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  1. This woman had a long history of hair loss in the hairline area. For the first 4 months following the transplant, she decided to style it cropped very closely until she had enough length to grow it all out together. Fortunately, the donor scar was thin and easily concealed. Ultimately, the hair grew long enough such that she was able to return to her natural, tightly curled hair and the finals results are from 24 months.
  2. Thank you very much for your valuable input, I do appreciate it as I take these issues seriously. I will check with the photographer, the patient, and the practice administrator responsible for the posting. Edits, revisions, additions, subtractions, or even contour changes to the background which may be inconsistent between before and after images should be disclosed. Anything meant to mislead or misrepresent, would absolutely run afoul of the highest standards of this forum and of our community. Thank you again for your comments and for your valuable insight. Dr John E Frank, MD New Yo
  3. This images show the results of our standard FUT. We utilized ultra fine grafts for the hairline and multi-unit grafts in the midscalp. The images are from 15 months. Dr John E Frank, MD New York
  4. This is a 53 yo gentleman with sustained male pattern hair loss and no other effective remedies. He was looking to rebuild the frontal hair line and achieve fullness and density. We harvested 2610 grafts with a standard technique and the images posted are from his one year follow up. Dr John E Frank, MD New York
  5. This 27 year old underwent follicular unit transplant and the posted images depict a progression. The frontal hair loss is accentuated by the thin, wispy, straight hair. Intra operative photos demonstrate 2262 follicular unit transplants, aligned in the frontal 1/3 of the scalp. Several images document the healing after several days, and longer term at 8 months. The waviness of the first generation of transplanted hair may be incidental, but as many hair loss sufferers and transplant patients learn (myself included), is often superior. Dr John Frank, MD New York, NY
  6. Here are some additional photos which help to better illustrate this case. All of the grafts (FUE) were placed front and center and there is no mystery that he benefited from the Finasteride. But that is the beauty of offering simultaneous solutions and with a relatively small number of grafts done over a few hours can yield nice results. Dr John E Frank, MD New York California Ohio
  7. I am not that self indulging to call myself Viamin "F"', but I do like the way it sounds. I was actually referring to Finasteride though. In his case he started taking the generic and it obviously worked nicely. I will try and post the intra operative placement as soon as I am able, but there is no mystery here. And regarding cost, I rarely like to publish those exact numbers, especially without the patient's permission. At the time, I think we were charging somewhere between 6 to 7 dollars per graft, but since then as my skills, experience, specialization, expertise and demand increas
  8. 700 FUE grafts going a long way. Affordable and quick procedure and the results are shown at 11 months. A little help from Vitamin "F" as well.
  9. We started with 3000 FUT grafts for this 52 year old young man. One year ago we added an additional 1800 FUT grafts for greater density. The results are show for one year and two year results.
  10. We are posting this patients two year results. The procedures were completed in three separate FUT's, each spaced approximately one year apart. Naturally the finest grafts were used for the anterior hair line and larger units towards the midscalp.
  11. We are showing results at 8 months for a follicular unit transplant. He had a prior procedure several years ago but we did not have access to the graft count. The photos depict before and after photos, the anterior hair line zone design and the placement of grafts.
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