'd be willing to help you if you could please contact us directly by emailing info at longevita dot co dot uk and send your latest pictures. The doctors in the UK are motivated to criticize the work of others abroad because they are losing patients to overseas providers, so I would not rely on just their comments to asses the results of your surgery. We follow up every patient after 1-3-6 and 12 months post surgery and make sure they are happy with the results or take remedial actions. Regards, Longevita Patient Services
  13. Hello Truthfu11, Our current portfolio consists of three different medical staff each providing a different level of service hence is priced differently. Kazim Sipahi is a trichologist, not a plastic surgeon, he offers the most economic package. Dr. Resat Altug Aktas is a plastic surgeon and performs the procedure together with his team of nurses/technicians. Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz is also a plastic surgeon and performs majority of the procedure by himself. Kind Regards, Longevita
  14. Dear Johnboy71, We are sorry about your less than satisfactory experience with Longevita. We will do our best for your satisfaction. We would like to note that we are keen on absolute patient satisfaction; therefore, we perform very strict suitability checks on the surgeons and we only decide to work with a surgeon after conducting background checks, reviewing the qualification and malpractice insurance of the surgeon along with licenses with the relevant authorities in Turkey. We conduct patient satisfaction questionnaires after each patient experience. Your surgeon consistently got less than satisfactory remarks from other patients as well, so we removed him from the portfolio. However we made sure that free corrective treatments were offered to those patients by other qualified surgeons. They are now more than happy with their results. Please do contact us and we will do our best to put things right. Longevita
  15. The fact that PayPal or your Credit Card company did not return your money is a strong indication that they conducted their own investigation and found out that your claims were untrue. Also, on the matter you raised about the host that was provided for your services, the female representative informed us that you had sent her the following inappropriate message on Facebook: "Nice to see you at least on the facebook. How come you never got in touch . Longevita told me you will be my patient liaison contact in turkey. Nevermind. Lol. I wanted to take you out for perhaps for a quite dinner somewhere to meet you catchup and discuss couple of things that I have on my mind. I already had my surgery yesterday . I am flying out tomorrow early morning. Let me know if you could ." Despite your inappropriate and destructive attitude as well as defamation of our company, we strongly advise you to wait for the required recuperation time before jumping on any conclusions about the success of your surgery. This will be our final notice.
  16. Dear Sir, Your comments about our company are inappropriate and damaging our reputation on this public forum. Most importantly those related to the success of your surgery are untrue. We have pictures after your surgery as evidences to demonstrate the results of your procedure, however we are unable to post them here without your consent as we respect your privacy and right for data protection. You had your surgery in November 2012 and almost every hair transplant specialist surgeon in the world would tell you that you needed to wait for 6-9 months before you can fully assess the results of your surgery. This is exactly what was communicated to you prior to your surgery on pre-operative instructions and after your surgery on post-operative instructions provided to you. However, instead of waiting for the required amount of time for your recovery, you instructed PayPal to withdraw your payment right after you returned to your home country. If you had good intentions, you would have first contacted our company, let us know how you felt about your surgery and had your questions addressed by your surgeon. Given that you decided to withdraw your payment immediately after your surgery was over and without letting any company official know, we are confident that your motives are totally financial. However we delivered the service that was promised, so you will be unable to receive any compensation. PayPal, an independent payment company, declined your withdrawal instructions as they found out about your ill intentions after their independent investigation. If you really had issues about the results of your treatment, you would have given us an opportunity to act on them, but you didn't. If you continue posting untrue claims and comments destructive to our reputation, I will have to ask our solicitors to deal with this matter further. Regards
  17. All Longevita patients are provided pre-surgery and post-surgery instructions prior to coming to Turkey for their treatments. Almost every FUE hair transplant surgeon in the world would recommend patients to wait for six months up to a year before they should assess the ultimate results of FUE hair transplant surgery.
  18. Hello Everyone, I am the Managing Director of Longevita and wanted to address the claim posted by this individual here directly by myself to make sure you have full and accurate information regarding his case. This individual was in fact so happy about the outcome of his surgery, he even offered to partner with Longevita and refer patients to us from the UK. I am pasting his email below word by word so that you can interpret his motives yourself. At this point, I will not disclose his full name respecting his privacy: "Hi, Thanks for all communication. I believe there is a big market for a great health travel industry at the moment. I wished myself to have a first hand experience of this, which I did through your company. As mentioned in one of my very earlier emails I would like to propose a business alliance on my part covering Manchester and surrounding catchment areas. I felt very strongly that to convince a prospective patient or a client a face to face interaction prior to engaging them in an interest and commitment is vital. Perhaps as your franchise I can cover Manchester operations, and I am convinced that this could be of our mutual business interest in the long run. I am open to further negotiations / suggestions on this matter. I am back in UK tomorrow. Please let me know if this is of any interest to you. Kind Regards" His proposal was rejected by Longevita. It is very disappointing to see now that the individual has been making such untrue claims just because his business proposal was rejected. On the other hand, Longevita has contracts with doctor enforceable under the law to make sure the treatments are performed under ethical, quality and hygiene standards set by the Turkish Ministry of Health. These contracts also ensure that although unlikely, in the event of a complication, the surgeon is required to provide a full refund or offer corrective treatment with no charge. Longevita patients have over 98% success rate in hair transplant operations in the last two years. In terms of the grafts, pictures are taken before and after the surgery and at different stages throughout the entire operation. Patient consent is obtained to proceed at various stages to make sure the patient is happy about the progress, graft numbers, etc. If the donor area permits more grafts than what was initially planned for the procedure, those additional grafts are transplanted free of charge by the surgeon. If the donor area does not provide the required number of grafts on the patient's treatment plan, then partial refund is provided to the patient. All the doctors we work with are members of the Turkish Medical Association and no surgeon would put their reputation and career at risk by misguiding patients about the graft numbers. Longevita has a very strict policy of selecting partner surgeons. Before partnering with any surgeon or clinic, we conduct background checks, review the qualification and malpractice insurance of the surgeon along with licenses with the relevant authorities in Turkey. Longevita is a private limited company registered both in England & Wales (Companies House Registration Number: 8332394) and in Turkey (Registration Number: 162414). With offices in London, Istanbul and Izmir, Longevita offers affordable and quality private medical procedures by specialist doctors at internationally certified healthcare providers in Turkey at a fraction of the cost one would incur in their home country. Longevita’s network of over 20 private clinics is based in Istanbul, Izmir, and Antalya focusing on Dentistry, Eye Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplantation. If you require any further explanation about this case or have questions in general, you may call our free UK hotline at 0845 5198 948 or email info2@longevita.co.uk
  19. Costs in western countries are mainly driven by labour overhead, administrative expenses and insurance contracts. Over 71% of hospital costs are labour related according to the recent World Health Organization report. Low labour costs in Turkey constitute the main cost advantage. In Turkey, purchasing power is almost one third of what it is in the UK. This is the same phenomenon with the Mc Donalds Big Mac or Starbucks Tall Latte prices in Turkey. Although the credentials of the doctors and the quality of the treatments are comparable in the two countries, the salaries of surgeons in Turkey are again almost one third. Therefore, Longevita simply reflects these cost savings onto its patients.